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7 Hidden NC Gems for Your Next Grey Customization!

by ilovemykitties12


The first no-no when it comes to customizing a pet with a new look is opening up a wearables search engine and typing in one key word, like “grey”. Not only will this only bring to your attention the wearables with names containing said key word, leaving many other (and sometimes better!) wearables in the dark, but using these “key word wearables” will leave a lot of users’ pets looking exactly the same. Still, not everyone has an hour to thumb through Neopia’s thousands of wearables in an attempt to find these hidden gems, so today, we’re here to help bring your attention to some of the most appropriately dreary grey wearables that you might otherwise not have known about!

Abandoned Romantic Setting Background

This background is the perfect setting (quite literally, pun a wee bit intended) for a Grey pet to mourn whatever led them to their grey state in the first place. If you are one to make character customizations, you could easily use this background to tell of a lover left behind or a pet returning to the place their heart was broken for the first time. On top of the creativity it can inspire, the lavender hues found within the background pair beautifully with grey pets, providing a soft palette to build a customization around. As a fan of a soft colour palette, this background is even more of a win for me!

Ash Blonde Wig

When Granny Hopbobbin said she would trade me the Ash Blonde Wig for four Neocash donations during the 2017 Charity Corner, I knew I had to help out the Gif">t Centre. While there are loads of blonde, brown, black, and multi-coloured wigs that any gloomy pet could wear, none of them match with a Grey pet as well as this one. The soft waves of the Ash Blonde Wig partnered with the gleam of a subtle silver tone will help your pet to feel beautiful even if not in the best of moods. Just because their spirit is down doesn’t mean it can’t be a great hair day, right?

Heart and Chain

What better way to show the heavy troubles within the heart of your Grey pet than with this item? By allowing your sorrow-filled pet to flaunt their heart for all of Neopia to see, you can help them express just how difficult it can be to let go of things that make the heart grow so heavy. As a pro-tip, this is an item that makes you remember to check which items fit in different zoning categories while putting together a new look. Heart and Chain is zoned as a “belt” item – a category often overlooked because it does not fall in with the clothing, shoes, or wig item categories. Now that you know, you won’t miss it again!

Rainbow After the Storm

So many times my pets have come to me when they’ve been sad and a tiny something positive has helped cheer them up, even if only momentarily. For Grey pets, I’m sure it’s the same! So, though it may be raining, whether in Neopia or deep in your Grey pet’s heart, Rainbow After the Storm can give them something to smile about! The beauty of this rainbow is that it isn’t so bright that it will be overbearing through grey eyes, as an item like Sparkling Rainbow might be. Instead, Rainbow After the Storm is the perfect balance of subtle and present to help give the perfect touch of optimism where needed.

Stormy Ombre Leaf Shower

There are only two foreground items with the key word ‘grey’, so we often see Grey pets and/or customizations with one of these items: Grey Falling Petals. One perfect alternative to the Grey Falling Petals is the Stormy Ombre Leaf Shower. Not only does it sit more neatly in the lower foreground, but it has beautiful, slow movement that will give an any-themed customization a simple touch of animation whilst simultaNeously contributing to the bleak colour palette.

Tears of Caylis Face Paint

Some people take their Grey customizations quite literally, meaning that not only are they about the grey colour palette, but also about a sad, dejected pet. One of the most obvious ways to show your pet is down in the dumps is to add tears to their look, and Tears of Caylis Face Paint is perfect for that purpose! This item has the added bonus of looking flawless on all species, no matter the size of their eyes, and works for any gender of pet. We highly recommend this item for those users that have written characters for their Grey pets, as Tears of Caylis Face Paint is the perfect finish touch for those fascinating yet tragic pet characters.

Wilting Flower Bouquet

We’re ending this list with one of the most unique and underappreciated items thrown to the back of many Neopians’ closets: Wilting Flower Bouquet. This handheld begins as a lively bunch of sunflowers and sprouts before slowly dying right in your pet’s hand. If you’re going for dreary, look no further! Not only is the animation of this item super unique, but it’s a statement item that doesn’t take the attention away from the rest of your customization: it enhances it! Some of the best items are those that can be used flawlessly by all species, within all themes (and sub-themes), and by all genders of pet. Wilting Flower Bouquet checks every box!

As you can see, the possibilities don’t end with the key word ‘grey’! When you’re searching through both Neocash and Neopoint items, always try related words as well. In this instance, we suggest a huge range of words depending on the theme and bleakness of your customization, such as: storm, rain, lonely, quiet, broken, heart, silver, and tears. You never know what you might uncover! Well, apart from the seven items we covered, that is.

This short guide is to help those who either don’t have the time to search through Neopia’s seemingly endless wearables or those who are just seeking something a little more unique for their sad and/or grey customizations. Still, you must always remember: customizing is about discovering your own tastes and making your pets look however you personally envision. Who cares if you use an item nobody else likes, or one that everyone else seems to be using at the time! At the end of the day, you do you and make your pets look as you wish them to! Happy customizing, Neopia!

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