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Neopia’s Best and Worst Dressed Cybunnies!

by spukl1


Greetings Neopia! Miss Prickles the fashionable Uni reporting during the greatest month at all: The Month of Eating. The lovely month where we celebrate our furry friends: the Cybunny! These bouncing bundles of cold-loving fluff are known to always be happy and have the best fur decorations. I happen to approve of some of their décor much more than others, so here I have for you all, the best and worst dressed Cybunnies in Neopia (& space too).

Best Dressed:

1. Lucie 10/10 Best dressed, two hooves up from me. Lucie is just a complete doll (and not because she is obsessed with them)! She has the absolute style of a proper lady. Lucie’s hair is always perfectly quaffed in a chic princess-like pony tail, seemingly effortless but I just know there are some faboo products involved in it. Her gorgeous blue dress with pink accents is so feminine, a great use of color! And the silhouette is extremely flattering to her petite figure. Let us not forget her naturally unique pink eyes that make us all sigh. Lucie is an adorable lass, and the sweetheart on Neopia for sure.

2. Sasha I will admit, her fashion sense may be due to her surrounding environment, Altador has some great fashion! The mistress of the stage has an exquisite purple gown that flows to accentuate her dance moves. You will rarely find her without her tambourine which has become a charming part of her style, she is always ready to entertain, and we are all ready to watch. I love how she has let her hair grow out to flow around her and she always wears a smile, it is her best accessory. Her fashion is to my eyes what music is to her ears. Keep up the great work Sasha.

3. Saskia What can I say? Purples and blues work well for Cybunnies. Saskia stands out because she has a unique style. Her dramatic dark makeup paired with her sweeping hair gives her style a bit of attitude. Saskia is sultry with an edge, I adore the use of her thin belt to make her layering stylized. The muted colors are a nice contrast against her bright blue fur, and the crème a la crème is her one of a kind, hand crafted hair feather. This feather is rare, having fallen from an Airax, which is said to be good luck. It certainly brings good luck to her in the fashion realm.

4. Pirate Champion . This rough and tough pirate has style, likely unintended but that does not stop us from admiring it! The Pirate Champion is one of the greatest fighters and intimidating in his looks. His beard fur impressively tumbles in two long orange ombre braids, fastened with special holders. One fabulous golden hoop counter balances the eye patch that covers his glass eye. As his tattoos are a work of art, he gracefully shows them off over his layers of muscles, no shirt required. His trousers are simple, but upgraded by a fine belt. My favorite part of his outfit? The skulls in his fur! So, unique, so chic. I am surprised this trend has not made its way to the far corners of Neopia yet!

5. Shady Prowler . Here we have another dark and mysterious Cybunny. Her extra-long ears make her seem even smaller, giving her a tone of imbalance that is intriguing. This is exacerbated by her over-size cloak contrasted with her slim fit clothing. Playing with proportions is a smart and high-fashion move, and I am so glad she chose to do it. This risk may not pay off for other, but it does for the Shady Prowler. The Shady Prowler means business in her tunic and pants and we know it could only be made from the best fabric. This purple-toned set is perfectly tailored to fit her body, and she has personalized boots made for fighting. Always a gem, she wields not one but two daggers (remind me to stay on her good side…).

Worst Dressed:

1. Princess Lunara . Sorry princess, this outfit just does not suit you. Starting from the top you are gorgeous! Snow white fluffiness with shiny, healthy hair intricately styled and properly adorned with accessories. Your parasol will always be an iconic and a sought-after collector piece. Even better, the jewel on your face, beautiful, exotic, fantastic…. And then what the dung happens with the rest of your outfit?! We can keep the red and your signature polka dots, but with a little upgrade. I have picked out for you a beauty - the Dyeworks Red: Polka Dot Holiday Dress. I know it is considered a holiday style, but on you, it would be a classy-year-round look, and make you the envy of all the other Cybunnies in Neopia.

2. Lulu I know, I know she’s a detective it’s her job to dress like that…. Well it is my job to point out how unfashionable it is! Lulu has those stunning pink eyes like Lucie and a super high-fashion sleek bob. She would look so so so faboo in, well, just about anything than that. The pants, too short, strange color. Lose the hat and vest and shoes and those puffy sleeves and…. Well I’ll stop but we must start from scratch. Here is my vision… Lace and Denim Shorts, practical for running about but still super cute! Top it off with a Tied Yellow Top and some simple Bow Tied Flats and you have an easy outfit that is cute as pie!

3. Cybunny Rogue This Cybunny tries just a little too hard to look cool, making her outfit, not cool. I do not know where to begin… Sure she needs to stay warm so a coat is necessary, but those plaid leggings are not. Nor is the randomly thrown on camo hair tie or whatever those red accessories are. We need to simplify. Wear a Simple Black Skirt with a Tasteful Black Cardigan (for warmth) and to add some pizzazz throw on top a Delicate Wispy Cape. You can keep the fur boots, I know Terror Mountain gets cold.

4. Unchained Monster If I have said it once, I have said it a million times: Unchained Monster please clean up. I have already recommended one outfit change for you but if that did not meet your standards, we can choose something more comfortable. Nothing would be better in life than seeing you in a Meepit Costume Suit. You could lose the scary and be adorable! Or you could try ruling the Meepits (like so many Neopians do), either way it is a win-win.

5. Emergency Supplies Shopkeeper . It is the lack of effort that disappoints me. Her hair is always tastefully styled, but throwing on a shapeless tan robe every single day and calling it your personal style just does not work for me. I know she hails from the Lost Desert, but with her coloration she should really be wearing a Cybunny Ocean Warrior Dress, along with the Cybunny Ocean Warrior Cape (keep safe from the sand storms) and the lovely Cybunny Ocean Warrior Shoes. She may not be around the ocean but it would complement her so well. The shoes are practical for the desert and so is the airiness of the robe! I can see no complaints.

I do love to see the fashionable shine, I just wish the others would follow suit. To my lovely Neopian followers, I do hope you agree with my fashion choices for these fine Cybunnies and I do hope you agree that Lucie reigns supreme. If not, feel free to let me know your votes.

Until next time.

Fashionably yours,

Miss Prickles

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