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The Zayle Sufhaux Interview

by yashasvika


      We’re here at the Neopian times again, interviewing your favorite Altador Cup stars. Last time we interviewed Nitri Cassale and now today we’re doing a little piece on Zayle Sufhaux. Both of these Krawk Island superstars have a lot to say about the Altador Cup and their eternal passion for Yooyuball.

      So Zayle, tell me a little bit about your role on the team and a little about your upbringing?

      I am Zayle Sufhaux, Right Defender for Krawk Island in the Altador Cup. Joining the Krawk Island Altador Cup team was kind of an unexpected surprise for me. Many of my fellow teammates had been preparing to join the team for their entire life, but I just happened to accidently stumble upon the job. I’m originally from Kreludor and really unfamiliar with Krawk Island traditions and that kind of lead to my downfall my first few years. I’m a little inexperienced compared to everyone else on the team so I’m usually the first one to arrive and the last to leave practice every day. When I was a little kid I used to dream of being an astronomist, I actually first arrived to Altador to help with the Altador plot. Finneus required my assistance and he called me over. After a long day at work he invited me to go with him to watch the Altador games. One of the fire Yooyus went way out of the court and I happened to catch it and when I tossed it back, it went through the net. After that day’s game, Garven came up to me and asked if I wanted to try out for the team since Hoke would be leaving by next year. I was elated, having the chance to travel around with the Altador Cup team would be an incredible opportunity so I accepted.

      So since you’re one of the newest members of the team, what has been the hardest thing for you to get used to?

      I think being new to the team hasn’t been that bad, all of my teammates are amazing and they always help me out and give me pointers whenever I need them. At this point they are all basically my family. I think the toughest part for me has been adapting to Krawk Island culture. Being from Kreludor, I sometimes forget that pirates act much differently from grundos. In Kreludor we all follow Dr. Sloth’s old rules, but down here everyone lives a life of thievery and debauchery and it’s very different from what I’m used to. In someways I think it’s more chaotic, but really it means that every day is a new fun adventure for me to go on and I don’t think I’d trade that for anything in the world.

      In terms of just the team though, I think another hard thing for me is the intensive training schedule, like I said earlier everyone else on the team had been preparing for the Altador Cup since they were little. I was just thrust into this position a few years ago and before that I had never stepped foot into the academy or even the mystery island training school. Cap’n Three Legs has been great though, he started me off with an easier course and then had me slowly work up to reach everyone else’s level. I still think I’m a little inexperienced but it might just all be in my head.

      What do you like best about being on the Krawk Island Yooyuball team?

      I love love love the camaraderie between everyone on the team. Coco and Nitri have known each other since they were little but really it feels like we all grew up together. After practice every day we all go out together and get some slushies and during game season we all make sure we’re all prepared with the right sunscreen, equipment, clothes etc. We are very tight knit and I think that’s a reason we’ve been doing so well in recent years. Our own enthusiasm has flooded into Neopia and made more Neopians excited for the Krawk Island Altador Cup team!

      So you mentioned that Cap’n Three legs has his own special training schedule for you, could you elaborate a bit?

      Yeah, so I highly recommend anyone who wants to become a Yooyuball player or someone who just wants to do a fitness regimen, to talk to Cap’n Three Legs. From the outside, the course schedule might look cookie cutter (1-20 dubloons depending on the level of your pet), but Cap’n Three Legs actually works really hard to make sure each of his students gets the most personalized training schedule possible. Since I told him that I want to keep up with my astronomy at night, he made sure that my training schedule would not conflict with that or that I would be doing interesting things at night. Like one night, I ran along the shores of krawk island during a meteor shower and that might have been the best night of my life.

      Can you tell your fans a little bit more about your routine so they can work hard to become like you at home?

      Despite the few differences to account for my inexperience, my training was mostly identical to what Coco and Nitri were doing. They mentioned that they would trek every morning for omelettes and then after that they would test their Strength and Haunted Woods. One minor difference for me was that I had to go from Tyrannia to Mystery Island and then to Haunted Woods so I could build up my speed. My goal was to eventually be able to reach Test Your Strength at the same time as them. Which I can now successfully do! Along with the rest of the team I would then go to Kiko Lake and then help with the scarab problem in Qasala. Cap’n Threelegs thought it would be best if we treated the scarabs as Yooyus and practiced our game skills while we helped reduce the number of scarabs in Qusala. It was actually great practice because the scarabs are smaller than Yooyus so we were practicing passing smaller objects which required much more precision.

      While this daily routine helped develop my skills and worldliness, I cannot disclose what the rest of my actual training at the academy consisted of. If you are interested, Cap’n Three Legs is insanely dedicated to his trainees and tries to keep the costs affordable at only 1-20 dubloons (depending on your level).

      Any final words you want to tell your fans, Zayle?

      Keep living life spontaNeously and follow your heart. You never know where life will take you and at the end of the day everything will always work itself out. Look at me now, I started from the bottom and now I’m here. A few years ago I was dead set on being an astronomist and never would have even thought about being a Yooyu ball player. Sometimes life just gives you Yooyus and you got to make Yooyu-ade. And thank you all for continuously supporting me, I would never have made it this far without all of your never ending support. I cannot wait for you to cheer on for me in the Y19 Altador Cup!!

      Well there you have it folks, there was our interview with Krawk Island star Zayle Sufhaux! Keep your eyes peeled for more incoming interviews as the Altador Cup XII unfolds

      Please note that no Yooyuballs were harmed in the making of this interview. The Neopian Times does not promote nor does it endorse the use of Yooyus in lemonade.



      The End.

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