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Top 10 Thoughts While Playing Meerca Chase II

by applebella


10. Oh wow, I’ve gotten the hang of it! Wheeee! Around and around the gravitational black hole we go!

This made the bottom of my list, because it is the stage I like to call “denial” and lasts for a very short amount of time. Picture it: you’ve sat down to your computer for the first time that day, full of hope and dreams of that avatar, and the game begins. You say to yourself “this isn’t nearly as bad as I once thought”! And you smile and laugh. Bless your little naive heart, because the end is near (the end of that game, silly! But I suppose in the moment it really does feel like the end of the world)

9. Well, that’s okay. The next round will be better. I was just warming up, after all.

So the hope is beginning to fade, but your spirit will not be defeated! You’re just getting started, and the adrenaline is starting to pump through your veins. You begin to pump yourself up, motivation surging through your veins. Confidence builds as you collect yellow negg after yellow negg. You start to realize how long your tail is getting, and how monochromatic it is all beginning to look. There are neggs other than yellow, right?

8. All I need is a special-colored negg, and my score will be SO much better.

You click “try again”, knowing that this is FOR SURE your moment. Yellow negg - okay got it. Yellow negg - ok on a roll again. Yellow negg - okaaaaay. GREEN NEGG! WAHOO! ON THE ROAD TO VICTORY! I CANNOT BE BEAT, I AM THE QUEEN OF NEGGS AND THE MASTER OF THE MEERCA! THE WORLD IS MY OYSTER AND I AM READY FOR THE GREATNESS THAT IS ABOUT TO ENSUE.

7. The red neggs sure are appearing in inconvenient locations.

At first, these neggs are easily avoided. You’re thinking with your newfound green negg that placed itself nicely in your tail is for sure going to lead you to greatness, but with each subsequent yellow negg you collect, the red neggs that appear seem to be trying to interfere with your plan. No longer do these red friends clump together in kinship, but rather disperse themselves randomly around the black hole vortex of doom. WHY?! You curse at the screen, as another red negg appears in the most inconvenient place. Just as you find a plan of navigating through the path of red neggs, another appears to throw you off and send you for a loop.

6. I thought I was on a roll with these colored neggs!

That green negg sure was a tease. You may have even seen a grey negg a time or two. Each time you’re baited with these colorful, coveted neggs, a glimmer of hope appears as you give yourself false reassurance that more are going to follow. With each yellow negg you collect, you say “the next one will be great!” and let out another deep sigh as yet another yellow negg graces the screen. Your tail grows and grows with evidence of the lack of luck your game has graced you with.

5. How on earth am I going to get 1250 points?!

You’ve been playing this round for what feels like a week, so surely you must be close to the avatar score, right? You sneak a peek at your score, something you swore you wouldn’t do, but there it is: 640. You almost send your meerca straight into the black hole out of rage. You are working your little meerca tail off, attempting to reach the coveted avatar score, doing the best you possibly can, and you are only halfway there! Your tail is winding around the screen, the yellow circles seemingly laughing in your direction, as you search deep in your soul to ask yourself if you truly can achieve this. You have no choice but to keep pushing on, so on to the next yellow negg you go.

4. My weaving through red neggs is definitely improving.

You go ahead and hit “try again”, muttering under your breath but clinging to the beacon of hope that is the pretty avatar, (almost) within your reach. With the first few yellow neggs, the red neggs begin to appear once again in a scattered fashion. “Here we go again” you think, but look! You’re doing better! You’re gliding through and around these neggs like a figure skater, dancing around like you’re a professional. Your confidence rises and you slip through tiny spaces as if you’ve done it a million times before (well, you probably have at this point). You’re improving, and your game-playing abilities are miles ahead of where you started. “Practice makes perfect” really is true, huh? This is your time to shine, and you’re ready!


THERE IT IS! In the distance! The elusive translucent blue negg appears on your screen in all it’s glory, and a choir of angels starts to sing. Your heart pounds and your palms start to sweat, but this is not the time to choke! Careful now, very carefully, gently, easily… YOU GOT IT! It attaches to the end of your tail like a trophy for you to admire. Quick peek at your score to see how it’s going - 996. Woah. High score. Ok, less than 300 points to go, and only a few red neggs to avoid. You’re on your way to greatness, and you can FEEL IT. Your elation leads you to not even care that the next few neggs are yellow. Who cares?! You get 300 points with just yellow neggs ALL. THE. TIME. This avatar is in the bag. You circle around the black hole, collecting your yellow neggs, watching your score go up: 1004… 1012… 1020… 1028… and then...


You are so close and so clever, but Meerca Chase II won’t have any of that. Fish negg early in the game? Few red neggs to bring you to your doom? Let’s throw something else their way, the game says. And with a flick of the wrist (or game coding, probably) your next negg delivers your worst nightmare and appears directly in the middle of the black hole. You look at your score, then at the negg, then at your score again, and you feel your face start to turn hot. You know you only have one option - fly head first into that hole - but you can’t come to terms with it. YOU WERE SO CLOSE. But you know what you have to do, and before you know it, you are back at the “game over” screen that you have come to know like family.


You sit at the screen, staring at your “game over” notice and ruminate over your defeat. You finally got the fish negg, the one thing you said would get you to where you needed to be. You swear over and over that you won’t play this game again, that it betrayed you, that it broke your spirit. You leave your computer in rage, thinking in your head the next game you will tackle, as if it would in some way get back at Meerca Chase II for doing you wrong. The redness on your face starts to fade and you calm down, sitting back down at your computer. “Nope” you say to yourself, “don’t get pulled back in”, and laugh at the gravitational black hole pun you have just made. Chuckling to yourself, you click “try again”. Who were you kidding, anyway?

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