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Twelve Challenges for Altador Cup XII

by andrewo94


It’s that time of year again! The time of year when Neopians far and wide converge on Altador to compete for their team to take home the coveted Altador Cup. The Altador Cup is a prestigious event that is eagerly anticipated throughout the off-season from team members and fans alike. With all of this built up excitement and anticipation, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the atmosphere and forget the main goal of the whole event, taking home the Cup! As the Altador Cup enters its twelfth year, I have decided to right this article highlighting twelve challenges that can help you focus all of your energy on this edition of the Cup. These challenges range from gameplay goals to customization challenges. I’ve listed these challenges in order from 1 to 12 but feel free to do them in any order you feel is best! Let’s get right into the comprehensive list to get you right into that Altador Cup spirit!

Challenge 1: One Change of Your Avatar!

Nothing gets you into the Altador Cup spirit like an avatar representing your favorite team. Changing your avatar is a simple and easy way to show some team spirit. There are a multitude of avatars to choose from like the Wheel of Knowledge avatar for a Brightvale supporter or the Techo Master avatar for a dedicated Mystery Island team member. If you just love the Altador Cup in general, there are plenty of general Altador Cup avatars such as Altador Cup Player avatar. Regardless, changing one avatar should be one of the first steps to getting ready for the Altador Cup!

Challenge 2: Two Buttons for Smashing!

Make Some Noise is a classic Altador Cup game that has had Neopian fingers working in overdrive for years. The Techo Fanatic never seems to rest and neither can any true Altador Cup fan (just kidding, sleep is very important!). For this challenge, try to get through 22 games of Make Some Noise without stopping while trying to mash those two buttons to get the highest score!

Challenge 3: Three Types of Slushies!

Now moving on to Slushie Slinger, another Altador Cup classic! Helping one of our favorite Tuskaninny servers deliver slushies to the thirsty fans of the Cup has been a favorite pastime of players everywhere. Since there are three types of slushies: zeenana, jumbleberry, and chokato, this challenge is to try to serve 33 of each different type of slushie. This doesn’t have to be all in one game but try your best to keep track of how many slushies you served over the course of multiple games!

Challenge 4: Four Different Customizations!

While you are getting into the Altador Cup spirit, your pets will definitely want to get in on the atmosphere as well. Customization is a great way to show some team pride and get into the Altador Cup mood. This challenge is to create four different customizations for your pets that represent the Altador Cup or show some team spirit. While many Neopians have four Neopets, which would mean a new customization for each pet, some of us only have one or two pets. If this is your situation, your challenge will be to create four different customizations by changing your pet’s customization each week or two! Get creative with this one! There are countless wearables that are perfect for the Altador Cup season!

Challenge 5: Five Team Members!

Each team has five team members, regardless of which one you chose. It is important to understand how your team works together since they will be working with you for the entire length of the Cup. For this challenge, you should read your team bios and learn the strengths and weaknesses of all members of your team. You may just learn some interesting facts about the team you’ve been supporting for many years!

Challenge 6: Six Shots in Shootout Showdown!

Shootout Showdown rounds out the quartet of Altador Cup games that have become ingrained in Cup culture. This game is fairly simple, with each user needing to get five shots past the practice team goalkeeper in order to win. It is pretty difficult to get all five shots in on the first try, so this challenge is to play 66 games of Shootout Showdown while finishing the game using six shots or less. Completing this challenge will definitely help your team get closer to that top position and to winning the Cup!

Challenge 7: Seven Yooyus!

We know them and we love them, the Yooyus that are essential to the game of Yooyuball are the primary component of this challenge. Seven types of Yooyus are currently in rotation at the Altador Cup: Normal, Faerie, Snow, Fire, Robot, Darigan, and Mutant, with some being easier to score with than others. Your goal for this task is to score at least once with each type of Yooyu within one game of Yooyuball. Good luck with that Darigan Yooyu into the goal, he can be pretty tricky!

Challenge 8: Eight Previous Staff Tournaments!

Altador Cup I and Cups V-XI all featured staff tournaments in addition to the main event. This makes eight previous staff tournaments in which countless numbers of staff members have competed. You job for this challenge is to go back and look at how each staff member has fared in the previous editions of the tournament. Looking up this information will help you select the best team members for your team during this year’s staff tournament!

Challenge 9: Nine Wins Against the Practice Team!

It is difficult to jump right into the Altador Cup after a long off-season. That is where the practice team practice team comes in! This team of five jelly Chias is the perfect test of your Yooyuball skills before the Cup starts or during those off days. Your challenge is to get nine wins against the practice team in order to hone your Yooyuball prowess for those tough matches against your top Altador Cup rivals!

Challenge 10: Ten Yooyuball Goals!

Once again we are heading back to Yooyuball. Your challenge here is to score ten points in a single Yooyuball game, with a small catch! The catch is that each member of your team has to score at least two goals, including your goalkeeper! While scoring with you goalkeeper is quite a difficult task, I have done it a couple times so I know it can be done! I will definitely commend any dedicated Yooyuball players who are able to successfully complete this task.

Challenge 11: Eleven Months of Off-Season!

This challenge is a bit more abstract than the others, but will still help you achieve greatness this Altador Cup. Your challenge is to think about the eleven months of Altador Cup off-season that have just passed and the eleven months of off-season that are about to come. Thinking about these months without the fiery competition provided by the Altador Cup will be a motivating factor to get in as much Yooyuball as you possibly can. When you think about the off-season, you may be willing to get in that one last game of Make Some Noise before you head off to sleep!

Challenge 12: Twelve Editions of the Altador Cup!

We have finally reached the final challenge, which also coincides with this number edition of the Cup, number 12! Your twelfth and final challenge is to go back and look at your previous performances in the Altador Cup. After doing this, set a goal for yourself to do even better than you have ever done in this, the twelfth edition of the Cup! Setting and reaching an ambitious goal will make this Cup even more enjoyable, so try to be the best Altador Cup player you can be this tournament!

Twelve editions of the Altador Cup and twelve challenges to go along with this exciting competition. This guide is meant to help you focus your efforts this Cup into getting into the team spirit and making this Cup the best one yet! I hope you all have a fun and positive Altador Cup experience and that some of these challenges are in your mind while preparing for and playing in this legendary tournament!

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