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Unlocking The Mystery Of Petpetpets

by brodysseus


Owning a Neopet can quickly become a mess of layers, pets with pets with pets. Suddenly that one mouth to feed becomes two, then three, and you are wondering just where you lost all control. Your Neopet now has a tinier pet, who has an even SMALLER pet you struggle not to step on while walking about your Neohome. So what am I talking about? Petpetpets!

Petpetpets are the next evolution of pet ownership and everyone who is everyone has seen one by now! They tend to be expensive, as they can't be purchased in shops. They are wily little critters who run rampant around Neopia and many people once thought of them as pests who needed to be eradicated. Now, however, they have earned a firm place in the hearts of people everywhere and deserve respect. Here we'll break down a few facts about them, as well as taking a closer look at a few of my favorite!

Petpetpets act as companions for your Petpet. They can be attached to your Petpet, but once they are on they are there for good (or until your detach your Petpet from your Neopet). The reason you are unable to remove them from a Petpet is because they are technically pests, they burrow in the fur and make a home and are almost impossible to find to get rid of. They cling on and get all their nutrition and life necessities from the Petpet without hurting it, and they aren't going to give up their home easily.

So now that you know a little about them, we need to figure out where they come from. If you want a Petpetpet of your own, you'll have to spend a lot of time browsing the site and hope to get lucky. They randomly pop up in Random Events, typically inside the mouth of your Neopet or Petpet. At first you may scream, you may want to shoo it away as fast as possible, but wait! Even if it isn't the cutest Petpetpet, someone out there may want it and be willing to pay a pretty penny for it. If you are a little less lucky but have the finances to cover it, you may want to consider buying one instead. In that case, head over to the Trading Post and see what other users are selling.

There are dozens of species, some resembling bugs or insects and some resembling things like you've never seen before. I wanted to highlight a few, whether they are super cute or super weird, or because they are the most popular.


The most famous of all the Petpetpets is the Mootix. This tiny friend has been featured in multiple games like Bagatelle and Mootix Drop and even has it's own avatar. Owning a Mootix will unlock a rare icon you are able to use on the neoboards. Due to all the fame surrounding them, they can be a bit expensive, but they are one of the easiest P3s to find.


This is possibly the cutest of all the P3s. Most have a bad reputation for resembling bugs or having weird slimy skin, but the Ditrey features fluffy fur and floppy wings. This adorable pet is the one who most resembles what typical Neopets and Petpets look like and so it is a great match if you are into perfect pairings with the pets you already have. His big, wide eyes always have an adorable look of worry and he frequently makes a gentle chirping noise to let you know he's around. He is very rare though!


Similar to the Mootix, the Lightmite has a prominent feature in a popular game. This guy can be found aiding Gwyl in Gwyl's Escape. They are capable of producing a ton of light that has helped small Petpets navigating caves and tight spaces they might need to explore (like the Symol Hole or Grave Danger). And while it may seem like there is no downside to this guy, they have a tendency to bite, so be careful.


Since we're talking about bites, let's talk about the Pinchit next. While he has all the cuteness of a smiling crustacean, he has sharp pincers that he loves to use. Though he causes Petpets quite a bit of pain, his pinching is the way he shows affection and love. If you pinches you, it means he likes you and is happy. That gets old real quick, trust me, but it's hard to resist that innocent smile and your Petpet will want to snuggle him regardless!


Terrifying. This crazy outer space snail has a look in his red eyes that strikes fear into my heart every time. He'll leave a trail of sludge that you'll be slipping on all day, but that isn't the only nasty thing he is capable of. When he climbs up on your Petpet's back he somehow gains the ability to control the movements of the Petpet. No one really knows how his mind control works, but it is very intimidating and I don't trust him. This might be the one P3 I recommend swatting away as soon as possible...

Unidentified Petpetpet

While Petpetpets have been around Neopia for a while now, we are still trying to learn about them. There is one that appeared a few years ago that we don't have much information on yet, not even enough to give it a proper name. He has a furry body like a Ditrey but has a totally different shape and six legs. What we have learned is that they have an attraction to weird if you want to research them further, give your vocal chords a workout and see what you can come up with. Maybe he'll come running.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of Petpetpets. They really aren't the nuisances many make them out to be, and many are quite cute. They are also known to be helpful and hardworking, and they give your Petpet someone to play with if your Neopet is too busy trying to beat Dice-A-Roo. They may not have their own appreciation day like Petpets do, but they should not be forgotten and thrown to the side. And actually, what better way to appreciate your Petpet than to give them a new tiny friend!

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