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Tender Loving Care: The Best for Your Baby

by irlmagicalgirl


Twelve years ago, in my Neopian youth, I was terribly attracted to Baby pets. We've all been there at least once – show me any Neopian who has not fallen for at least one species of Baby pet. Was it Baby Bori's little bow that finally enticed you? The mischievous smirk of Baby Lupe? Maybe it was Baby Grundo's precious proportions, or even Baby Pteri's delicate egg. Even if you aren't the biggest fan of Baby pets, you know you can't help but ooh and aww at your favorite.

For me, all of them were my favorite. If I could have called Boochi up to enlist me as leader of the Infant Infantry, I would have done so.

Now, several years have passed. I am grown and mature, as are my tastes. Gone are the days of pastels everywhere you look. I now opt for the elegance of Royal pets, and the mystery of the Stealth. And yet, an empty spot remained in my little family, and I found that there was still a place in my heart for some of the little Babies I was once so fond of. I finally fell for a Baby Kacheek, which I named Nigelia, and I adore her as much as I adored every one of those Babies I fawned over at the Rainbow Pool years ago. Her tiny accessories and rosy cheeks drew me in – how could I resist?

My maturity, however, came around the same time as a now very popular Neopian feature - customization. Never before could our Neopets look so flashy. There were wigs, and backgrounds! Dresses and makeup! I couldn't wait to throw around my Neopoints, whip out some NeoCash, and buy some fancy new duds for my pets. I could only dream of how much cuter Nigelia could be!

I very quickly learned something that plagues most Baby owners: Not all wearables can be worn by Babies. In fact, there are virtually no Baby wearables that are buyable with Neopoints at all! This is a fact that is true for a few colors – Maraquan being another infamous example. I believe that this is a big reason keeping users from painting more of their Neopets into adorable Babies. My Kacheek is so dear to me, and I would be overjoyed to see more Baby lovers. If only everyone knew about the great items there are to doll up their toddlers with, I think more users would be excited to adopt one of their own. Nigelia and I searched the shops and all around Neopia, purchasing and modeling, and we compiled a list of some of the greatest wearable items for your Baby! Fear not – Babies can still be fashionable, despite their limited selections, and even if you are tight on finances, there are even some affordable Neopoint items we found that can still make yours the cutest pet around!

Neopoint Items:

1. Baby Faellie Plushie Friend

Simple and affordable as it is, this is by far one of my favorite Baby wearables! It's exactly what it sounds like – a little plush Faellie for your Baby to snuggle in their hands... if they have hands, that is! But what is it about this accessory that I really love so much? Well, if you take it just a step further, you can do what Nigelia and I did, and purchase a real Faellie and Plushie Petpet Paint Brush to give to your pet! This way, it will look like your pet is hanging out with their petpet all the time. How many other pets do you have that you can do that with? Go on, tell me. I'll wait.

Est. Price: 4,000 Neopoints

2. Baby Pet Winter Outfit

This is a great outfit for all species! It is just a dark enough pink that it can be flattering for anyone. It's also great for winter themed accounts or the winter season. Complete with wool, boots, and mittens, it's sure to keep any little one cozy and warm. One of my favorite features of this outfit is its versatility – it can double as a pajama set! My other favorite feature? The price!

Est. Price: 1,000 Neopoints

3. Baby Knitted Mittens

If I included the Winter Outfit, I just had to include the Knitted Mittens! Now, if you ask me, they don't exactly go with the Winter outfit. For one, the outfit above does already come with mittens, and the pink ribbon clashes quite a bit with the pink of the outfit. However, they are a great choice for you if you decide you only want a little touch of winter. They look as soft as a Baabaa's wool and surely feel the same to your Baby. And the best part is this: You pet doesn't even have to have hands to wear them! That's right; Baby Pteris, Nimmos, Buzzes, and Jubjubs can all wear the darling mittens. Don't believe me? Check for yourself...

Est. Price: 1,200 Neopoints

4. Birthday in the Park Background

We are now to the more unconventional items. Backgrounds for your Baby can be hard to find if you are limited by Neopoints. There aren't exactly any "obvious" options. This one, however, seems to fit the aesthetic well enough. The pastels of the balloons in the background, as well the grass, seem to be more suited to the soft colors of the Babies (and if you ask me, so are the proportions of the items in the background). As the birthday features are not too prominent, this background can easily be passed off as a picnic setting for your pet. Or maybe you really do want to celebrate their birthday year round...

Est. Price: 1,000 Neopoints

5. Classroom Background

Neopets are lucky enough to not have to go to school...but you can subject your Babies to the scenery anyway if you'd like! The bright colors and simple lessons seen on the wall in the back are indicative of a Preschool or Daycare setting. Who wouldn't want to drop off their Baby in a place so inviting and full of knowledge? The colorful rug on the floor adds an extra special touch.

Est. Price: 3,500 Neopoints

For brevity's sake, I will now move on to my Top 5 Neocash Wearables for Babies. However, I do encourage you to play around with more unconventional Neopoint backgrounds and accessories. You may find something that matches your pet extraordinarily well, even if the item wasn't made with Babies in mind.

NeoCash Items:

1. Red Wagon Background

This is one of the most charming backgrounds for a Baby to use. While it can be used by pets of all ages, it seems to be most obvious (and fitting) for Babies. Unlike most backgrounds, where your pet is simply seated on the ground, this background is a bit more "interactive." Your pet will actually be seated in the wagon, without the need for additional items. Just pop them in and they're ready to go!

Price: 200 NC

2. Charming Nursery Background

This is my personal favorite Baby background. While it may be the most obvious, it is certainly the most fitting. While the cool palette of purple and blue pastels match a Baby Kacheek especially, it is perfect for any Baby pet. There is not much else I can say other than this background will complete any Baby look, even if it is the only item they are customized with. You also have the opportunity to get this background multiple times throughout the year – if you're lucky. It is only available through the Nursery Time NC Fortune Cookie. The bright side here is that even if you don't get the background, you are still guaranteed to get an adorable Baby wearable! As an extra special bonus, you get to give an extra copy of the item you receive to any Neofriend of your choosing!

Price (of Nursery Time Fortune Cookie): 250 NC

3. Sweet Dreams Crib

If the Charming Nursery was my favorite background for Babies, then the Sweet Dreams Crib is my favorite Baby wearable ever. It is a foreground item, meaning a background can still be placed behind it. My favorite to place behind it is, of course, the Charming Nursery. The theme and color combination can't be beat, in my opinion. However, I've seen quite a few cute and unique combinations. I think this item is especially cool due to the fact that it is also "interactive," much like the Red Wagon Background. Your pet goes inside the crib. And, if you are using accessories, such as the Plush Faellie, for example, the accessory goes in the crib as well! Still not convinced? The crib also comes with its own moving mobile! Just hope your Baby isn't afraid of the Meepit's unyielding gaze...

Est. Price: 150 NC

4. Baby Spring Wig

I bet you didn't know that Babies could have so much hair! While this Baby wig is my personal favorite, rest assured that there are multiple hairstyles available in the Mall for your pet that may be more suited to your taste. What I like best about the variety of wigs is that they can really change the whole personality and style of your pet with just one click! Some of them even include little extra accessories, like the flowers in this one. A wig is a great way to instantly change your pet's identity and really get them to stand out in a Preschool crowd.

Est. Price: 150 NC

5. Baby Spring Jumper

Don't fancy dressing your pet up for winter? Well, the Mall has plenty of fashionable options for the warmer seasons! I chose to add this particular jumper to the list for how versatile it is, its gender neutrality, and delicate details. Someone really took care to knit every flourish and flower into this garment, and it looks good on any Baby! However, the Mall has tons of clothing options for your Baby boys and girls – from the dashing Baby Anchor Trousers to the Baby Polka Dot Dress. They are all roughly the same price, so play with the wearable preview feature to find the outfit best for you!

Est. Price: 150 NC

This list is by no means exhaustive. There are certainly a variety of clothes, wigs, backgrounds, and accessories to be found a the NC Mall, and little treasures that can be bought with Neopoints if you are diligent in your search!

You may sometimes find that there are no Baby wearables on the NC Mall at all. If this is the case, first, check to see if any Nursery Time Fortune Cookies are being sold. Sometimes, there will even be a Baby themed Wonderclaw Machine! I enjoy these options because they always come with the element of surprise. You never know what you'll get, aside from the fact that it will be for your Baby. I have found some really unique items I'd have never thought of wearing before!

If this does not suit you, and you are really set on a particular item (or one I listed above), the NC Mall NeoBoard is a great place to search! Other users are looking for and offering various items all the time! I have met many wonderful Baby Neopet owners this way and have traded for the perfect Baby item I was looking for. Just make sure to be polite...and make sure you have Gift Boxes to trade with!

Thus concludes my spiel on Baby care and customization. I truly hope Nigelia and I have convinced you to adopt a Baby pet of your own by showcasing how much more precious you can make them through customization! There are more options than you know, and always more to come.

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