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Hidden Secrets of the Hidden Tower

by katietease


Those who have been in Neopia for a while have stumbled upon an invisible tower high above Faerieland, a place where the Faerie Queen Fyora herself is slinging wares at super high prices. Since Fyora Day is here, this piece will dive into the unlocking the secrets of the Hidden Tower and talking a bit about what exactly can be found there.

For those who don't know much about the Hidden Tower and how it works, it is a very exclusive shop that sells everything from weapons to books to paint brushes, all at very high prices. The tower is disguised under invisibility, making it difficult to find in the first place...part of the reason the prices are so high. It also requires your account to be a certain age to enter, roughly four months old before you are allowed in. As if all of this wasn't exclusive enough, you also can only buy one item every 24 hours.

Fyora has run this shop for many years and has no patience for those who want to just pick up and play with her items without buying. They are far too valuable and if you break it, you buy it...actually, if you touch it, you buy it. That's right, unlike other shops, just clicking the item once will result in a purchase. There won't be any pop up asking you to confirm that you want the item, all it takes is one click. Fyora has been played too many times and doesn't want your grubby hands on her stuff.

While her rules are strict, she does ease up every now and then to help players get a hold of her items. If you have proven yourself trustworthy by having an account over 60 months old, on every third Wednesday of the month she will provide you with a 3% discount on any item in the tower. 3% may not seem like much, but for the most expensive item that is a discount of over 500,000 NP! But she will also offer other discounts, the best being a 10% discount if you receive a random event from her while wandering around the site.

Fyora always has a seemingly unlimited stock in her shop, buying something doesn't mean it disappears for the next person. However, she will occasionally retire items as she sees fit, or adds a new item. The most recent addition was the Smelly Cheese Bomb, a very stinky weapon. But she has also added more fun items like the Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy! There is no telling when a new item will arrive, or when one will retire, but we might see some movement around this time of year if we're lucky. Because of the seemingly random nature, it's hard to predict and stock up on whatever will go away...but it is sure to be super valuable after its retirement. Items that have disappeared in the past from the tower, like Jhudoras Wand, are now worth hundreds of millions of Neopoints...that kind of money could buy you one of everything currently in Fyora's stock. Not something to turn your nose up to.

She also sells a variety of paint brushes, currently four types of Paint Brushes are in her shop: Baby, Darigan, Royal, and Maractite. This is one of the few places you can get a ready supply of Paint Brushes, making them have a fairly stable price. It's always good to buy them from the tower because it'll take some cash out of the economy and make Neopoints worth more overall. Consider helping Fyora line her pockets a bit more and visit the tower over the Trading Post.

One of the more controversial choices in the Hidden Tower though are the Battledome Weapons. Some of them are just plain terrible. Maybe this is Fyora's way of punishing those who fight? Some of her weapons are absolutely fantastic, like the Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield or the Ghostkerbomb, while others like the Sunshine Shield aren't worth anywhere near their price. The bad weapons are solely for you to flex your bank account and net worth..but that won't do much when your HP hits zero and your opponent who spent a couple thousand on his Battledome set is victorious and bragging on the Neoboards. Make sure to research everything about the items Fyora sells before buying.

But rare items and empty bank accounts aren't the only thing to be obtained from the Hidden Tower. There are various avatars that you can get, both directly and indirectly, from the wealthiest Faerie around. You'll receive an avatar just for buying ANYTHING from the hidden tower, most people go for the Baby Paint Brush because it is inexpensive and you can sell it to another user for roughly the same price. However, you can double down and buy a Faerie Queen Doll for that avatar, but then play with the doll to earn ANOTHER avatar. There are also three books, ranging in price, that will earn you an avatar per book: Grimoire of the First Order, Grimoire of Prosperity, and Grimoire of Affluence. These seem like pretty easy avatars to obtain, but the most expensive book is a whopping 10,000,000 NP. That's a lot of zeroes. And if you want to risk a big loss, you can purchase an Air Faerie Crown and refresh your inventory over and over, taunting the Pant Devil, to try and earn his avatar before he steals the crown!

Though it is insanely expensive, it is a lot of fun to go poking around in the Hidden Tower as a visit (if you can find it). Fyora does appreciate her customers as long as they don't touch, so it is great to go admire her wares...if you are able to find the tower to begin with. She has worked incredibly hard on her collection and does really well at keeping up with the times, even releasing a special wearable cape for Pea Chias! Don't let her hard work go unappreciated, spend an afternoon clicking all around Faerieland to find her and pick up some cool looking items if you can afford it. If you can't afford it? Get to work!!

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