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Flowers For The Season

by fippinator


Spring is in full bloom, my allergies are going wild, the pollen is everywhere, I can't stop sneezing, but at least the flowers look pretty, that is if I could see them past my swollen eyes!! What is the solution to this? Some hypo-allergenic flower wearables!! Fortunately for people like me, the fabulous art team here has created a plethora of floral options for the season that won't make me *achoooo*...yeah, that.

The weather is warming up, the Altador Cup is just around the corner, and we've gotten used to wearing sundresses and shades, but now it's time to step up our flower game. If you are as obsessed with the flowers of the season like I am, you are surely going to want to paint your pet Invisible, that way they aren't blocking a single petal in the background of their wearables! Or, perhaps, that is just my allergies making my brain nutty. I digress, you didn't come here to listen to me whine and sneeze, you came for my fashion expertise!! Let's begin, shall we?

Beaded Vase of Flowers

A perfect trinket to prop up next to your Neopet, it is self contained and requires absolutely no gardening skills. The colors of the beads at the bottom pop and provide a great accent to the giant flowers coming out of the top. Just a little water every day will keep those petals looking fine and there is no worry of any dirt getting on your nice new shirt!

Garden Flower Dress

Speaking of a brand new shirt, how about this Garden Flower Dress? It is an incredibly recreation of roses and other flowers growing on long stems, paired up with various vines. The red trim is the exact pop of color you need on this off-white dress. Plus, the flower gem at the color is sure to make you the star of the picnic. Be careful when washing it though, you don't want the colors to fade!

Giant Flower Background

What screams "I love flowers!" louder than putting your Neopet in a GIANT flower petal? Nothing! This background comes from the NC Mall at a very nice price. The yellow and orange of the petals actually help to illuminate your pet and give them an incredible glow, and the center is very soft which will help with any back pain they may acquire from standing all day on your user lookup. It's a win for everyone I think.

Gothic Flower Skirt

Not a fan of cheeriness? How about adding some doom and gloom with this black skirt. It features a dark rose around the waist and a black to grey ombre pattern. Nothing will scare off a chipper Pteri quite like this moody bottomwear. It really just says something specific about you..something along the lines of "I hate the sun". Perfect!!

Purple Flowering Vine Wings

Do you ever feel so good it feels like you're floating? These wings will actually make your body lift off the ground! The bold choice of purple on these wings will attract compliments from everyone you meet, and the lightness of the petals will ensure that you take flight in no time. Tired of everyone complimenting your wings? Just fly way above Neopia where no one can bother you!! It's hard to be beautiful sometimes and this is the perfect combination of elegance and utility.

Rain And Flowers Thought Bubble

Though Spring can't last forever, your dreams of it can! When the Altador Cup closes up, Summer will be in full effect and you'll be wishing for any memory of the most beautiful season ever. This thought bubble will display exactly what you're thinking to everyone you come across: that you want the April showers back to bring May flowers.

Sleep Tight Polka Dot and Flower Pajamas

When it's time for bed, you want to feel like you are sleeping on the fresh grass...just without the icky petpetpets crawling around in it. That's where this super textured pajama suit comes in. It'll feel like you are lying in a bed of flowers and grass, it's even a little bit itchy. Can't beat that realism!!

Spring Flower Mask

May is an incredible month for a Masquerade Ball, so why not invite all your friends to dress up really fancy and enjoy the mystery of life behind a mask? Except, take a little bit of the mystery out by showing them exactly what is important to you: flowers!! This masquerade mask features a pastel array of flowers and winged edges, an unbeatable eyepiece for a costume party.

Flower Shower Cap

I personally wear this cap every time I get in the shower. It makes you feel like you're a flower underneath a watering can! Standing under the faucet with this cap on is the perfect recreation of what it's like to be a floral beauty in the months of April and May. It'll also help keep your hair from getting frizzy!

Beautifully Decorated Flower Arch

Surround your Neopet on all sides with flowers in a rainbow of colors with this arch. It'll rain down petals (but not pollen) on your pet all day long, making them feel like they are in the midst of the gorgeous Cherry Blossom Festival that happens in parks around the world this time of year. These are also great as a decoration for all types of celebrations.

Fresh Flower Necklace

Last but certainly not least, this is my favorite floral piece of them all. This necklace is bursting with blue and pink and yellow bulbs, surrounding you with the exquisite beauty of Spring. The added touch is that the necklace itself is made of a vine, so it's 100% sustainable and eco-friendly. The flower stems are de-thorned and delicately wrapped around the sturdy vine, and everything is carefully arranged to make sure the flowers point towards the sun. Just a few spritzes of water every day will keep this alive for months to come.

So what are you waiting for? Head out and pick as many flowers as you can! Maybe you'll find enough that you can design your own dress. But if you don't have that kind of time, head to the Shop Wizard or NC Mall and get it while you can, flowers are going to be out of season any day now.

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