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Q&A: Team Darigan Citadel

by rivera_ice_princess


This week’s Altador Cup exclusive will be presented directly to you, through our very own; Shen.

They should really stress the fact that Break Days in the Altador Cup, especially during the first stages of the competition.. are mainly for the players (they still practice out on the field, perhaps not as intense as one would hope), because these fans… they’re really something else..




Between the screaming fans with their jet-fueled energy and the Altador Cup players making their way into their respective chambers; security on high alert to prevent any overzealous fan from entering the restricted zones, I wasn’t sure if I had the confidence to even walk myself to that room, let alone interview some very prestigious players.

The phone call came for me last night, perhaps a tad bit too late in the night, (I was already in my jammies and getting ready for the ultimate sleepy time; unlike the dreams you see Imiya deal with in Maths Nightmare). But, you could imagine my happiness when I was told that I would be meeting the players of the Darigan Citadel team; well… mostly.

Shen: Excuse me, I have a meeting scheduled with a few players from the team.

I spoke to the brawny security guard; all decked out in Darigan Citadel colors, that barely gives me a glance.

Brawny: (waves me off) Sorry, no fans allowed back there. Just the press. (turns back to observe his crew that is trying really hard to control the mob of fans.)

Shen: *ahem* (Wow, did I not look like a reporter?) The name’s Shen?? I have a m-

Brawny: (turns back to face me) Oh, you’re Shen??

He proceeds to speak to one of the members of his crew; a few whispers and a couple of head nods are exchanged.

Brawny: Right that way, Shen. (points to his right) Mr. Layton Vickles and Mr. Tandrak Shaye are waiting for you.


Shaye: I trust that security was courteous about letting you in? Sorry about the tight security, we’ve had some uh.. incidents. (flashes a shy grin) But hey, you got in, right?

Shen: Uh.. yeah… they were... pretty accommodating.

Wow, one would not expect the root cause of a certain type of sickness, (Shaye Fever) to be that considerate. Hmm, if I didn’t think so before… he seems kind of humble..

Vickles: Okay, Shaye.. as if you’re actually complaining for having the most fangirls out of every team player put together. (sniggers)

Shaye: (laughs) Who said I was? I’m not going to lie, the attention is an immense ego booster. (smirks)

….. annnnnnd… there it is.

Shen: (clears throat) Sooo…. I’m so glad that you guys agreed to do this interview. Now, I understand that you guys are very busy, what with practice and all, so I really do appreciated your cooperation in this.

Shaye: Ah, don’t worry about it. (waves me off) Sorry about Reshar, Tormo and Kep skipping out on this. Their families are in town, and mine and Layton’s don’t get here till next week so..

Shen: Oh, it’s all good. So, what do you say, gents? Let’s get right to it?

Vickles: Let’s go.

Shaye: Let’s do this.

Shen: Okay, so this year.. you guys started out strong, right? Like, there was a pretty fair game between you and Altador. But then, there was this massive sweep of a win that you guys had when you went against Brightvale? And then, the very next day, a huge loss to Meridell? And then, another huge upset to Krawk Island? I mean, whoa.. what is going on, boys?

Vickles: Whoa, (laughs a little) I guess the rumors going around are true then.

Shaye: (smirks and nods in agreement)

Vickles: You’re that reporter that’s going hard at asking these tough questions.

Oh, wow… how did I get such a sterling reputation already?

Shen: Mr. Vickles, if yo-

Vickles: No, don’t apologize or try to explain yourself. (waves me off; I’m starting to feel like this might be a Darigan Citadel thing) You’re just being straight and honest about what you want to know. The fact that you’re willing to get down and gritty to face the ugly truth... Now, that’s something I fiercely admire. I mean, what kind of a leader will I be to my team, if I can’t face criticism head on? So to answer to your question: I feel that the win that we had against Brightvale may have messed with our morale a little; it made us arrogant. We were perhaps a tad bit; overconfident when we faced Meridell. Krawk Island, in my honest opinion, we were expecting a loss; but not that bad of a loss. At the end of the day, I think it’s fair to say that even great players, they have their bad days you know.

Shen: I agree, that’s absolutely spot on.

Shaye: And please, call us by our first names. (smiles warmly)

Is this the prevalence of Shaye Fever, I sense?

Shen: So, moving on to address some ongoing speculations. Fans have been making assumptions for years, that Team Faerieland, as well as Team Shenkuu and even Team Krawk Island have a rather pleasant relationship with your team, would you care to elaborate more on that?

Tandrak: I think it’s just one of those things that you don’t exactly plan, you know? I mean, this is a tournament of all sorts, where everyone is competing and tensions run high.. and you don’t plan or predict these things. I mean, one day you’re practicing out on the field by yourself and the next, Elbin Kroe (Team Faerieland’s forward) swings by and asks how you’re doing, what’s new and.. before you know it, your team and their team has hung out a couple of times and you know.. a friendship if formed. But I think it’s important that people remember that even though this is a competition, you shouldn’t abandon your moral obligations or manners, you know.

Layton: Yeah, I mean Mirsha (Grelinek, Team Shenkuu Captain) and I were just waiting for our slushies and we just started talking about the responsibilities about being a team leader and we just became pretty good friends. She even personally congratulated me the year that I took home the Top Goal Scorer award, an award that she lost out on. Seriously, why would you even try to make enemies on and off the season? It seriously annoys me when rumors get in the way of these tournaments and it just makes everything go bad.

Shen: I take it we’re going to address the Team Meridell rivalry?

Tandrak: (groans in frustration) Okay, I’m going to take lead on this, Lay. Basically, back when Vitri (Sitrol, forward for Team Meridell; removed from the squad in the first AC for arguing with everyone and everything) was still playing, he may have caused a bit of tension out on the playing field. I mean, he was arguing with his own teammates, the fans, etc. And I guess, one of us… not going to reveal who on our team, may have told him to behave and respect his Captain, at least.. in a not so nice tone. I guess, when the press caught wind of it… Meridell wasn’t exactly too pleased to hear that “Minions” were telling their “Knights” how to behave. I mean, the history between our two homes isn’t exactly the best icebreaker for a conversation but, the players (from Team Meridell) never spoke to us again, nor addressed those rumors… so, it’s just one of those unfortunate things that happened, and now.. we’re just waaaaayyy past that to go back and rectify it.

Layton: At the end of the day, I stand by my teammate’s action in that situation. I’m not being prideful or anything, but if you don’t respect your leader, how do you expect your leader to listen to you, or treat you the same way that you deserve?

Shen: True, true. So, there is something I’ve been wanting to know.. and I think a lot of fans want to know too. Were you expecting Tandrak to receive this much attention?

(Layton and Tandrak laughs)

Tandrak: I honestly had no idea there was going to be such a massive fan base. If anything, I thought Lay here was going to get all the attention.

Layton: Aww, come on. Now you’re just pretending to be shy. Honestly, I wasn’t that surprised. I mean, Tandrak here is an excellent player, but I have to admit.. that as his team leader, I have noticed that Tandrak has a certain charm; a certain charismatic presence if you will.. that draws attention to him.

I felt compelled to ask if it was Tandrak’s smoldering grin that is perhaps that charismatic presence, but thought better of it and kept to myself.

Shen: Okay, final questions then. Wouldn’t want to take up too much of your time. What are your expectations for this year’s cup now that the games are underway? And also, what do you have to say to your adoring fans?

Layton: We’re really hoping to become Champions again, there was never any doubt. And with Shaye being injure-free this season, I don’t see why we shouldn’t be the ones to take the trophy home. Yes, we’ve been on that podium three times now, but honestly.. the gold is what I really want. If you’re going to win, why not aim for first? Our team is off to a rough start, but just you wait.. we have a few surprises waiting.

Tandrak: And to our adoring fans out there, know this.. you have no idea what your full support means to us, it really means the world…. to me, especially. And we will always try our best to make you proud, because without you guys, we’re not even that good of a team. We’re just a bunch of mediocre players, slithering around with no meaning. (grins)

Annnndddd, now I know why they call it Shaye Fever. So, will Darigan Citadel bring the trophy home? Or, will it be a final showdown between Kiko Lake and Krawk Island? Stay tuned for more AC news coverage.

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