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Respecting Tyrannian Culture

by modernmotz


Tyrannian Victory Day is just around the corner, which makes it the perfect time to consider how each of us is influenced by the Tyrannian lifestyle. Since the fall of the Monoceraptor so many years ago, Tyrannia has become an essential part of Neopia. From the Concert Hall to the Wheel of Monotony, Neopians from all corners benefit from the great strides made by Tyrannians. Unfortunately, some seem to dismiss this land as a backwater place, treating these Neopets with disrespect and derision. It is important that we change this assumption and bring light to the reality of life in Tyrannia.

First, we must remember where this all began. Tyrannia was discovered after a massive earthquake that tore a chasm into Terror Mountain. This means that Tyrannian culture was preserved for thousands of years before exposed to the rest of the world. The time capsule of Tyrannia should be respected and appreciated as something important. The war that came to follow shook the foundations of Tyrannian living, though many Neopians came to their defense. The reasoning behind the war, that Tyrannians were weak or unable to defend themselves, is the same basis for dismissal of Tyrannian culture.

After the war, when Tyrannia was allowed to settle, the excitement of finding a new land slowed down. As more time passed, stereotypes of Tyrannians began to develop, painting them as uneducated and uncultured. Tyrannian food, furniture, art and architecture were seen as lesser. The dialect, spoken by hundreds of Tyrannians, was considered a joke. Visiting tourists mock shopkeepers with poorly pronounced ‘ugg’s, not even attempting to learn or understand the language. This is a shame. There is so much to be appreciated about Tyrannian culture.

Many find the trappings of Tyrannian living simple, rustic or disgusting. Many Neopians, however, find comfort in the stone seating and straw mattresses that decorate these homes. Every homeowner started out somewhere and Tyrannian furniture allows even the poorest the right to a furnished home. But that doesn't mean that this furniture is worse- remember who you might be insulting when you turn up your nose at that dung sofa you found in the marketplace. A living room furnished in straw and fur can be just as cozy as one decorated with faerie furniture. Price doesn't necessarily mean quality and Tyrannian living is just as respectable as others.

Tyrannian architecture is also something that just doesn’t get enough consideration. These buildings utilize the scenery around them, integrating into nature instead of covering it up. Using caves, straw and stone, Tyrannians have constructed a beautiful, bustling hub of commerce and culture. The village of Tyrammet, home to 500 Neopets living in about 130 grass huts, is a great example of rural living in comfort. These villagers interact in a way that isn’t allowed by other styles of architecture. It makes for fond neighborly relationships and the sharing of food and laughter. Walking through Tyrammet, you can’t help but get the feeling that you are a part of something warm and welcoming.

The art of this land might not be considered 'fine', but the work done by locals is unique and important. The paintings featured in the cave near Tyrammet are wonderfully fashioned, done in paint that is made by hand. Neopians interested in art should consider studying the Tyrannian school of painting and perhaps taking up cave painting as a hobby. Not only is it culturally relevant, but it’s a lot of fun too! Getting your hands dirty with paint makes it that much more personal.

Tyrannian food is a hallmark of Neopian cuisine. Of course, everyone is familiar with the legendary Giant Omelette. This culinary masterpiece feeds thousands of hungry Neopets a day, for not a single neopoint. But, the food from this land extends beyond that. The meats and vegetables found in Tyrannia are highly unique and not appreciated enough in the Neopian culinary scene. Take the humble Archaesaurus Tail, roasted to perfection. Not only is it filling, but it is easily one of the most delicately flavored meats in Neopia. Yet, do you ever see Archaesaurus on the menu at Kelp? There is just something deeply satisfying about a shank of meat roasted over an open fire. Culinary buffs should be working to bring Tyrannian cuisine to the forefront.

The most fashionable Neopians would likely never be seen in Tyrannian garb. This is a shame, as the clothing of this land is comfortable and breathable. You can do all sorts of things without worrying about your clothes getting dirty, while still looking good. There's nothing quite as sharp as a finely styled bone-adorned hair do. Many of the musicians that play at the Concert Hall are also inspired by Tyrannian fashion, including Sticks n' Stones and Wock Til You Drop. Next time you're out clothes shopping, consider picking up a nifty pelt or a bone for your hair. It'll show all of Neopia that you are laid back and truly appreciate Tyrannian culture.

And of course, there is the Tyrannian dialect. To strangers, it may just sound like, 'Ugg ugga ugga.' It is, however, a complex and fully developed language spoken by an entire land. To have such a thing dismissed by the majority of Neopians is a shame. Schools should be teaching Tyrannian, so that everyone has access to the enriching conversation that can be found in Tyrannia. More importantly, it shouldn't be assumed that someone speaking in 'ugga ugga's is less intelligent than you. Just because you can't understand them doesn't mean that they don't have something important to say.

As you travel to Tyrannia for the historic celebration, remember that the stigma against Tyrannia is real. As you grab your free omelette and or pop into the arena for a quick bout, consider stopping by the War Memorial to pay your respects. This land brings so many wonderful things to Neopia, we should do all that we can to show our appreciation. Receiving the benefits of the Tyrannian lifestyle without actually appreciating it is wrong. Besides, what else are you doing while you wait for the Wheel of Monotony to stop spinning?

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