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ACA: Altador Cup Addictions

by water_park1993


During the last year’s Altador Cup, we received an alarmingly high number of patients, suffering from severe cases of Altador Cup Addiction. The term is used to describe the state of fellow Neopians who seem to have modified their priorities towards the championship, neglecting some of their primary needs.

The guide aims to help addicts, before the symptoms come to surface during this year's Altador Cup, presenting to you 60 and 2 ways to know if you're addicted.

At any break of your Altador cup games, read this guide carefully. Sit back and relax, while drinking a cup of coffee.

You know you are addicted to Altador Cup when...:

1. ...ten out of twenty four hours of the day are marked in your calendar, because you need that much time to become an All-Star

2. keep refreshing at the games page to see if your wins were recorded

3. stay up during wild hours in the night -or wake up too early- just to check if your team won

4. forget to get your free daily omelette, for the sake of one more Yooyuball win

5. ...your user lookup, petpages, avatar and siggy are full of team-supportive phrases and graphics

6. haven't earned any neopoints, since the beginning of the cup, nor are you planning to

7. start commentating every game you play in a commentator's voice

8. return after a year's hiatus, just to participate in the Cup

9.'ve painted all your Neohome's walls in your team's colors

10. know most teams' slogans by heart

11. start seeing random yelling people with that screaming Techo's head

12. plan an invasion to Krawk Island -or Roo Island- after its team swept yours

13. punish your Darigan painted Neopets, every time you fail to score with the Darigan Yooyu

14. vow to yourself not to check the boards until you've gotten a certain amount of wins, so you don't get distracted

15. actually believe that a conspiracy led the Kiko Lake team out of Altador Cup IV

16. get nightmares about Darigan Yooyus

17. take a break from 'Yooyuball' to 'Make Some Noise'

18.'re laughing and nodding, while reading this article

19. create new pets and name them after your team's players

20. call a freeloader everyone who gets less than 100 wins a day

21. ...your goal-per-game average is almost thirteen

22. start feeling sorry about the Clockwork Yooyus

23. ...your hands feel like jelly -which by the way doesn't exist

24. already know what prizes you are getting -even if they are not out yet

25. know the order of the materials the Ranking shields are made of

26. keep pestering your teammates to stop chatting and get back to play

27. whisper 'Plaaaaaaay baaaaall!' just before you start the game

28. ...'Marathon' is your new favourite word

29. start whining over anything but winning

30. can practice against the practice team

31. start thinking the opposing team's goalie is out to get you

32. make up a dance to do each time you score

33. wonder why physics rules don't apply to Yooyuball

34. can tell which member of TNT supports which team

35. purposefully throw Clockwork Yooyus at the players of the opposing team, just before they explode

36. see the sun rise... for the third time in a row

37. scream because you 'only' won 10-0

38. think Super goalie is back just because you can't score

39.'s 1 am, and you are still on your 200th win

40. keep shouting at the players in field by their names, if they miss a goal

41. have a copy of the match schedule, because you find it handy

42. ...your free time is called 'Real life'

43. plan the rest of your time to fit around Altador Cup's schedule, not plan Altador cup's schedule to fit the rest of your time

44. know every possible glitch and refrain from abusing it

45. can tell the standings for all the teams off by heart, at any point of the duration of the Cup

46. realize that the time for a Clockwork Yooyu to explode is random every time

47. can, by yourself, increase your player's rank in the Top Scorers List

48.'ve received a bill by the Altador Cup Officials for each Clockwork Yooyu you've destroyed

49. ...calculating goals and finding averages is your new hobby

50. ...pencil and paper-for calculations- are your new best friends

51. currently hate slushies and you have no idea why

52. know every player that had a transcription, since Altador Cup I.

53. spend a bunch of neopoints customizing your pet for the Cup

54. can't help but collect ALL team souvenirs

55. scream along with the MSN Techo to increase your score

56. keep posting your whole status on the boards and keep refreshing until you see someone exclaim 'Wow!'

57. don't score 16-0's on purpose, because you know they won't go through

58. don't realise when second Round Robin starts, because you are so busy scoring

59. get angry with people calling the Clockwork Yooyus as Robot

60. feel really suppressed during Altador Cup because you have no time -- to max out

62. know you'll go back to Yooyuball, after reading this article

63. didn't realise that the previous number was 62 instead of 61, because you were reading the article that fast!

That is all, dearest patients and wannabe – addicts! If you have detected one of the above symptoms, be aware; Altador Cup Addiction is near! Don’t freak out, don’t pull your hair off. Should you feel you cannot survive away from the Cup, take some breaks every now and then to chat with your teammates. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll encounter interesting people to befriend and have fun after the Championship is over. After all, regardless of the team you support, keep in mind that we are all Neopians, struggling for a common cause: to have fun!

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