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Amazing Apparel For Your Aquatic Friends

by madiwoo


Maraquan Neopets are truly majestic. Every Neopian has admired at least one Maraquan pet. The problem most people have with Maraquan pets is that there are not a lot of water themed items for customizing their pets. At first glance this is easy to think, but it is far from being true. There are tons of Neopoint and Neocash items that are perfect for a Maraquan themed customization. We have provided ten Neopoint items and ten Neocash items to inspire you to create an amazing customization for your Neopet!

Neopoint Items:

1. Underwater Background

Number 1 on my list is the most obvious Neopoint wearable, the “Underwater Background”. This background is a great start to your Maraquan’s customization. It may seem like a plain background, but that is exactly what is great about it. You can add so many different items to change up this simplistic background. There are so many foreground and background items that pair well with this background making it a fantastic choice!

2. Rocky Ground

This “Rocky Ground” foreground item is an excellent way to spice up your water themed background. Don’t want to go with the typical shell or kelp foregrounds? Put this in the foreground and it instantly adds an edgy and unique feeling to your Neopets customization.

3. Cover of Darkness Foreground

Add the “Cover of Darkness Foreground” to any of your background and instantly get a spooky underwater vibe. You can use the same background on two of your pets, but by adding this foreground you transform one into a completely different background.

4. Maraquan Scaled Dress

This beautiful “Maraquan Scaled Dress” will add an elegant feel to your Maraquan Neopet. The color of this dress is a rich ocean blue. The flowing material mimics real ocean waves perfectly. Although this dress cannot be worn by all Maraquan Neopet Species, it is a perfect touch for the ones that can wear it.

5. Golden Maraquan Trident

The “Golden Maraquan Trident” is the perfect way to make your Maraquan pet feel like royalty. It is simplistic, but adds an elegant feel to your Neopets customization. This trident will make your Neopet Queen or King of the ocean.

6. Gormball Splat Foreground

Want the water feel, but don’t want to use an underwater background? Then the “Gormball Splat Foreground” is perfect for you! It adds a whimsical feeling as if your Neopet is jumping through puddles of water.

7. Underwater Shipwreck Background

The “Underwater Shipwreck Background” is ideal if you don’t want a bright and cheery customization for you Neopet. The sunken ship and deep tones of blue add an eerie vibe to this background.

8. Rainbow Sea Life in Shell Pot

This little shell might not seem like much, but it is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your Maraquan customization. The vibrant red hue will really stand out from the tones of blues in any underwater background. The “Rainbow Sea Life in Shell Pot” might be small, but just remember that even the little things can make a big difference.

9. Underwater Net Background

Another great background choice that will not break the bank is the “Underwater Net Background”. You can use this background to create an eerie customization or use it to create a comical one. This background is quite versatile and is a great choice for any Maraquan customization.

10. Lily Pad Background

Last in the Neopoint wearable section is the “Lily Pad Background”. Pair this background with the “Gormball Splat Foreground” and your Neopet will look like they are jumping right out of the water. This combination adds the perfect amount of playfulness to your beloved Neopet.

Neocash Items:

1. Maraquan Castle Background

The "Maraquan Castle Background" is a great background to really bring out the underwater life. Bubbles, coral and a beautiful castle and you still have a ton of ways to add more life to it!

2. Maraquan Summer Cloak

With the "Maraquan Summer Cloak" your pet is instantly given a bit of character. This cloak makes your pet look prepared for a day out swimming around. With the originals green and Dyeworks blue, red and purple you have multiple options for what best fits your pet.

3. Underwater Flowerbed Foreground

If you add the "Underwater Flowerbed Foreground" lower foreground you will quickly get the feel of being at the bottom water. It has beautiful floral as well as a wind up Nupta that adds a bit of color to what can become a lot of blues.

4. Maraquan Ombre Ocean Wig

Ombre is all the rage and the "Maraquan Ombre Ocean Wig" is perfect if you enjoy the look. It's one of the few wigs for Maraquan pets, and it definitely adds an extra cute feel to your little angel. It's great if you're going for the water feel since it's all blue, it'll match anything.

5. Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background

The "Pretty Tropical Lagoon Background" is a background that your pet won't actually be underwater. It really showcases the water line and can be used to show a playful day near the beach with both water and open air. Add an earthy foreground and you're well on your way to a great Mara look.

6. Gulp... Underwater Reef Background

For a more ominous feel, use the "Gulp... Underwater Reef Background." Its darker colors gives the perfect feel of being deep underwater, complete with unidentified moving mass. You can add a cool foreground or background item to add more mystery to it.

7. Maraquan Summer Shirt

The "Maraquan Summer Shirt" is a very handsome choice if you want to add a bit of clothing to your Neopet. It's a casual shirt but easily brings a bit of personality out in your pet. And it goes well with any of the backgrounds!

8. Sun Shower

Add the "Sun Shower" higher foreground item to any of your backgrounds to add some light to the look. These beams of light shine down from above and move around your background like sunlight goes through water.

9. MME7-S5: Undersea Coral Garden Foreground

If you want to go with the more traditional look, use the "MME7-S5: Undersea Coral Garden Foreground" lower foreground. Anyone can associate coral with underwater and with the vibrant colors it's a perfect addition to many backgrounds.

10. Maraquan Wig with Negg Accessory

The "Maraquan Wig with Negg Accessory" is another wig. This wig makes it look like the water's flowing and pushing the hair perfectly behind your pet. The cute negg inside a seashell is a perfect accent to complete the wigs look.

That’s all twenty of our favorite Maraquan wearable suggestions! Whether you buy Neocash or just use Neopoints we hope you found some inspiration in these items! If you have been putting off getting a Maraquan pet because of the lack of customizable items I hope we changed your mind. There are so many fantastic options and many more to come.

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