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Take A Chance!

by facetiousmind


Who doesn’t love taking chances? Well, I know I do! Thus, for this reason, I decided to take it upon myself and figure out what the top 5 luck/chance games are in Neopia. I know which games I play on a regular basis, but I was curious to know whether the majority of other Neopians agreed with me!

I ventured across various boards, neomailed friends, and posted in my guild to gather up 100 votes total from different people (it is much harder than you may think to get 100 different people to answer a poll ;). In the poll I asked Neopians to list their five favorite games from the luck/chance category and give a brief reason why it is one of their faves!

The following is the results I came up with! Of course, I will be giving you more than just the name of the game themselves, that would be quite a short article, wouldn’t it? I am also going to give you general information about each game, list some of the funny reasons from Neopians I came across, and give you some quick tips in case you want to try the game out for yourself!!

Of course, I will save the best (or, #1) for last, so, without further ado…

# 5: TIE Between Qasalan Expellibox & Illusen’s Glade!

Percentage of votes: Each of these games had 13% of the votes.

Most popular/funny reasons why it’s a favorite: Qasalan Expellibox- There was quite a consensus here. Everyone wants that free Neocash!! Illusen’s Glade- Most Neopians are fans of the prizes Illusen gives out for completing her quests! Others mentioned working toward that elusive trophy.

Objective of Game: Qasalan Expellibox- Avoid the bad slots and collect something good (preferably neocash if you are the majority of Neopians!). Illusen’s Glade- Finish Illusen’s quest by getting the item she asks for before her time limit runs out!

Some Tips/Guide: Qasalan Expellibox- Well, there’s not much skill involved here; you just press a button and wait to see what you get! Just beware of the skull which can give your pet Reptillioritus, eek! Also, I have found that screaming “Left, yes, go, go, go!” at your screen does sometimes work to guide your scarab toward the Neocash slot. Hey, it’s only worked for me once but you never know :D

Illusen’s Glade- There are many reasons to play this fun game! For one, you make Illusen happy by completing her quests and who wouldn’t want that? She is quite a nice faerie after all. Also, Illusen is kind and generous enough to grant you prizes after certain quests. The higher level quest you complete, the better your prize will be! Some of her prizes sell at a great neopoint reward so all your hard work ends up paying off (literally, heehee). Lastly, this game is quite an easy trophy to earn if you are quick enough! Illusen does ask for more expensive items as the levels increase, but it isn’t too bad until you get past level 20 or so. However, you should be prepared to spend some Nps before you make back some profit! Most people have found that she starts asking for unbuyables (items over 100,000NP) in the later levels so you must be prepared to look around for the item beyond the shop wizard. Usually the trades will have the UB items Illusen asks for. Now, if you are aiming for the Illusen’s Glade trophy, you must start on level 1 on reset day (the 1st of any month). If you already have a score, just fail a quest before the 1st so that you will be reset to level 1. You must complete two quests per day (every 12 hours) and you must be quick about it! The faster you complete her quest, the higher your score will be. The key is to have two windows/tabs open at the same time – one with the game open and one with the shop wizard open. Copy the item name, quickly tab over to your other window, paste the name in and buy the first item in the list! Then tab back over and complete the quest! Voila! If you keep at this, you should have a trophy within the first week :) There are 50 levels total for you to boost your high score.

# 4: Tyranu Evavu!

% of votes: 15%

Most popular/funny reason: Many people like the original version of this game (Hi/Low) and were happy to have a Neopian adaptation! A funny reason I came across was that this game is the perfect opportunity to learn Tyrannian! Who knew chance games could be educational too? ;)

Objective of Game: Correctly guess what the next card in the deck will be, either higher (Tyranu) or lower (Evavu).

Tips/Guide: The first key to this game is memorizing what means low and what means high! It is also important to note that the buttons are randomly mixed up in the middle of the game so keep a sharp eye on where the Tyranu button is and where the Evavu button is! I have been tricked quite a few times :( Ace is high and two is low in this game. Each round you will press either Tyranu or Evavu depending on if you think the next card is going to be higher or lower then the previous one. If you guess correctly you get to continue until you guess wrong. Once you guess wrongly, you will see “Uhhg Uuuuuuhhhhgggg! You guessed ____. The correct answer was ____. You managed x correct guesses...That's worth x np!” It will be different depending on what you guessed. The more number of guesses you get correct, the higher NP reward you will get! If you manage to get all 52 guesses correct (good luck with that!), you will get 12,000 NP!

# 3: Pyramids!

% of Votes: 18%

Most popular/funny reason: Most people find this game to be a stress reliever and a fun way to pass time! A good chunk of people play to earn the trophies or because they find the game addicting.

Objective of Game: To clear the board!

Tips/Guide: In this game you need to clear 7 rows of cards one row at a time. You start out with 7 cards facing up while everything else is face down. The way to reveal the other 6 rows is by clearing the cards in front. Think of it as a pyramid (since that’s the title ;) and you need to get to the top (the single card in the last row). You can’t get to the top without climbing all the rows underneath, right? Right! So you’re asking how in the world to play your cards? Well, you play off of the single card from the draw pile at the very top of the screen. You are allowed to play a card that is one number higher or lower on that card. For example, say the card in the draw pile is a King, you could play either an Ace OR a Queen on that King. Little by little you will start to reveal the descending rows until you get to the last card! If you can’t play at all, just click on the draw pile until you get a card you can play on. However, if you run out of draw cards, its game over :( In order to get the trophies you must win twice for a bronze, win five times for a silver, and win two times in a row to get the gold! In can be challenging to clear the board, but keep at it and it’ll be your favorite stress reliever in no time ;)

# 2: Dice-A-Roo!

% of Votes: 20%

Most popular/funny reason: There were many reasons given to play this game! Some people simply enjoy reading the comments the Blumaroo gives! Others play for the free food given away that can be good profit. And of course, who doesn’t aim for that precious jackpot?!

Objective of Game: Have fun, collect NPs and items, and don’t lose! ;)

Tips/Guide: There are five different colored dice that represent different rounds. You start on red, and then go to blue, then green, then yellow, and lastly silver (which has a chance of landing you the jackpot!). All you do is click in this game. You can either click to roll again or click to collect the number of NPs you have earned so far. In order to proceed to the next dice you must get the dice that looks like a play button and get the message that says “Well done, and good roll. This means you proceed to the next die!” Each roll has the chance of gaining you small amounts of NPs or causing you to lose some as well (only Nps in the game, not your Neopoints on hand). You also have the chance of winning delicious food for your neopet in this game! I have won neggs and different kinds of food worth hundreds of Nps. If you get to the silver dice, beware! You can land on the pant devil who will steal an item from your inventory! So, before you get to that level, place any valuables somewhere safe (your shop, trades, or gallery, for example). If you land on the skull and receive the message “Oh dear, that means Game Over :( You lose all the Neopoints in your pot :(“ then you lose! No worries, its only another 5 neopoints to play again.

I’m sure you are all wondering what game is number 1 right? Drum roll please! *drum roll* And the most favorite luck/chance game goes to…

#1: Bilge Dice!

% of Votes: 21%

Most popular/funny reason: It’s quite funny that this game ended up with the most votes! Many people admitted that they get extremely frustrated while playing, but that it is also quite addicting! Some others enjoy winning big NPs in this game.

Objective of Game: Complete the game with the highest score against your 3 opponents.

Tips/Guide: You have your choice of ante at the beginning of the game and, depending on what you ante, if you win the game you will get 4x the amount you anted! If you tie any of the other players with a highest score, your ante will be returned to you but it does not count as a win (and will reset your win streak as well if you have one). There are qualifiers in this game that you must collect no matter what your score is. These are a 1 and a 4. Because these are necessary, it is best to collect them when you see them. I have tried skipping them to get a better score and end up losing because I don’t get another 1 or 4 in the remaining rolls. In each round you must keep at least 1 die and re-roll whatever you do not keep. You may choose only 1 die at a time or keep all 6 dice if you get a good roll on the first round. You keep rolling for a maximum of 6 rounds until you have chosen each die. In addition to the qualifiers you want to aim for the highest score possible since you have to beat all three of your opponents, Monty, Grimtooth, and Deadeye. If even one of them score higher than you, you lose. Since 6 is the highest number on each die, collect any 6’s you get (that is, unless you still need your qualifiers and will guarantee yourself a loss if you collect the 6’s instead of them). Fives are also good if you can’t seem to roll 6’s. Avoid collecting 1s-4s if at all possible since collecting them will most likely lead to your loss. Sometimes you will get lucky and win even with a low score (this only happens when all three opponents either do poorly or don’t qualify, which rarely happens).


Well there you have it folks! An all-around guide to the top 5 choice games in the luck category. I apologize if your favorite game didn’t make the list, I tried to make it as representative as possible!

You are probably wondering what the least favorite game was, eh? Well that, my friend, would be Scamander Swarm since it received no votes at all :( Poor Scamander! Maybe you can go give that game a play so it doesn’t get lonely. Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this article I’ve put together and good luck playing those chance games! I hope you win big :D

I would like to thank everyone that participated in my poll! I couldn't have written this guide without you! :)

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