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Ten Fragile Battledome Items

by pale_baron


      Weapons are an important part of the Battledome. They are the tools used by pets in order to win competitions. They can sometimes be awarded as plot prizes or simply acquired through various shops or dailies. Outside of battling they are traded and/or collected. There are several classifications of Battledome items ranging from healers to multi-use. For better or for worse we look at 10 fragile Battledome items.

     10. Ultranova – This weapon deals 3.4 air, 3.4 fire, and 3 light icons for a total of 9.8 icons and can heal for somewhere between 3 to 24 hit points. The Ultranova can be used multiple times until it breaks making it a decent weapon choice for players participating in lower-levelled leagues or whose pets have low hit points because the multiheal can come in very handy.

      9. Volleyball on Fire – This weapon deals 2 earth, 3 air, 3 fire, and 3 light icons for a total of 11 icons. It can also fully block water. As a dual-duty weapon it has potential until you realize that once it blocks water it disappears forever and you have to buy a new one, which can prove costly in the long run. This weapon can be useful if you fight in 1p battles against opponents who do not use water but against league battles, that is a different story. Who knows, you might be lucky enough to stop massive water icons from, say a Kelpbeard’s Trident. Just hope that your opponent does not use it again in the next turn.

     8. Fake Von Roo Fangs – This weapon deals 3 fire, 5 earth, and 0.5 -5 physical icons for a minimum of 8.5 icons and a maximum of 13 icons. Aside from the damage this item has a 2% chance of stealing a level from your opponent. Once it steals a level there is a 25% chance that this item breaks. Before you think about using this item to increase your pet’s level you may want to consider the hefty price tag. Fake Von Roo Fangs are difficult to acquire because they are semi-retired and if you look at the price history of this item from other resources you’ll find that they were being sold for almost 275 million Neopoints. Better start saving up!

     7. Ice Mote - Freezing items are an essential part of fighting in the Battledome. It stops your opponent from attacking in the next turn which gives you an advantage when properly timed. The Ice Mote deals 2.2 icons of water and has a 25% chance to freeze your opponent. It’s a decent freezer considering that you can acquire one for less than 1, 000 nps but unfortunately this item has a chance of breaking without even freezing your opponent. Better save up for a shield instead or consider alternative items like the frost cannons or a Randomly Firing Freeze Ray.

     6. Double Dryer – This item reflects 50% of air damage back at your opponent. The chance of this weapon breaking is only 1% which is rather interesting because it makes having to use this a lot easier. Given that you can replace this one if it breaks for less than 1, 000 nps, as of this writing, gives you a practical choice. Considering strategy, unless you are aware that your opponent will be using air this item may or may not be a good choice. Other fragile weapons that tie up with this item are Dual Battle Mirror, Shovel Plus, Super U-Bend, Turbo Flame Reflector, and Turbo Flame Reflector all of which have a 1% chance of breaking and can reflect 50% of other icons.

     5. Golden Scarab – This item was a prize for players who participated in the Brucey B and the Lucky Coin Plot. It deals 2 air and 0.5-2 physical icons. The actual icons dealt are underwhelming and despite this being able to steal your opponent’s items it can still break. While the idea of taking your opponent’s items for the duration of the battle might sound fun (because you are essentially putting them at a disadvantage) it is not worth using this item if you plan on fighting at a competitive level. Additionally, this is a plot prize so acquiring one is unreasonably costly if you are not a collector. Any sticky hand item would fare better and they can easily be bought via the shop wizard.

     4. Poison Snowball Wand – Instead of doing damage the Poison Snowball Wand gives you a Poison Snowball. Poison Snowballs don’t do much damage. They have fractional icons that can do 3.78 icons to 5.40 icons of damage. They can also give your opponent the Hoochie Coochies. It is a very easy item to acquire although one would wonder why anyone would want to have this in their battle sets. It does not do damage and the item it gives barely does damage and Hoochie Coochies can be treated quickly from a visit to the Fountain Faerie.

     3. Pocket Labray – You read it right, there is a pocket Labray in existence. And aside from doing 0.5-2 icons of air and water each this item can also change your opponent's pet's species, change your opponent's pet's gender, heals 100% of your opponent’s pet’s hit points, or the item would break, all of which are permanent. It cannot be used against 1p opponents though so if you are thinking about turning Balthazar into a Chia then think again. This could absolutely be devastating though if your 2p opponent was battling with their dream pet. Don’t worry, being a cove item and fragile by nature makes chances of encountering this weapon very unlikely.

     2. Kacheek Flour – Oddly enough there is an item that can turn your opponent’s pet into a Kacheek and that is the Kacheek Flour. It also does 0.2-2 icons of air and light icons each. Whether it is a good or bad item depends on who you are asking. There is some technicality involved as this item can be used as an alternative to morphing your pets into a Kacheek if done properly. It’s very complicated as it involves a lender of the item who also has a stealer. Is it a good Battledome item? Probably not but it is a useful item for changing pet species. There is also a Chia Flour but it does not make it in this list because it is not classified as a fragile weapon.

     1. Hawk Wand - What if I told you there was an item that can protect you from harm and can also cause you harm? Well there is such an item. The Hawk wand has a chance of defending 0-3 icons of air and fire each and can also give you a Hawk Feather. If it breaks the item will deal 2.6 icons of air and fire each to your pet. So you get damaged after losing an item and if you are really unlucky you might end up losing the match as well. Talk about adding insult to injury. It’s a very weird item. In the first place what is a Hawk? There is no Neopet species of it but it does resemble a Pteri or a Vandagyre. Whatever it is there is a unique Battledome item named after it.

     There you have it, ten unique fragile items from the Battledome. Some have practical use while most are simply oddities that players can come to appreciate.


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