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10 Awesome Ways to Prepare for the Altador Cup

by minkpink


This year’s Altador Cup is as anticipated as ever! Whether you plan on contributing to your team by playing Yooyuball, Make Some Noise, Slushie Slinger, or Shootout Showdown, preparation is the key to keeping up your team spirit and your game. That is why I present to all Neopians 10 awesome ways to prepare for the Altador Cup!

I. Practice Your Aim with Ultimate Bullseye II

Yooyuball is a sport that requires good hand-eye coordination, and by practicing your aim with Ultimate Bullseye II, you and your team will shoot more awesome goals! Head on over to the range, do your best to get higher scores but hitting a balloon and the target, and don’t forget to thank the Buzz who helps out there! After all, it must be a very busy time for the petpet, with everyone practicing with their aim!

II. Enjoy a Refreshing Beverage at the Slushie Shop

Treat your team and yourself to a chilled beverage at the Slushie Shop, which is located on Terror Mountain! The variety is endless, and there is still time to try them all! Will you all try out the fruity Cranberry Slushie, the shockingly cold Electric Blue Slushie, or the awesome-looking Rainborific Slushie? The choice is up to you! Every team needs a cool-down, and every team deserves some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Don’t forget that the Altador Cup is not just about competition, but fun and bonding with each other as well!

III. Prepare to Type with Typing Terror

Make Some Noise is a game that requires you and your team to know your keyboard, and know it well! Typing Terror does not only help hone your locating skills, but also your typing speed. While you and your team practice this, remember to also remain calm, because a clear head serves as amazing precision during a frenzy.

IV. Know Your Altador Cup History and Surroundings

By visiting the archives and even the very Colosseum in Altador, you and and your team will be immersed in a plethora of history and culture. Newly found insight and information about the playing field and the location of the field itself may just be the ticket to victory. Sometimes, victory may even be written in the stars, if you look close enough!

V. Learn Multitasking with Usul Suspects

Slushie Slinger is a game that needs you to keep track of customers, clean up the area after they leave, and make sure that each and every customer is satisfied with their order. What better way to learn the skill of multitasking than by practicing with Usual Suspects? It is a game where you have to keep track of wave after wave of Baby Usuls, feed them, and ultimately push your limits before naughty Baby Usuls push you over the edge! You and your team will not only learn multitasking skills, but also get a good idea of how to work well under pressure!

VI. Find Your Way with Lost City Lanes

Shootout Showdown is a game that requires concentration and knowing your own strength. A similar game that helps you and your team practice both of these is none other than Lost City Lanes! Learn how to effectively do side-step Shootout Showdown moves by dodging obstacles, understand the right time to charge by using power-ups effectively, and get those goals by first getting those strikes! After practice you and your team can even go explore the Lost City, and then Mystery Island itself as an awesome bonus!

VII. Meet the Local Yooyu

Did you know that Yooyus are native to Altador, and that they are the curled-up Petpets with which Altador Cup players scoop up and do their best to get a goal? Show your thanks and appreciation to the Yooyus who train just as much as you and your team by visiting them! Don’t forget to bring them some refreshing beverages from the Slushie Shop!

VIII. Gear Up at the NC Mall

Show off your team spirit by shopping for awesome gear at the NC Mall! The NC Mall is filled with fantastic items to suit the needs of every team. From team jerseys, to garlands, to cool backgrounds, everything is definitely worth the price! While you are there, don’t forget to get a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie from Noda, because you’ll need one for the following preparation method!

IX. Relax at the Healing Springs

Rest and relaxation does not exclude the famous Healing Springs! Make sure that you are all in tip-top shape before heading to the big game! While you’re there, Jhudora or another faerie may even have a quest for you, which is up to you whether or not to accept it. If you do accept the quest, then it would certainly stretch your muscles as you travel around Neopia to search for the wanted item!

X. Visit the Yooyuball Practice Field

Put all your preparation up to the test by practicing on the Yooyuball field! Altador Cup practice for the sport is opened year-round to all Neopians. Make sure to be polite and treat others the way you want to be treated if you see them practicing, too. Good manners and fairness are the key components to a good game!

The Altador Cup this year will be as amazing as its predecessors, and it’s up to you and your team to be prepared for it! From practicing games, to gearing up in cool NC Mall items, to meeting local Altador Yooyus, to resting up and relaxing, this article has provided 10 awesome ways to prepare for the Altador Cup! It does not matter if you are on Team Darigan, Team Haunted Woods, Team Shenkuu, or even Team Kiko Lake, because all of the aforementioned preparation methods are universal and will have you and your team be in tip-top shape for the big game. Go out there and share this with your team and even the other teams! After all, when everyone is equal in preparation, the Altador Cup games will be more worthwhile, amazing, and, most of all, fun!

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