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Altador: Beyond the Cup

by dunefurandlilypelt


This year’s annual Altador Cup is long over, but that hasn’t stopped many Neopets and their owners from extending their vacation in the tourism capital of Neopia. (Wait, is that us or Neopia Central? I can never remember.) For anyone who wants a completely free tour of Altador, you’ve come to the right place! We have so much to offer besides the Cup.

1. Isle of Yooyu

People who participated in the NC event Hidden Altador in Altador Cup IX may remember this island. As the name suggests, this island is the native habitat of most of the Yooyus who participate in Yooyuball. The Yooyus spend their days frolicking among rocky cliffs, wind-blown trees, and misty seawater.

For 250 Neopoints, a half-hour tour of the island is provided. Step by the Hall of Heroes (more on them later!) and go to the 47th floor. That’s where every tour sells tickets. Near the end of the tour, you get to visit a Yooyu Petting Zoo. Visit. The. Zoo. You will not regret it! (Healing potions are immediately provided if you touch a Fire Yooyu for too long.)

Beyond the Yooyus, the island is shaped by waterfalls that careen down jagged cliffs and coves filled with fig trees and small tidal pools. It’s ideal for anyone who has gotten a headache from spending too much time around the Techo Fanatic.

2. Jerdana Island (name by me, of course)

See that island off the coast of Altador? Take the 10 minute Sea Carriage (pulled by Peophins) and explore a whole new Altador. This is where every slushie in the Altador Cup comes from. I counted last weekend. There are a total of five slushie stands on the whole island.

If you’re missing the standard helping of 17 slushies a day (I never said it was healthy, only standard!) from Altador Cup Season, then this is the place to go.

There are also more food stands along the island, on the beach and on the streets. My Neopets even set up one, where they sell omelette lasagna, a strangely yummy meal we all came up with. Right now the special is an Ugga Melon Omelette and Juppie Omelette Lasagna. Buy ‘em while they’re here!

Take an afternoon to visit the beaches, too. The sand is so soft that it feels like a cushion!

3. The Docks

If you are visiting Altador from Kiko Lake or Maraqua, this is a must-visit destination. Besides the most obvious of buying a boat and sailing with it, there is almost-frightening array of different activities for you and your Neopets to do.

The Peophins and Flotsams at the Docks have truly thought of everything. Last week a Spotted Peophin named Rebecca taught us water jump rope! I can’t remember how to do it at all; you’ll have to go down to the docks yourself.

For an extra special time, bring a Winter Shenkuu River Rush Board. The waves off the coast of Altador are perfect for it!

Also, buy a boat! Or at least rent one. It’s not very expensive. The class for sailing isn’t very long, and then you have one more thing to brag about to your friends at home.

4. The Coast

This attraction is close to the three previous ones, but is also one of the most relaxing places in all of Altador. Most people come to Altador for the history and the Cup, but I say, come for the beaches! Grassy beaches are a lot nicer than you’d expect.

The Coast is also the perfect spot for a picnic! Stock up on food from Exquisite Ambrosia and walk down to a sunny spot for a whole day of fun. One time, while I was on vacation, my pets took about 7 coolers down there and made tons of grass-angels when they weren’t swimming or eating.

They host a few parades a year down there, too! Most take place during summer, so now you’re in luck.

5. Hall of Heroes

The main building of Altador isn’t often overlooked, due to the ever-popular Altador Plot (there is always someone wanting to talk about their experience doing the plot; once I listened to 27 people tell me about constellations and Astronomy Club and it was awkward, um, because… I live here and I’ve never completed it! Like why are tourists better at it than me?)

But what almost everyone seems to miss are all of the other floors besides the Statue Floor and the Observatory!

Some of my favorites include: Floor 47 (Where aspiring pie-cooks bring their creations and have Neopians try them), Floor 21 (Filled entirely with trampolines), Floor 88 (Donut frisbee games), Floor 15 (Natural magma hot tubs imported from Moltara), and Floor 583 (That’s where the Meowclops lives. Don’t ask why). But explore! And if you can’t do that for whatever reason, pick up a pamphlet before you go into the building. That lists all of the floors and what’s on each of them.

Just don’t ask about the Meowclops.

6. Legendary Petpets

To mimic the Yooyu Petting Zoo on Yooyu Island, there is a Petpet Petting Zoo here. It’s honestly beyond words. (So I’m going to use more words, obviously.) One time an Aroota nibbled on my finger and it was absolutely spectacular.

You can also feed the Petpets. I think that makes everything worth it, or is that just me? There’s a different flavor of Petpet Food every day, and most eat right out of your hand. I really like feeding the Altalaphi.

Sometimes the shopkeeper even brings out her own Ghost Vaeolus into the main area. There’s also a complementary personality test to see which petpet is most suited for your Neopet!

My pets and I can spend hours here, staring at the petpets and buying Petpet Food to feed them with so she doesn’t kick us out. This place is definitely recommended.

7. Exquisite Ambrosia

On to the best place in Altador! You can choose from breakfast (The Altador Omelette is amazing), lunch or dinner (Altador Cheeseburger and Altadorian Lentil Soup are great), and even dessert (You have not lived until you try the Lemon Sun Cake).

But we’re kidding ourselves here.

The true secret of Altador is that the Cheesy Potato Tower is the best food we have, the best food we will ever have, the best food we have ever had.

Don’t just take my word for it! Go. Now. Buy 20 of them.

8. The Park District

If you don’t know what I mean, take a look at the map of Altador again. The district with like… no… clickable... attractions… is actually one of the best! Trust me on this, okay?

Take an hour or two to explore the ponds, gardens, and even the small Neggery by the wall. Warning: If you swim in the ponds, they will ban you from the District for a month. (We’re still not sure if it was worth it or not.)

There’s also one wild Altachuck in the Park District. The poor thing; the first time we saw it, we were carrying a bunch of items that started with D for no apparent reason. Once it saw our Dung Pizza, Daemon Goggles, Daffodil Diary, Daily Dare NC Challenge Y13 Gold Medal, Dapper Bori Shoes, Dappled Rainbow Ice Lolly, Darblat Racer, Darigan Blumaroo Morphing Potion, Darigan Citadel Team Beanie, Darigan Elephante Hat, and numerous clippings of the letter “D” from newspapers, he ran away very quickly.

Then we realized why and that we owned none of these items. They vanished into thin air and the Altachuck, who we named Bob, came right back.

That’s the end of my Tour of Altador. Please visit as many of these places as you want, and never forget to explore by yourself!

     Finally, leave the items listed above at home when you go visit Bob. And don’t ask about the Meowclops.

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