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Charity Without The Corner

by doglover3662


One of the best times of year is the Charity Corner. It's been a somewhat annual event and seems to have become a staple in Neopia lately. It is a large event where Granny Hopbobbin requests specific items in order to attain a goal for the betterment of Neopia. She organizes many bins for us to put our items in and then is in charge of hauling them off. It's a great way to give, but also receive, as you can get many rare items in return!

Sadly this event only comes around once in a blue moon (that means it is pretty rare), but that doesn't mean you can't be charitable year round! There are many ways to be helpful to struggling Neopians. Unfortunately, you won't be rewarded with a massive amount of R99 items, but you can take peace in knowing that you helped someone out that day, and really that should be reward enough!

Frequenting The Help Chat

The Quest Board at one point or another. This is the Neoboard people go to after they receive a Faerie Quest and are locked out of their ability to use the Shop Wizard. You can go in and search for people needing help, or you can take it a step further and gift them the item they need to complete their quest! Most items people need are only a few hundred NP, which is practically nothing nowadays, and will make them feel and warm and fuzzy inside that someone thought so kindly of them. Every day I like to head over there and do at least a couple. There is nothing worse than trying to restock your shop and getting a Faerie Quest and nobody is there to respond to your help board!

Giving Game Advice

Are you particularly good at a game? Maybe you can go over to the Game Chat and write up a little guide for people to help them out. Or reply to people asking for assistance! You can also do this for certain games over on the Avatar Chat to help people obtain an avatar they've been dying to get. It's always really nice to share knowledge with other players, it creates a better experience for all of us!

Random Acts Of Kindness

This is my personal favorite. I like to stealthily browse through all the different Neoboards and see what everyone is chatting about, what they are up to, what their personal goals are, and then I'll discretely send them a nice gift. Maybe a cute plushie that matches one of their pets, maybe I saw they were after a rare paint brush so I sent that to them! It can be as cheap or expensive as you want to do this, but it will surely make an impact in someone's day. Even noticing that it is someone's birthday and sending them a nice card is a huge act of kindness.

Remember though, it is AGAINST THE RULES to create a board advertising a giveaway. Doing so causes people to beg and argue. However, if you are secretly sending out gifts to nice people around the site, that is very much allowed!

A Nice Neomail

Sometimes you'll be browsing through the boards and see someone who is quite upset or frustrated. Maybe they keep coming up short of an avatar score in a game, or maybe they just got ripped off on the Trading Post, or they lost a lot of NP in a random event. No matter what folly has fallen on them, a nice Neomail can help cheer them up. Just a quick supportive message like "Hey there, I saw your board. I'm so sorry you're having a bad day, just wanted to send some positive energy your way!!" could help lift their mood significantly!

Help A Sick Pet

While you are going through the Neoboards and looking at that little icon of a user's active pet, you may notice that it is quite unhappy. When you visit the petpage you might see that it has a sickness. Why not stop by the Neopian hospital and check on what the cure is, then send it along to the owner. Sometimes it gets expensive caring for pets and the owners are doing the best they can, when they fall ill it can be a burden financially. It's very nice to help heal their pet, and the cure may be super cheap and not cost you much at all.

So as you can see, there are many free or very cheap ways to help out Neopians far and wide. It is very important to help your fellow players so we can all succeed together. Sometimes it is easy to get in that "crabs in a barrel" mindset, where someone else is doing well and you get jealous. But if we all work together and support each other, it'll make our goals easier to reach. If you are the only one with all the wealth, what is the fun in that? I don't like to see my friends, or strangers, struggling. I want them to be right alongside me so we can tackle our next achievement together and they'll be in a position to be able to help me as well when I need it.

There are many, many other ways out there to help people out. Find what works best for you, get your own goals done but also help others with theirs, and spread this article around the Neoboards so we can really create one big helpful society! We're all in this together.

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