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Team Lost Desert: The Complete History

by angel_aura_quartz


One of the more popular teams, Team Lost Desert has had several of its ups and downs throughout the last twelve years participating in the Altador Cup. During the first few years of the event, Lost Desert steadily rose to the top of the scoreboard, and eventually made their way to first place in 2010. Fans rejoiced, and the team was able to pat each other on the back for a job well done. However, it was perhaps this very victory that made the team overly-confident and loosed their edge. The next year, Lost Desert placed 13th overall due to some very sloppy teamwork and poor plays. From then on, an odd pattern was established. The team would work themselves into a frenzy practicing and perfecting their strategies, which would award them with an honorably high ranking one year, but the next year they would become lazy and unmotivated, perhaps satisfied with the success they’ve already had, and place as low as 14th and even 16th place. The year before last, the team worked their way back up to 4th place, only to fall straight back to 11th place last year. According to this pattern, this is a year that we can count on for Lost Desert to do well! Perhaps they could even place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd if they choose to go all out!

Team Lost Desert has a roster of some very talented athletes. Take Leera Heggle for example. This camouflage Kau is the team captain, goalkeeper, AND he’s dedicated twelve years of his life to this team. What a star! A stern but fair leader, this Kau’s dedication to Yooyuball has won over the hearts of thousands of fans. Always being the first to arrive and last to leave, according to his teammates. However, these tireless years of playing have surely taken a toll on this goalkeeper, and some even believe that Leera’s best days are behind him. Of course, these mild heckles only add more fuel to the fiery passion that burns in his heart for the sport.

Next we have the defenders. Throughout the years, Lost Desert has seen several teammates filling these positions come and go. Every year was almost a surprise! You’d never know who would appear in the roster every year. Starting way back in 2006, the team had Wyett Tuggins, a yellow meerca, as their left defender. While being completely and utterly average at most aspects of the game, the one talent he did possess was handling clutch situations. However, during one crucial match, his talent was simply not enough, and he lost the match to Roo Island that year. The following year, he was replaced by Luvea Trivon. Ever since, Trivon has been with the team. Though he may be inexperienced and a poor scorer, Luvea is, however, a consistent player with great tackling and passing skills.

We saw even more variety with the team’s right defenders! Shifting through so many players just to find the perfect fit surely was part of their reason for their poor performances. During the years 2006-07 the team had "Dirty" Navers the ruki as their right defender. Navers, while a very talented athlete who could shine during clutch situations, was known for his very rough methods. Though he claimed that these methods were legal, the injuries his opponents suffered would indicate otherwise. It is no wonder that in 2008 he was replaced by Lamelle Turow. No one truly knows why Navers was replaced, though it has been speculated that Leera Heggle personally kicked him off the team once he realized how much of a bully Navers became to the other teams. After all, preserving the integrity of the game was more important than meaningless victories through illegal means. As it turned out, Lamelle Turow became a huge asset to the team in the years that followed, and the kiko even helped lead the team to 1st place in Altador Cup V! Despite the immense success, Turrow simply could not stand the heat of the desert any longer, and joined team Maraqua in 2011. However, the climate was no problem for Rhee Solters, another kiko who replaced Turrow the next year. Small but agile, Rhee has been Lost Desert’s right defender ever since.

Finally, for the team’s forwards, we have more veterans from way back in 2006. Vonde Cayle, a small wocky, is the team’s left forward. Cayle is a player who excels in scoring, passing, and tackling. You could probably say that both he and Leera are the bread and butter to Team Lost Desert. Cayle’s only weakness is his ability to jump. While that itself can be a huge disadvantage, his strengths easily make up for it.

Finally, we have Derbi Azar, a scorchio native to the Lost Desert. Although she has played for the Cup since 2006, fans still consider her to be rather inexperienced, perhaps due to her being the youngest teammate. A crafty player, Derbi excels in scoring and has helped the team out of a bind more than once. However, Derbi is famous for her selfishness, and has on several occasions compromised match after match in attempt to steal all the glory. Several reporters have caught glimpses of Leera scolding her after these games, and it is a wonder that she has not been kicked off the team yet. In fact, many fans have speculated the reasons why Leera seems to always look the other way when Derbi reveals her selfish side. Perhaps it is because after twelve years of being teammates, Derbi is like family to him, along with the rest of the team? Or maybe that he sees too much potential to let her go? Hey, it could even be that Leera is actually just a big softie, and after kicking Navers off the team he was so heartbroken the entire team couldn’t console him, and he swore to himself that he would never ever wanted to do something as harsh as that again?! …Okay, probably not.

In conclusion, Team Lost Desert has had several ups and downs throughout the years. Some years they do great, other years not so great. Part of the reason for their inconsistent performance could be due to over-confidence. It could be due to sub-par players. Sometimes the team is in harmony. Sometimes Derbi wants to be the star. I don’t think anyone can truly predict how well this team will rank this year, but what I can predict is the unwavering support from Lost Desert’s fans.

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