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Bizarro Battledome Items

by nah_nah


We've all participated in a fair share of fights at the Battledome, especially with the somewhat recent addition of item prize incentives. If you are a premium user, you can potentially get a few nerkmids every day by fighting Jetsam Ace. If you aren't premium, you can still rake in items like codestones, rare books, and a few other expensive trinkets. It has become a very lucrative daily. But since it's become such a staple in most peoples' daily routine, it has become a little repetitive. Defeating the Jetsam Ace fifteen times a day can get a little bit boring, so how about spicing it up a bit?

We all have a nice Battledome set, perhaps a couple of the weapon Turned Tooth, or if you are a little more wealthy something like a Ghostkerbomb. Hopefully you have a freezer of some kind, like Icy Chia Goggles or Magic Marbles Of Mystery. These are all pretty standard for those who fight every day, even if you are on a budget and using a Golden Geraptiku Talisman and some Yooyu Knuckle Dusters. Nothing to be ashamed of there. But when monotony starts to set in, and your pet is strong enough to beat Chiazilla on every difficulty, how can you make the Battledome more fun? Simple! Change up your weapons. And I'm not just talking about upgrading your set, you're already beating the challengers consistently with what you've got. Instead of simply upgrading, snatch a couple interesting items and use those! Challenge the Clown Chia or even a friend in the two player Battledome for a nice little match up, but confuse them with the weirdest weapons you can find!

This is going to be the rarest, most expensive, least obtainable item on the list but it is also one of my favorites. It is a retired Hidden Tower item that will randomly turn itself into any item from the Hidden Tower that costs more than 1,000,000 NP. That's correct, it morphs into a rare weapon every battle. Your opponent won't know what is about to hit them, and you won't either! It's not very practical because of its inconsistency, especially compared to a powerful weapon that will do the same thing every time, but it is very fun to play with. It's also useful to testing out new additions to the Hidden Tower without having to fork over the dough. However, for the price of this thing you can probably buy one of everything the Hidden Tower currently sells.

Only useful in the 2-player Battledome, this item is the quickest way to make an enemy. If you attack your opponent with this, it will morph their Neopet into a Blue Kacheek. That's right, you can turn someone's incredibly rare and expensively painted pet into a Blue Kacheek. If you really want to ruin someone's day, this is the way to do it. It's quite expensive, so very few people will use this to troll opponents in the Battledome, but it is definitely something to consider if you are scared of your pet changing and someone challenges you in the Battledome. The effect is NOT temporary. There is another similar item, known as Chia Flour, which will morph the opponent's pet into a Chia. Both of these have their uses, specifically if you have a trust friend use a "stealing" weapon and then use this against your pet that you are lab training and you need that pet to remain a Kacheek for a species-specific item. Use with caution!

It's like the Aisha Myriad, but worse! It will transform into a random Hidden Tower item after you use it, but it will also wipe away half of your current HP. It all has to do with you making an evil pact with the Warlock Hubrid Nox...basically selling a piece of your soul for a weapon...a weapon that might not even be good. I don't know why you would want this, I personally wouldn't risk this in any fight except against Punchbag Bob.

This is perhaps one of the most evil, most damaging Battledome weapons in existence. This really shines in 2-player battles where you'll be facing the same opponent in quick succession, like for wars between Guilds. It is very expensive now that it is retired, and it is single use so you will lose all the money, but you could cost your opponent more. What exactly do I mean? Well, this item will PERMANENTLY erase one of your opponent's weapons. Something your opponent has equipped will vanish forever, never to be seen again. It won't go to their inventory, it won't come back after the fight, it is just gone. Imagine wiping someone's Super Attack Pea or Moehog Skull out of existence?! That's many, many millions of Neopoints out of their Battledome set GONE. Use with EXTREME caution, you will make an enemy for life and perhaps earn a reputation where no one will ever battle with you ever again.

As the final touch to this list, I wanted to include this sceptre. It is an old item that was once found in the Smugglers' Cove, and due to this it is too expensive to be worth it. On top of that, it is a very inconsistent item in that there are five different things it can do, none of which are very great. It can either do a weak attack or a strong attack, similar to the Faerie Slingshot (except significantly weaker on all fronts), or it can heal your pet eight or sixteen HP (which is pretty bad), or it can actually malfunction and do NOTHING. It really is a horrible item and also mega rare and expensive, which has made it earn its place on this bizarre list! If you are able to get one of these, consider yourself very lucky for how much money you could make off of it, just don't expect to win any fights using it.

Hopefully this list will help breathe some new life into your Battledome routine. There are a lot more weird items out there that can be used, and a lot that are much cheaper than the above, so start your own hunt and see what kind of weird weapon set you can come up with!

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