White Weewoos don't exist. *shifty eyes* Circulation: 194,775,295 Issue: 794 | 18th day of Hiding, Y19
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Summer Rain

by xxxfenice_neraxxx

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Lame Pun: In The Sky
This definitely needs a warning sign...

by blackaavar


Who Says You Need Wings?
Today was different, somehow. A blooming, ripening sensation in his limbs. A sign that he was ready, perhaps.

by flufflepuff


A Sailor's Sky
He tightly gripped the slip of paper in his claws, fearing that the gusts of wind would take his only chance at getting even a look from the Captain away from him...

by racerfishy


Flight of the Elephante
A theory on the methods and apparatus of flight in Elephante.

by ellipses4k

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