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Dear Fippinator: Altador Cup Edition!

by fippinator


Now that the Daily Dare is over and all of you wonderful people out there succeeded with my advice, I thought I'd return once again to dole out some more highly sought after tips and tracks.

If you aren't familiar with my previous works, never fear, I'll give you a brief explanation! I'm a simple superfan of this game and world who loves to dole out help to Neopians near and far. I've always been a huge fan of the Editorial and love to see the editors answering all of Neopians questions. I like to scout the boards and see what types of help people are seeking around the Neoboards when it comes to things like games and site events and compile it into a little list with my own advice!

This week, we'll be focusing on the Altador Cup! It's one of the grandest annual events, pitting nations against each other for the ultimate prize: glory for the next year! It's a beautiful time where Neopians join together on their respective teams and work together to battle it out. The Neoboards thrive with competitive banter and the economy explodes as people are out wheeling and dealing to afford all the wearable team merch. It's all super exciting! But a lot of people have been asking lots of questions, hopefully I can help you all out!


Dear Fippinator,

The Altador Cup is here and I don't know which team I'll want to align with. You see, I've always chosen Moltara, I'm a huge fan of volcanoes and all my pets are Magma...but if you look at the history of the cup, Moltara has been one of the bottom teams ever since they joined...placing last in three of the four. Should I go with them again or is it time to give up and switch to another? I love the magma so much and don't want to abandon them...

Best wishes,

Moody Moltaran

Cheer up Moody Moltaran, it's going to be okay. I'm sorry your team hasn't been performing well but I have some ideas for you. While Moltara has been performing pretty terribly, it doesn't mean they won't win this year! There are some teams who have gotten last place one year and the next they are the winners of the whole thing. If you love Moltara so much, you should support them. Try to go around the Neoboards and recruit more people to join up with Moltara, and make sure you are a dedicated player! The more Yooyuball games you win for Moltara, the better they will do. And clearly you are very dedicated to have stuck with them this long, without you they may lose again. And don't worry, the overall placement of your team doesn't affect how many points you'll earn for the prize shop, as long as you work hard you'll earn just as many prizes as the first place team!!

Dear Fippinator,

Last year I played tons and tons of Yooyuball, so much so that I was seeing Yooyus flying by in my dreams. Is there any way I can help out my team without only playing Yooyuball?


Dreaming Of Yooyus

No need to worry, Dreaming Of Yooyus, you have plenty of options. There are a few other games that will affect your rank in the cup and earn you and your team more points. Make Some Noise is a great one, it only takes a few seconds per game so you can churn out points. It's a great break from tossing Yooyus around the field. If you want to help out in the stands, fire up Slushie Slinger and get those hungry fans fed! The Neopets Team has made it incredibly fun to rack up points by adding all these extra games so you are just throwing Yooyus for hours on end!

Dear Fippinator,

I'm a hugely massive mega fan of the Altador Cup! I have been collecting all the merchandise from all the years past, I have a Yooyu in every color, I have all the NC Mall wearables and everything you can imagine. Every year at this time I go on a diet that consists mainly of Yooyu Pudding Cups and Altador Cup Cookies. Sadly while those taste good, they don't keep me in fighting shape for the field and so my scores tend to lag behind. Any tips on what I should do?


Always Eating Altador Cupper

Well, Always Eating Altador Cupper, I feel your pain. All the delicious delicacies that come out for the cup are always so good. I admire your dedication to the sport to collect all those things! Winning isn't everything in the cup, even if you aren't maxing out your scores day to day, you are helping your team tremendously and helping the event by being so passionate and vocal about it! Now, specifically about that diet, have you gone over to the Neopian Health Foods Shop? It's full of fruits and vegetables that will give you energy and regulate your body, and contains all the goodness that you'll need to heal your muscles after a hard day on the field. It's okay to have a treat every now and then but it's very important to take care of your body! Especially in an event as physical as the Altador Cup.

Thank you all for tuning in for this special edition of Dear Fippinator! It's always a great time for me helping you all out and going around the Neoboards to look for what the hottest topics are that you need help on. With the Altador Cup here I'm sure many of you don't have as much time to complete your dailies as you'd like, so my last bit of advice is to just tell you all the pace yourself. It's a big event but you don't have to push yourself to the limit every day or you'll burn out quickly, slow and steady wins the race and wins the biggest trophy at the end of it all! Pick the team you like the most, not the one you expect to win, and work hard to bring your favorite to victory! It's a tough tournament but with this advice you'll be able to climb to the top and raid that prize shop for anything you want! Good luck to you all!

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