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Little Yellow Kougra

by heysarahkate


      Little Yellow Kougra gazed up at the sky. It was a beautiful day like any other, but he was sad, and discouraged. It was unlike him to not play with the other Kougras, but he had too much on his mind. He looked down at his yellow paws, sulking. He had a pout on his face, wishing he could fly. Little Yellow Kougra didn't want to be a Pawkeet-like bird, but instead wanted to soar above the others: he wanted to be heard.

      Little Yellow Kougra, frowning and sad, just couldn't figure out how to roar... and boy, did it make him mad. He was the only Little Yellow Kougra, with a teeny tiny voice. If it was up to him he would be louder than everyone! But he just had no choice. Everytime he would try, a squeak would come out. One that reminded him of a Meepit, without a doubt. He was embaressed by this noise, and wanted to roar, but with his luck, he would never figure it out, and be stuck on the ground instead of being able to soar.

      He had finally given up, after weeks of trying. It was hard to fit in, without flying. The others could roar, and make tons of noise - but Little Yellow Kougra could only manage a squeak, which he didn't want anyone to hear anymore.

      Little Yellow Kougra practiced each day, and he did everything he could to roar. Absolutely nothing seemed to work, he just couldn't soar. Little Yellow Kougra watched the other Kougra boys, they were loud and proud, but Little Yellow Kougra just couldn't make noise. He watched them sadly as they went about and played, but Little Yellow Kougra's sadness was the feeling that stayed.

      Little Yellow Kougra became frustrated since he tried his best! But learning how to roar was really hard: he just couldn't pass this test! Finally, Little Yellow Kougra decided to give up. He lowered his head in shame. To the others, roaring was easy, but they just couldn't explain. He was finally done, and didn't want to try - enough was enough, too much time had gone by. It was time to move on, and accept the fact: He just couldn't roar, and that was that.

      Little Yellow Kougra was frustrated and annoyed. He stomped about, furious, and ready to destroy. He was so angry inside, not knowing what to do. He wanted to roar, what more was there to it? The frustration was real, the anger was evident: Little Yellow Kougra was done - It just wasn't worth it! It angered him so deeply, not being able to do what he craved, it was a shameful thing, something he'd have to live with everyday.

      His good friend came up, happy and smiling. He pranced around, trying to get Little Yellow Kougra to play.

      "What's wrong?" His friend asked, noticing how mad Little Yellow Kougra was. His ears folded back, not liking Little Yellow Kougra's obvious frustration.

      "I just can't do it. I can't roar at all. I give up, I'm done, I'll never succeed." Little Yellow Kougra told his best friend.

      "Instead, why can't we just pretend?" He suggested, looking at his friend. He just wanted to fit in, and play, but he knew he wasn't the same as them.

      "You can't just give up on something like this!" His friend patted Little Yellow Kougra's back and smiled. "Think of all those Kougra roars you'll miss!" He stood tall and proud, trying to cheer up his friend. "I won't let you pretend, let's learn together - I can help you. Just try one more time!"

      Little Yellow Kougra agreed he had made some good points. So, he stood up and got ready to try again, this time stretching his legs, back, and joints.

      He'd try again, just one last time. What did he have to lose? There was no harm in one last try. It was a decision he had to choose. Giving up wouldn't give him anything except shame, this roar was going to happen! He was done playing games.

      "That's it! Take a deep breath, and then let it all out!" Little Yellow Kougra's friend said encouragingly, "Just open your mouth and try to shout!"

      Little Yellow Kougra opened his mouth, his breath was pushing hard, but it was a squeak that came out! He lowered his ears and his tail sunk low, feeling sad and discouraged, it was quite the blow.

      "I told you I can't do it! I've tried and tried and tried." Little Yellow Kougra frowned, "It's just not for me. I'll never roar in this life!"

      His friend was determined, and wouldn't let him fail. "Just try one last time. I promise you will prevail."

      "What should I change? What can I do? I'm just going to squeak again, instead of Yellow I'd rather be Blue." Little Yellow Kougra frowned.

      "Take a deep breath, and this time shout! Make more noise, I promise a roar will come out! Push as hard as you can, and don't give up. Your roar is in your heart, I promise it's not luck! Now give me a shout!"

      Little Yellow Kougra was full of doubt, and yet again wanted to give up, but he shrugged it off, opened his mouth, and let out a big huge shout!


      Little Yellow Kougra was shocked at first, sending himself backwards in a pile of surprise. The roar was the loudest roar he had ever heard! Even louder than his friends! After a moment, he stood tall and proud, noticing the other Kougra's had formed a crowd.

      "Little Yellow Kougra, that was so loud!" One Kougra said,

      "I've never been able to do that!" Another spoke up,

      "How'd you get so loud?!" Asked one of the Kougras, unable to believe the sound.

      "Who taught you that?" Another chimed in,

      Kougra's from all over started to ask: those curious cats.

      They kept asking questions, trying to figure this Kougra out. The little one who squeaked before, and now was the loudest in the group! How was this possible? Was there tricks? Was it real? They wanted answers, and it wasn't until he began to speak, did they quiet down.

      "You have to believe in yourself, and never give up!" Little Yellow Kougra said, "Even when it gets tough, and you feel stuck."

      "Your friends will always have your back, yes it's true!" Little Yellow Kougra smiled,

      "Thats, right! Through and through!" His friend added.

      After a long hard day, Little Yellow Kougra smiled up to the sky. It was tough, but he realized all it took was to try. He just couldn't give up, and anything could be possible. He needed to believe in himself and continue to try his best. It was quite a day, and Little Yellow Kougra felt proud. He couldn't wait to roar with his friends again, and not have to pretend. He couldn't wait to show them the challenge he beat, and not to mention, how loud his roar was, became a treat. He looked up to the sky, watching a Pawkeet fly by.

      Finally, Little Yellow Kougra could spread his wings, Flying high to the sky he soared, conquering his dreams.

      The End.

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