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Glubgar's Escape

by applebella


Phew! Hello there! Pleased to see that another Neopian has come to my rescue. Good thing my game is so enticing to you all, or I’d have to figure out how to evade the Tax Beast all on my own! Ever since I moved to my new cave, the Tax Beast has been after my gems. I am convinced to get away from him, keeping my jewels safe! Luckily, living in a cave my whole life has worked in my favor; the Tax Beast is, let’s just say, not the most agile creature in Neopia, so I usually don’t have too much trouble once I venture into the volcano to try to get him off my tail. My only problem is that I need time to sleep! The green beast seems to not have this problem, happily tracking me down day and night. This Tyrannian Scorchio, on the other hand, needs a good 8 hours of rest every night, just like any reasonable Neopet would! When it’s almost time for me to sleep (these days, it’s more like short naps), I have to rely on Neopians to take over, playing Volcano Run 2 to navigate me and allow me to continue my escape from the Tax Beast. Sometimes the players are so good, I even let them help me navigate while I’m awake! Dodging in and out of crevices of the volcano does prove to be hard work, especially when lava comes shooting at me. To be honest, it all gets very exhausting!

I know what you’re thinking - is this all really worth it? Wouldn’t it just be easier to pay my taxes? Well, I suppose that’s one way to look at it, but I spend so much of my day collecting jewels, and I just can’t bear the thought of giving them away! My plan is to run from him as long as it takes for him to give up and leave me alone, but alas, that day has not yet come.

I first found the volcano as I had exhausted Tyrannia of all its nooks and crannies - the Tax Beast, although slow and clumsy, does have a knack for finding me in my hiding spots. Once he found me in my last good hiding spot, behind the giant omelette, I knew it was time to start getting more creative. I flew as fast as I could (holding the V key, of course), navigating through Tyrannia, when I came to the volcano. No one had been near it in years since the weaponry shop closed down, so I knew it would be an excellent spot to hide out for a few days while the Tax Beast grew fatigued from the chase. I flew through without problem at first, the wide open volcano free of danger. However, the further I dove in, the more treacherous my journey became, and that’s where all you Neopians came in to help!

Much to my dismay, the Tax Beast eventually did hear about my adventures in the volcano, and occasionally attempts to make his way through to find me, so I continue to navigate through, knowing someday he will surely give up his hunt. The journey is truly a difficult one, so guiding through occasionally proves difficult, even for a seasoned Scorchio like myself. Rocks often float in my path, so I need to always be on my A-game to slow down or halt before them (holding the C key) to make sure I don’t crash into them. The more things I crash into, the more lives I lose, and once I’m all out of lives, I’ll be caught by the Tax Beast for sure! Side note - I’ll let you in on a little hint. Type my name (glubgar) at any point, and you’ll earn me an extra life. You can be sure that will be very helpful!

The gems in the cave are a great addition to my journey as well. They’re abundant, but do come with risk - usually they’re accompanied by fireballs, and I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not get hit by one of those. Sometimes I will come across a bubble, which protects me for a while, but definitely not as long as I’d like it to! The walls of the volcano are also dangerous, so I’m always super careful not to crash into them. In case you haven’t noticed, this run from the Tax Beast is exhausting and takes its toll. That’s why I’m so grateful when skilled Neopians come to take over, allowing me to get my much needed rest!

Have I convinced you to help me yet? Well, how about I tell you just how easy it is, and maybe then you will be more inclined…

First of all, the controls are so simple. All you have to do is click the left mouse button to have me fly up, and let go of the mouse button to let me fly down. Speeding up, like I mentioned before, just requires you press the V key, and you can slow down by pressing the letter C (C for careful, get it?!). That’s it! I swear! Okay okay, so you do have to skillfully navigate with those controls while avoiding walls, moving rocks, and flying fireballs, but those won’t be too much of a problem, right?

Now that you’re listening and excited about the journey that I’ve made seem so doable, I should probably mention the geysers. These appear when you are deeper in the volcano, attempting to ward off intruders. In certain intervals, these geysers spit up a stream of lava - again, not something I’d appreciate running into. The trick with these is to take advantage of those speed and slow controls I told you about. Hover, halting, before the geyser and wait for it to spew its evil lava. Once the lava recedes, race past it to avoid danger! Be careful though - often, another geyser is waiting not too soon after the first, and you don’t want to speed right into another stream.

*Yawn* Well it’s about time for me to take another nap, or perhaps get a full night’s sleep if Neopians allow me! Please, take over for me so I can evade the Tax Beast for another day, and do be careful! I don’t want to wake up to a fireball! Recruit your friends - I appreciate all the help I can get. As a token of my appreciation, you’ll even be awarded an avatar if you earn 1500+ points! Not an easy feat, but remember, it’s my jewels at stake! And listen, if you’d ever like to evade the Tax Beast, take it from my experience - he really can find you anywhere, even in a volcano!

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