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Reasons to Play For the Kiko Lake Team

by hallie035


For this year's Altador Cup I am going to be supporting Kiko Lake. In this article I won’t focus on the side games, since you don’t actually see Kiko Lake in those games, they stay the same every day. In Yooyuball however you can see Kiko Lake moving around and it’s your job to score goals and win. This doesn’t count for you if you are actually supporting Kiko Lake in this year’s Altador Cup. I will start with some facts about the Kiko Lake team and then I will tell you why it is so much fun to play against or for Kiko Lake. This year I will experience playing for Kiko Lake and I am convinced it will be just like I imagined.

Kiko Lake has already participated in Altador Cup I where they were eliminated in the first round. During Altador Cup II they managed to rank 14 out of 16. The year after that a rock slide kept them from participating. Luckily they were saved so they could return to the Altador Cup and become 14th a year later. During the next Altador Cup, the 5th Altador Cup they became 16th out of 18 teams. In the 6th Altador Cup they ended up with 16th place yet again. During the 7th Altador Cup they did much better and finished with a stunning 6th place. However, they did make it to 1st place in Altador Cup 10. So even though they were not placing high in the first Altador Cups they participated in, but this shows that teams can me more successful later in their careers. But that is not what this article is about.

Currently in the Kiko Lake team there are four Kiko members and 1 Peophin member. The peophin is the goalie and seems to be the smallest member of the Kiko Lake team. They had a Jetsam and a Peophin in the field during other years but they have all left.

Now it is time to focus on what this article is really about. Why is it fun to play against or for Kiko Lake in Yooyuball? First off they have a team full of Kiko members. Kiko’s aren’t big, in fact they are smaller than most of the other players. So it is fun to race up to them with your own team and see the Kiko’s struggle to keep up with you. They are good though. They pass the Yooyu to each other a lot and especially away from you which makes it hard to retrieve the ball after they have gotten the ball. It is a good idea to make sure you get to the ball first and score before they have a chance to steal the ball from you. If you are a Kiko Lake member this is also a good idea for you since I think it won’t be easy to get the Yooyu from them. But if you practice you might find an easy way to steal the ball from your opponents and score. I think it feels good to score when you’re in the Kiko Lake team since you win from a team that is bigger than yours.

The next reason why it is fun to play against or for the Kiko Lake team is because they don’t have legs. It certainly makes their way of movement around the field special. One of their arms has the Sling on it which is used to carry and throw the Yooyu around. Their other arm is used either for running around the field, or for something different. In a game that goes as fast as Yooyuball it is hard to see where they are really used for. They move really fast around the field, although you can outrun them if you're in a different team. You don’t run much faster than they do though, so you will still have to do your best to get the Yooyu back from them.

As for the third reason, the goalie is smaller than the Kiko’s. You would think a goalie is supposed to be bigger than most Yooyuball players to make it easier to stop goals. This doesn’t apply for the Kiko Lake team and also not for the Maraqua team. If I was a Kiko I would definitely find a big goalie a bit intimidating. I can only imagine what they think when they face a player such as Gordo Gunnels or Kayn Hireck. Gordo is a Grarrl and Kayn a Skeith. They are two of the biggest players in the Altador Cup and it is hard to get the Yooyu back from them. This is probably due to the fact that their arms are higher than the arms of other players so you actually have to stretch to get the Yooyu back from them.

There are times that it is extremely hard to score. Sometimes the other team is just constantly stealing the ball and you can’t get it back. Or if you do they just get it back really fast and your constantly running over the field in order to score. Sometimes the Darigan Yooyu has made its way onto the field and it doesn’t do exactly what you wanted. Usually this would get you frustrated but seeing the Kiko’s move around makes it fun to just watch the play. I haven’t seen a team yet that manages to score easily with the Darigan Yooyu. Sometimes the game ends with just one goal scores because the Darigan Yooyu happened to be introduced as the second ball in the game, and neither you or your opponents has gotten the Yooyu in the other teams goal.

I hope you now enjoy playing against Kiko Lake more then you did before. At least I am really happy to be supporting them now. I hope that this little article had inspired you. Maybe now when you are facing Kiko Lake during the cup, you will really enjoy playing with them. Or maybe you are inspired to join the team next year. Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this year's Altador Cup.

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