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War is Coming

by blade0904


Things aren’t slowing down any at the Battleground of the Obelisk: regularly your faction leader calls on you for assistance defeating rivals, but you are also hearing whispers of an even greater battle… Could a war plot be on the horizon? If so here are a few tips on getting fighting fit and upgrading your equipment.


Do not rely on just the Cap’n Threelegs’ Swashbucking Academy, Mystery Island Training School or Secret Ninja Training School for increasing your stats. Make sure you’re visiting Coltzan’s Shrine daily, spinning the Wheel of Extravagance (if you have the funds) and even playing Deadly Dice (if you dare). I also recommend using Faerie Quest Cookies and Training Cookies if you have some spare Neocash or can trade for a few. Strength boosts are crucial to battling as even the best weapons will not defeat your toughest challengers if you are not packing a little extra punch.

Suit Up

There are devastating weapons available for all levels that will take a wrecking ball to your opponent. If you are below level fifty I highly recommend a freezer (such as a Shuriken), especially if you are facing an adversary with the Lens Flare faerie ability. I’ve found the faerie abilities Shade, Icicle, Lens Flare, Warlock’s Rage and Rejuvenate especially useful.


Golden Compass, Barbat Throwing Star, Bronze or Blue Scorchstone, Muffins, Leaf Shield or Shiny Shoal Shell Shield, Snowglobe Staff

When you are just starting out it’s important to maximize all the icons you can for your budget. My first set contained all of the above and as I trained I found it easier and easier to get through a battle in just a few moves. Barbat Throwing Star gives you 11 icons for a fantastic price, pair it with the nine attack icons of Golden Compass for a strong attack with a little defense. For a downgrade Rainbow Scroll offers nine icons for less NP. Use the faerie ability Shade for some additional defense along with your attack. A scorchstone will literally be the difference in your ability to carry on in battle I highly recommend a good healer at this level. In my experience I have been able to regenerate health when falling as low as ten HP— all thanks to my scorchstone, quite literally a lifesaver!

Regular Battlers:

Honey Potion, Turned Tooth, Dangerous Maraquan Yo-Yo, Blue or Purple Scorchstone, Water Powered Pistol

If you participated in the Staff Tournament of the most recent Altador Cup chances are you are already enjoying the fourteen icon attack of your new Tyrannian Sceptre. If not, I recommend scooping one up as soon as possible. Another great weapon to come out of a recent event is the dual-duty Water Powered Pistol which deals thirteen attack icons and blocks five icons. Add the fantastic Turned Tooth to your set for thirteen to twenty-two attack icons immediately if you do not have it already. I know many battlers using two Turned Tooths currently and they are battling daily opponents with ease and a more immediate success. Honey potion can only be used once per battle but having a nice bomb helps your set. Another overlooked weapon is the Dangerous Maraquan Yo-Yo, which can drain thirty-five HP from your opponent as long as you are thirty-five HP less than your max HP and your opponent has thirty-five HP to give you. Getting to equip an additional healing item? Yes please, sign me up!

Advanced Battlers:

Ghostkerbomb, Sword of Reif, Sword of Ari, Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield, Rainbow Scorchstone, Shuriken

Ghostkerbomb is a game-changer in blasting your opponent away even just during your daily rounds at the Battledome. “Beating Jetsam Ace is SO MUCH EASIER NOW,” a friend exclaimed recently after I suggested purchasing one. I appreciate the unpredictability of Glittery Faerie Dust but other Hidden Tower anagram swords such as Sword of Reif or Sword of Ari will work just as well. A Turned Tooth isn’t bad either considering the amount of icons it can do. If you need a step up from the Hidden Tower weapons Illusens Staff and Wand of the Dark Faerie have deflated enough to be a realistic upgrade. Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield is the best protection at this level – I like to pair with a Rainbow Scorchstone and a Dangerous Maraquan Yo-Yo (can also heal). By this point you should have some faerie abilities that freeze, but I also keep a Shuriken in my set. I like that it can also deal a significant amount of icons if it does not freeze.

Elite Battlers:

Super Attack Pea, Grapes of Wrath, Thyoras Tear, Jade Scorchstone or Leaded Elemental Vial, Moehog Skull, Wand of the Dark Faerie

Although these items carry steep price tags, they carry the prestige of being the top of the tier – you just cannot beat them. Super Attack Peas have deflated quite a bit lately so for thirty two icons, the highest possible, the price is very worth it. Pair with Grapes of Wrath for twenty-four more attack icons. Wand of the Dark Faerie’s ability to heal over and over again combined with twenty to twenty-nine attack icons is also a great alternative. I can not stress enough the importance in making sure to add a full healer as well, Leaded Elemental Vial is currently less than Jade Scorchstone but they are both great items. Thyoras Tear blocks all incoming damage but can only be used once. Moehog Skull is truly worth the price for a hundred percent freezer with fifteen attack icons and ten defense, at this level you probably have the freezing faerie ability Warlock’s Rage as well.

Hopefully my guide has provided some insights into the Battledome world. There are varying price ranges for this equipment, usually the higher priced items tend to coincide with some of the stronger weapons, however you can still find deals and quality on the cheaper side. You are now ready to serve and protect! May you all be victorious in battle – after all, war is coming.

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