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Which Neopian college should your neopet attend?

by abinorm05


Just like there’s a Neoschool there’s also many Neocolleges around Neopia. How do you think important people like Judge Hog and The banker from the Neopian bank became so important? Not only did they have charisma, but they studied in some of most important universities in Neopia. It always comes, that day in which your Neopet grows up and heads to college (or at least a lot of them do) and you wonder which college is the best for your Neopet. Which one has the best programs, lowest tuition and newest facilities? Well, that’s what I’m going to discuss in this article.

Central University of Neopia

Location - Neopia Central

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 45,500 nps a year

Room and Board - 12,500

Admission rate - 12 %

Graduation rate - 90 %

Student population - 10,500

Mascot - The Shop Wizard

Notable Alumni - Judge Hog, Neopian Banker, Tarla

Programs - Criminal Justice, Marketing, Forensic Science, Chemistry, Arts of Neopia, Neopian Medicine, Veterinarian Studies for Kadoaties, Business Administration, Magic Basics and Potion Creation, Neopian Music, Maths Nightmare, Journalism and Writing for the Neopian Times, Neopian Engineering, Nursing, Shop Wizard Searches, Veterinarian Studies for Petpets

Central University of Neopia is one of the most prestigious and expensive colleges in Neopia, every Neopet wants to apply there. Most Neopets have their future guaranteed once they are accepted in Central University of Neopia. They have a large variety of programs to choose from in comparison with other colleges.

NC Mall College of Fashion

Location - Neopia Central

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 18,500 nps a year

Room and Board - 9,500

Admission rate - 27 %

Graduation rate - 69 %

Student population - 4,586

Mascot - Uni faboo

Notable Alumni - Uni faboo, Delina, Lulu

Programs - Faboo Design, Delina Crafting Design, Neohome Design

One year after the NC mall was founded in 2007, some of the most important fashion designers in Neopia along with the NC mall administrators decided to open a college in which Neopets could learn the mysteries of fashion. Probably the best and only school of design in all of Neopia, with notable alumni such as Delina and Uni faboo if your Neopet want’s to become a top fashion designer this is the place for him or her. The pressure is so intense that some Neopets drop out of the program, but if you really want to be in the design industry you have to learn how to work with pressure.

Dice-A-Roo College of Fun

Location - Roo Island

Private - For profit

Tuition and Fees - 12,500 nps a year

Room and Board - 3,500

Admission rate - 87 %

Graduation rate - 49 %

Student population - 6,789

Mascot - AAA

Notable Alumni - Abigail, Lulu, Chadley

Programs - Creation and Animation of Video Games, Marine Mechanics, How to have Fun, History of Games

Roo Island’s first college was created by young entrepreneur and games master AAA with the help of funds from King Roo. AAA created the games department while King Roo decided they should also add some other programs like “How to have Fun” to appease other citizens in Roo Island and also to show to Neopia why Roo Island is the happiest place according to Neo Cola. Bitter Neopets won’t be accepted in this college. A lot of students want to enroll in this college to prove that they are better than AAA at games,

Judge Hog School of Law

Location - Neopia Central

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 32,500 nps a year

Room and Board - 6,750

Admission rate - 23 %

Graduation rate - 98 %

Student population - 286

Mascot - Judge Hog

This is the school your Neopets go after they graduate from Criminal Justice and want to pursue a career as judges and lawyers. Not everyone makes it and to learn from Judge Hog himself along with other Defenders of Neopia heroes must be a great honor, just the best of the best.

Fyora State University

Location - Faerieland

Public - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 27,500 nps a year

Room and Board - 15,650

Admission rate - 51 %

Graduation rate - 67 %

Student population - 40,500

Mascot - The discarded plushie of prosperity

Notable Alumni - Xandra

Programs - Ancient Faerie Magic, Neopian History, Faerie Quests, Neopian Defence Magic, Faerie Cuisine, Faeries Philosophy, Faerie Language, Secretary Studies

Fyora State University is one of the most important public Universities in all of Neopia. Faeries are very important to Neopia so it’s only logical that a lot of Neopets want to study the origins of faerie magic, their philosophy and cuisine. They also have one of the most fun activities at campus with poogle races and faerie quests. Fyora State University is also associated with the employment agency so when Neopets need to work some extra hours to pay for college tuition there’s always a space available for them.

7. The University of Brightvale

Location - Brightvale

Public - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 8,700 nps a year

Room and Board - 2,300

Admission rate - 37 %

Graduation rate - 100 %

Student population - 2,350

Mascot - Angry Air Mote

Notable Alumni - Brynn, Montecito, Acara Roberta of Brightvale

Programs - Neopian History, Art of Glaziers, Education in Language, King Hagan’s Knowledge, Potionery Art, Witchcraft

King Hagan ensures that the monetary spending in education is worth the efforts so every student in the University of Brightvale must graduate once they decide to enroll and to make sure they do, they must sign a contract. The university of Brightvale is known for it’s cocky students, they feel like they know it all. Otherwise it’s a good University if there's any program that interests your Neopet.

8. The Brain Tree Academy

Location - Haunted Woods

Private - For profit

Tuition and Fees - 36,450 nps a year

Room and Board - N/A

Admission rate - 100 %

Graduation rate - 13 %

Student population - 5,670

Mascot - Brain Tree

Notable Alumni - Edna, Nox, Magax, Eliv Thade

Programs - Brain tree Knowledge, How to be Evil, Witchcraft, Spooky Design, Black Marketing, Spooky Gastronomy

The Brain Tree Academy it’s infamous for it’s high acceptance rate and low graduation rate. They certainly not known for being exclusive. Some experts don’t know how this college managed to survive. Third-teen bachelor programs were closed last year due to lack of interest and fund cuttings. They also openly admitted that they were under bankruptcy law and were facing challenges to maintain the academy open. It also lost its accreditation from the Evil association of super villains because they weren’t graduating enough students from their How to be Evil program. It’s a mess for sure, but if you live in the the Haunted Woods this might be your only option.

9. The University of Neovia

Location - Haunted Woods

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 22,350 nps a year

Room and Board - 2,500

Admission rate - 52 %

Graduation rate - 56 %

Student population - 7,500

Mascot - Ghost Kacheek

Notable Alumni - Sophie, Bruno, Reginald

Programs - Tale of Woe History, Spooky Gastronomy, Witchcraft, Neovian Journalism, Neovian Confectionery, Neovian Neohome Design

The Brain Tree Academy has been in decline for years and that has largely benefited it’s competitor University of Neovia who are cheaper, safer, cleaner and have a better graduation rate, their also accredited by the Neopia state association. Last year they opened a new program of Witchcraft, seeing the decline in the Brain Tree academy for the same program students began to transfer to the University of Neovia. This university is getting momentum, there aren’t many complaints other than traveling to the Haunted Woods everyday might be dangerous, so most students who come from other lands should try their best to apply for room and board at campus.

10. Cap'n Threelegs Swashbuckling Academy

Location - Krawk Island

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - Payments are made in dubloons for each course

Room and Board - N/A

Admission rate - 100 %

Graduation rate - No available data at the moment

Student population - 87,600

Mascot - Cap'n Threelegs

Notable Alumni - Krawk Island’s Governor

Programs - Sea Urchin, Deckhand, Pirate, Cap'n

Cap'n Threelegs Swashbuckling Academy is not your conventional four year bachelor's degree kind of college. Instead you undergo under a series of courses to become the best battledomer in Neopia. Your Neopet may learn how to use his/her strength, defence, speed, endurance and level experience in the battledome. They are famous for it, after all the Academy is only focused on making your Neopet stronger. It is also one of the Academies with most students as well.

11. Mystery Island Training School

Location - Mystery Island

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - Payments are made in codestones for each course

Room and Board - N/A

Admission rate - 100 %

Graduation rate - No available data at the moment

Student population - 102,600

Mascot - Techo Master

Notable Alumni - Red Nimmo

Programs - Grasshopper, Basic, Intermediate, Adept, Advanced, Expert, Master, Grand Master

The Mystery Island Training School follows the same dynamic from the Academy in Krawk Island, however The Mystery Island Training School payment method is in codestones which tend to be more pricey than dubloons, they have more students and offer more programs. Neopets here may continue to train past level 40. There’s a controversy on whether which training academy came first, experts speculate that the Techo Master and Cap’n Threelegs were once friends, but that they separated from each other and became enemies, hence why there are two academies, but no one knows for sure. Both schools are great however.

12. Space Station School of Technology

Location - Virtupets

Private - For profit

Tuition and Fees - 29,700 nps a year

Room and Board - 4,500

Admission rate - 45 % (Mostly grundos)

Graduation rate - 87 %

Student population - 2,100

Mascot - Dr. Sloth

Notable Alumni - Cylara, Commander Garoo, Cybunny Scout

Programs - Foreign technology, Robotics, Neopia Aviation

Space Station School of Technology is the only college that offers programs related to advanced technology, but Virtupets is far away in the Neopian Space so they don’t get a lot of students. However, if your Neopet is a fan a robotics, science fiction and that sort of stuff this school may be just for him.

13. Giant Omelette University

Location - Tyrannia

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 6,700 nps a year

Room and Board - 2,100

Admission rate - 91 %

Graduation rate - 39 %

Student population - 36,500

Mascot - Giant Omelette

Notable Alumni - Jazzmosis, Yes - Boy Ice Cream, 2 Gallon Hatz

Programs - Arts in Music, Hunting, Paleolithic Technology, Tyrannian Native Language Studies, Obelisk War History, Cave Painting

Tyrannia may not seem like much, but their Giant Omelette University is very well known for it’s music program. A lot of famous Neopian bands were born just right there. While having trouble with their graduation rate at the moment Omelette University does offer many unique programs you won’t find anywhere else and if your Neopet wants to be a musician this is sure to be the place to start with. Many managers and recognized musicians attend the local college concerts to see students performing, so this might be the opportunity your Neopet may be looking for.

14. Happy Valley College

Location - Terror Mountain

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 18,500 nps a year

Room and Board - N/A

Admission rate - 98 %

Graduation rate - 32 %

Student population - 4,600

Mascot - The Snowbeast

Notable Alumni - Scratchcard Kiosk Wocky, Mika and Carassa

Programs - Slushie Slinger, Ice Cream Gastronomy, How to Repair Toys, Tourism

Happy Valley College was once prestigious in Terror Mountain, but they started to decline when they had a change of administration. Programs were closed, the college became more pricy and some administrators were caught stealing money from the student loans funding. It’s not a very good moment for them, but if you're a local and have nowhere else to go this might your only option. The only thing they are still remarkable at is at their cooperation with Granny Hopbobbin at the Charity Corner event, that raised their approval rate recently.

15. Terror Mountain State University

Location - Terror Mountain

Public - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 13,500 nps a year

Room and Board - 5,600

Admission rate - 65 %

Graduation rate - 89 %

Student population - 12,030

Mascot - The Snowager

Notable Alumni - Negg faerie assistant

Programs - Meteorology, Business Administration, Negg Interdisciplinary Studies, Tourism, Snow Faerie Quests, Cold Gastronomy

After the Happy Valley College fiasco students and citizens were rioting in Terror Mountain demanding cheaper education and compensation for their lost time. The Neopian leaders then decided to open a public university in Terror Mountain. Although this University is younger than most it already has a great deal of students due to it’s unique programs, student scholarships and friendliness toward commuter students. They make their students graduate with 20 hours of community labor so they work along with the advent calendar and the charity corner. If you don’t mind the cold, go right ahead!

16. Maraqua Underwater College

Location - Maraqua

Public - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 26,400 nps a year

Room and Board - 9,600

Admission rate - 16 %

Graduation rate - 93 %

Student population - 16,700

Mascot - Maraquan Shoyru

Notable Alumni - Iska

Programs - Kelp Culinary Arts, Maraquan Ruin History, Maraquan Neohome Designs, Underwater Tourism, Maraquan Pet Studies, Underwater Medicine, Fishing Tactics

Maraqua Underwater College is prestigious and they are very picky on who they let into their college, specially if you come from the world above. At one point they didn’t wanted anyone from the world above, but the Neopia state association threaten them with taken away their accreditation, so they decided to let in some commuters, currently the acceptance rate for students outside of Maraqua is 4%, they are very exclusive, you are very lucky if you get picked by them. Don’t be afraid, the experience of going to college underwater is a unique experience and you will be sure to find a job after you graduate.

17. Coltzan's Shrine University

Location - Lost Desert

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 40,400 nps a year

Room and Board - 1,600

Admission rate - 49 %

Graduation rate - 60 %

Student population - 17,700

Mascot - Coltzan

Notable Alumni - Nabile

Programs - Lost Desert History, Tourism, Writing Hieroglyphs, Lost Desert Arts, Royal Guard Training, Business Administration, Biology

While close to Central University of Neopia in tuition costs, the college makes up for it with ridiculously cheap room and board, if you intent to stay on campus I suggest you hurry. There’s never enough space for every student that applies for in housing. Coltzan’s Shrine College has good reputation and there are three new bachelor degree programs set to open next year, so if you are looking for something new you should stay tuned to the last news of college’s in the Lost Desert.

18. Qasala College of the Arts

Location - Qasala, Lost Desert

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 31,500 nps a year

Room and Board - 7,800

Admission rate - 46 %

Graduation rate - 54 %

Student population - 7,500

Mascot - Uni Nightsteed

Notable Alumni - Tomos, The Meerca Brothers

Programs - The Art of Robbery, Mystical Surroundings, Qasalan Delights, Lost Desert History, Lost Desert Paintings, Acting in the Desert

While having some strange programs such as “The Art of Robbery” and some suspicious notable alumni such as The Meerca Brothers, Qasala College of the Arts does offer some programs that Coltzan’s Shrine University is yet to open. So, if you are from the Lost Desert you have more than one option. It’s also a bit pricy, so make sure that your Neopet is really into arts, otherwise it’s going to be a waste of Neopoints. Also, be aware… there have been numerous students who have been assaulted on campus. King Jazan says they are already working on it…

19. Northeast Kiko Lake College

Location - Kiko Lake

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 29,500 nps a year

Room and Board - 5,800

Admission rate - 77 %

Graduation rate - 31 %

Student population - 1,400 (Mostly Kikos)

Mascot - Blue Kiko

Notable Alumni - “Poke” Cellers, Meela Kitah, Holbie Pinnock, Moni Vyshan

Programs - Tourism, Underwater Medicine, Carpentry, Culinary Arts

Northeast Kiko Lake College is slowly growing, but it’s cost of attendance and lack of programs are driving even the local kikos away to others colleges around Neopia. It’s Northeast campus is quiet, clean and homey, but if they don’t step up their game soon they could face bigger problems to maintain the Kiko Lake College open.

20. Moltara State University

Location - Moltara

Public - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 22,800 nps a year

Room and Board - 4,800

Admission rate - 68 %

Graduation rate - 51 %

Student population - 22,300

Mascot - Rainbow Worm

Notable Alumni - Zax Bannet, IgNeot, Aldric Beign

Programs - Swimming in Lava, Anthropology, Business Administration, Finances, Criminal Justice, Biology, Nursing, History in Moltara

Moltara State University got the Neopia state association accreditation years after its discovery. They have been working hard to make education affordable for students, they created a plan in which students don’t have to pay anything until they graduate, they’ve been able to do this thanks to huge amount of donations from local shops in Moltara. They also plan to open two new programs, but they haven’t announced which ones or the exact dates.

21. Ambrosia University

Location - Altador

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 52,800 nps a year

Room and Board - 7,800

Admission rate - 32 %

Graduation rate - 87 %

Student population - 5,600

Mascot - Psellia the Air Faerie

Notable Alumni - The Altador Cup Committee, Finneus, Gordos

Programs - Accounting, Astrology, Physics, Philosophy, History of Altador, Culinary Arts, Sociology, Psychology

Probably the most expensive University in Neopia, they are very well known for their Astrology program and club. The students must also complete the Altadorian Constellation Plot as part of an internship and a lot of them must also work as volunteers during the Altador Cup, what an honor.

22. Chef Bonju School of Culinary Arts

Location - Shenkuu

Private - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 32,800 nps a year

Room and Board - N/A

Admission rate - 5 %

Graduation rate - 68 %

Student population - 587

Mascot - Chef Bonju

Notable Alumni - None

Programs - Chef Bonju’s Culinary Art Program

Thousands of Neopians come around to the Chef Bonju School of Culinary Arts auditions, but very few pass the test. In this school you will learn everything there is to know about Culinary Arts, he also emphasizes a lot in Shenkuu cuisine, but don’t let your guard down because some quizzes include food from all around Neopia.

23. Imperial Exam University

Location - Shenkuu

Public - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 12,800 nps a year

Room and Board - 5,600

Admission rate - 4 %

Graduation rate - 75 %

Student population - 1,267

Mascot - Pandaphant

Notable Alumni - Princess Lunara

Programs - Neopian Literature, Writing, Storytelling, History of Shenkuu, Shenkuu Language, Math, Astrology, Physics

While being a surprisingly cheap university getting into Imperial Exam is not easy and Imperial Exam professors are known for giving the hardest exams to their students in all of Neopia, after you fail two subjects you will be saying goodbye to Imperial Exam University because you will no longer be a part of it. Some students have complained that this is too harsh, but so far nothing has been changed.

24. Lutari Island Feather University

Location - Lutari Island

Public - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - 15,500 nps a year

Room and Board - 2,600

Admission rate - 54 %

Graduation rate - 80 %

Student population - 5,670

Mascot - Red Lutari

Notable Alumni - Unknown

Programs - Lutari Island Culinary Arts, Tourism, Storytelling, Talisman Studies

Nobody has entered Lutari Island in almost a decade, so the information provided here is from 2008. No one knows how they are doing in the present, whether they have more programs to offer or have become more expensive it’s a mystery to all of Neopia, except them.

25. Darigan Citadel State University

Location - Darigan Citadel

Public - Not for profit

Tuition and Fees - Free

Room and Board - 6,600

Admission rate - 34 %

Graduation rate - 81 %

Student population - 989

Mascot - Lord Darigan

Notable Alumni - Unknown

Programs - History of Neopian Wars, Psychology, Climate Change Studies, Magic Principles

Darigan Citadel University is a fairly new college that Lord Darigan opened in an effort to make Darigan more attractive and break with the evil stigma. So far they don’t have much students and they only have four programs, but the are slowly growing and Neopia state association is keeping a close eye on them. Last year they won prize for being the only college in Neopia to afford free tuition for it’s students, they still have to pay for room and board, but something is better than nothing. Long live Lord Darigan.

I didn't forget about Meridell, they don't have college education, but when I interviewed King Skarl about the subject he threw me out of the castle because it was not funny, I earned the "Skarl - moody" avatar that day.

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