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7 Tips To Make Your Skeith The Cutest In Neopia!

by sabitsukirusted


Skeiths are known for being strong, having a large appetite, and lazing around. They are known as rulers, such as King Hagan and King Skarl, and collectors, such as Gordos. But did you know that, with the right care, they can be the cutest Neopets in all of Neopia? Here are 7 tips to making sure your Skeith is the cutest pet possible!

1. Feed your Skeith cute things.

Don't feed your Skeith just any old food! In order to maximize your Skeiths cuteness, they need to be absorbing the cute out of their food at every meal. Skeiths have a special advantage over most other Neopets in that they can eat almost anything! I would recommend always having a steady supply of plushies and toys to consume at all times.

Some recommended snacks for Skeiths include: a Fresh Strawberry Doughnut, a Pink Cupcake Plushie, Bori Flower Girl Shoes, or Illusens Cream Cookie Bombs.

If your pet is known for following a certain theme, it's a good idea to feed them items that fit their theme. If you have a royalboy or royalgirl Skeith, try feeding them a cute crown!

2. Collect cute things for your Skeith.

But before you feed your entire inventory of cute things to your Skeith, you should consider setting some stuff aside. Skeiths are, as previously mentioned, known to love gathering collections! If you can swing it, I'd create a whole gallery dedicated to collecting cute things for your Skeith. Pick the thing your heart knows to be the cutest, and get as much of it as you can for your Skeith!

Usukis, Quigukis, and Plushies are all wonderful starting points, but don't be afraid to explore some less conventional options. Follow what you and your Skeith are passionate about, even if that thing is Gross Food or Dung, you can make it cute if you believe in yourself.

3. Decorate your Skeiths' Neohome in the cutest way possible.

A Skeith won't be able to feel cute in a drab Neohome. That's why Skeith owners should feel encouraged to go all out with cute decor! There are plenty of themes you could try out for an adorable Neohome.

If you're not sure what to try, I'd recommend Faeries, Flowers, Asparagus, or Toys! All adorable ideas.

Location is important too! Really research the cuteness of each location before choosing a spot, because you can't change your mind!

At the time, Faerieland is one of the absolute most popular locations to build a Neohome, and I can see why: it's gorgeous and most importantly, brimming with cuteness. However, I think a lot of people love to root for an underSkeith, so don't be afraid to go for something less popular. Any location can be cute enough if the owner pays close attention to their choices with decor!

4. Draw original art of your Skeith.

One of the best ways to highlight how cute a Skeith is is to draw them yourself! The best thing about drawing original art is you get to emphasize the cutest parts of the Skeith! My favourite parts of a Skeith are their big silly ears, shiny noses, and adorable teeth. You could even design your own original clothes for them! But once you're done that art, there is so much you could do with it. You could enter the art in a spotlight contest, like immortalizing them in the art gallery or winning a big trophy from the beauty contest. You could also try customizing your Skeiths pet page (HIGHLY recommended) and including pictures of your original Skeith art on the page.

As a side note, other pet page customizations like changing the background, writing a description, or playing around with the font, can all be good ways to cement your Skeith as legendarily adorable.

5. Choose a companion for your Skeith.

Petpets are always a good way to bring out your pets' inner cuteness. Caring for a petpet shows off your Skeiths' gentler and softer personality, and not to mention are cute themselves! Babaas and Noils look especially soft, but choose the one that fits your pet best! And don't forget to paint them a colour that compliments your Skeith. And don't underestimate a good name! A good name can take any pet up to a whole other level of cute.

6. Paint your Skeith the cutest colour imagineable.

We've talked about how to help your Skeith live the cutest lifestyle, but now we gotta talk about looking the part! Unpainted Skeiths can be adorable, but painting your Skeiths can really help boost their cuteness! What colour is cutest to you is subjective, but some particularly endearing recommendations are:

Baby, Cloud, Faerie, Mutant, Pink, Plushie, Polkadot, or Strawberry.

Baby and Plushie look especially cuddly, so you can pretty much guarantee that your Skeith will be 100% adorable if you choose one of those two.

7. Get some cute clothes for your Skeith.

Perhaps the most important tip of all is to choose something darling for your darling Skeith to wear! Despite them being known for being tough, there are plenty of adorable wearables that are exclusive to Skeiths, including the Cury Blonde Skeith Wig, Glamourous Skeith Shoes, Fluffy Skeith Dress, and Skeith Strawberry Hair Pin! It's good to look at both the Skeith-exclusive clothes and the non-exclusive clothes. It's all up to you to pick what you think will look cutest, as originality is the cutest thing of all. Once you've picked some clothes for your Skeith, consider entering them into the customization contest, a great way to show off your pets' cute looks!

It's also important to remember that your choice in background and foreground items can make all the difference! Choose one that really fits your Skeiths personality.

I hope that this article has helped you and your Skeith understand cuteness better, or helped you appreciate Skeiths more if you previously assumed they couldn't be cute. It's always a good idea to try to see if you can see pet species in a light you never saw them in before!

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