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How Fyora Celebrates Fyora Day

by theyellowrose


Everybody knows Fyora, she's the Faerie Queen of course! The beautiful and very pink ruler of Faerieland. You may have seen her in the Hidden Tower amongst all those goodies. Oh wait, I don’t know if we are allowed to tell you IS hidden after all. Anyways, Fyora even has her own doll you can buy, and who wouldn’t want one of those?! You may have even been lucky enough to be invited to visit Faerieland by Fyora herself, or perhaps she has even given you a quest? Everyone admires Fyora, even the dark faeries, not that they would ever admit it.

But how did Fyora come to be the Faerie Queen all those thousands of years ago? And how does she celebrate her special day? Let’s start with a flashback...

Long ago, there were schools for future faeries to train in the lessons of being a faerie. At the end of the school time, there was a cumulative examination that all faeries needed to pass in order to receive their wings and placement. For young Fyora, this task was easy.

“Come on Baelia, we need to go to the library to study!” Fyora said to her friend, Baelia (the future Grey Faerie!).

Baelia responded, “Oh no, I am totally going to fail this test! I am so bad with cumulative examinations!”

“You are always so hard on yourself. You should smile more!” Fyora tugged at her friend into the direction of the library. “Now, where do you think you’ll be placed after the examination?”

Baelia thought for a second. “Hopefully my placement will be something easy, somewhere I can sit around and be lazy!”

“You should really have higher expectations for yourself!” Fyora shook her head at her friend.

“Hey I’m not the one with straight A’s! You have such a good record. I bet they’ll assign you to be the highest and most respected faerie! Under our current Faerie Queen, of course.” Baelia smiled at Fyora.

Fyora smiled back, “Here’s hoping!”

Later that week, all the young faeries walked into the large library in Faerieland to take their examination. Every aspiring faerie that goes through an examination comes out with an affinity. For example, the young Battle Faerie went through her examination, and received the affinity for battle. This meant her abilities showed the judges she was best suited to teaching others how to defend themselves and be stronger. Similarly, Jhuidah the Island Faerie excelled in cooking skills, deeming her the “Island Faerie.”

Young Fyora was nervous. This was her moment, the moment she could find out what her best skill was and be assigned a faerie role. She excelled in all her classes. She surpassed all other faeries in skills. She was nervous because she did not know what her affinity was.

It was Fyora’s turn now. She walked through a door in the library, and saw a panel of judges, including the current Faerie Queen! Fyora was stunned at first. Why would the Faerie Queen be at faerie’s examination? Nevertheless, her examination started. The judges asked Fyora to do multiple tasks, and she excelled at all of them.

At the end of her examination, Fyora was exhausted. Her limited faerie powers allowed her to fly around the room, change a Neopet’s color, teach a Neopet to defend themselves, cook delicious meals, and more. Now the time had come. Fyora was about to hear what her placement was.

The judges spoke amongst themselves. Fyora was so scared. Why were they taking so long to decide her placement? What if she was so good at everything, she wouldn’t get a placement?

After a long deliberation, the Faerie Queen stood up, and clapped, “I had high hopes for you, Fyora. You excelled in all the skills we seek for this certain position. You have outshined all your other faerie classmates. You have shown wisdom, compassion, and leadership. It is with my honor, to give you the placement of the next Faerie Queen.”

Fyora gasped. She was shocked! Never did she think she could get the placement of Faerie Queen!

Flash forward to today...Fyora Day.

Since Fyora was inaugurated, she has since been referred to as Fyora, the Faerie Queen. In her reign, she accomplished so many tasks. She established the Hidden Tower in Y3, the first of its kind. She handled the falling of Faerieland Y12 with such grace and pose. Neopians honored their leader by dedicating a day to her, known as Fyora Day.

Fyora Day is sure to be a special one for all of Neopia. Neopets and Neopians alike regard the monarch's day as one definitely worth celebrating! They dress in pink to honour the Queen and spend the day having fun and playing games. Fyora however, celebrates in Faerieland with her fellow faeries! This year was hopefully going to be the best and biggest yet…

This year Fyora has left her faerie friends in charge of organising and planning her special day. They had each been given a task to do, as long as those pesky dark faeries behave themselves everything should work out according to plan, right?

There was:

The Light Faerie - her job was to bathe Faerieland in light, appropriately. Hundreds and hundreds of faerie lights will decorate faerieland.

The Water Faerie - she was in charge of the drinks of course.

The Fire Faerie - she was trusted to organise the food by the Soup Faerie, who had decided to spend the day celebrating outside Faerieland by making sure everyone else had delicious food to eat on the day!

The Crafting Faerie - she was making beautiful party outfits for everybody to wear.

The Earth Faerie - she was decorating the party area with gorgeous trees and flowers, bringing the outside - inside.

The Air Faerie - her task was to organise some party games. She does have powers such as invisibility after all.

The Dark Faerie - asked politely to just please don't mess anything up!

Fyora of course was preparing for the day by visiting the Faerie Salon. She was going all out! She planned to have a Brightvale blow out, a facial, a manicure, a pedicure and a spray tan!

Meanwhile, back in Faerieland, things were not going according to plan. The Light Faerie was supposed to bathe Faerieland in light...well...she did. She just did it TOO much. Faerieland was so bright with light, Neopians thought it was a second sun! The Water Faerie was in charge of drinks, but she felt terrible she was taking water away from the ocean, so she gave it back to the ocean! No drinks for this party then… The Fire Faerie was trusted to organize food by the Soup Faerie...but she burnt everything! Guess there’s a reason why she was the Fire Faerie.

The Earth Faerie was supposed to decorate the party area with gorgeous trees and flowers, but instead, she created a forest! There were leaves blowing everywhere, and singeing because of the harsh light the Light Faerie created! The Air Faerie was supposed to organize games, but she ended up making all the presents invisible! Lastly...remember what the Dark Faerie was asked not to do? Well, her mischievousness got the better of her and she was destroying the party before it even begun! She tore the lights down into piles on the floor, started a food fight, and before you know it, the outfits the Crafting Faerie created were covered too! That naughty faerie had ruined everything.

Back at the salon, Fyora was just getting ready to leave. She was feeling fresh as a daisy and ready to party! She left the salon with an enormous smile on her face, but not for long! When she arrived back in Faerieland, her face fell at the sight of her party.

The Dark Faerie spotted Fyora and fled the scene! The other faeries were hidden behind the trees the Earth Faerie had grown for decoration. All of the faeries were sad that they were unable to accomplish the simplest of tasks they were assigned. Fyora shook her head and sighed. With a simple wave of her magical staff, she fixed everything in minutes!

Finally! Party time!

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