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The Most Fashionable Neopians: Virtupets Edition

by spukl1


Ah Virtupets, the wonderful space station in the sky. The breathable air is minimal and Grundos frolick through the elevators. This is Miss Prickles, the Fashionable Uni and I am here to tell you all about what is happenin’ in fashion on Virtupets. Fashion in Virtupets is unique, with lots of orange clothing and space suits. There is very little need for accessories or fancy outfits. The key to keeping up with Virtupets trends is to be practical-chic. I spent some time parading around and seeing who wore what, and now I am back to report the Best and Worst Dressed in and around the Virtupets Space Station.

Best Dressed:

1. Dr. Frank Sloth and his fellow clones. Yes, you already know the number one person on this list is the infamous Dr. Sloth. His style is timeless-evil, and he’ll never let us forget it. Best dressed of Virtupets (and probably Neopia) no questions asked.

2. Blarthrox . This not-so-little Grundo has not-so-little-style. He channels Taelia the Snow Faerie with a floor length blue fuzzy coat (same designer?). He keeps his accessories minimal with just flashy medallion. Great for space. He may need to work on his table manners, but that is a discussion for another day.

3. The Virtupets Altador Cup Team . Yes, all of them, previous and current, it would be unfair to allow one of them to win over another when they all wear the same outfit! This includes: Goltron MK I, Keetra Deile, Kerib Vickers, Sela Pretore, Weldar Xupenfarb, XL Striker 3.8 and Z-4B Goalinator. While the robots of the team may be slightly different in their attire, the overall uniform is absolutely Faboo. When they stand together they give off the vibes of DOMINATION. Domination is the theme of Virtupets, so what could be more fitting!

4. Mira the Space Faerie. Do you think I’d forget her? She may be soaring across the galaxies but she does so with style. Her head to toe red and blue works perfectly with her chic blue bob and beaming red eyes. My favorite thing about her go to look? That she accessorizes with ACTUAL stars. Those pants do not come cheap. The investment is worth it Mira, you look WONDERFUL. A great representative of Virtupets.

5. Sophix II . It was a toss-up between the lovely Sophix II and the darling Scout as their outfits are oh, so similar, but ultimately, Sophix II wins the prize! Both ladies handle a gun great, but Sophix II’s outfit is just slightly more flattering. Sophix II’s orange hair streaks and simple makeup really elevta her style. Her form-hugging purple space suit is THE most fashionable in space. Scout, your orange jumpsuit is not bad, but maybe take a page from Sophix II’s style book. Her pink color also adds a little bit more life to the Space Station, she is such a doll.

Please understand, it is hard to judge the worst dressed when everyone is dressed for the work they perform. However, it must be done and it must be known.

Worst Dressed:

1. The Happiness Faerie . Yes, he is the sweetest little guy around but something just feels off with his style. It is clear that he channels the always fashionable Dr. Frank Sloth, but he does it all wrong. He does it with a happy face, flowers, SMILES! Dr. Sloth would not be proud. You cannot choose to wear the always evil dark robes and try to bring joy to all of Neopia. I suggest you either lose dark robes, perhaps pick a brighter color: pink or yellow! Or you have to lose the happiness and joy.

2. Zyrolon . I know, I know, it is his work uniform but still… Those yellow rubber boots, a red handkerchief, a full orange suit. This is not half of the rainbow, this is clothing! Zyrolon, keep the suit but tone down the accessories. A simple grey colored handkerchief and boots would be nicer, or if you like color maybe pick a deep underwater blue. You just have too much and too many bright colors. Also, slick back your hairs, they are all over the place.

3. Grimilix . Grimilix does not have the worst style around, but his outfit can certainly be upgraded. He wears an oversized brown coat that looks like it has been through a lot. His head mask brings out his eyes, but not in the best way. Also his green shoes and gloves match absolutely nothing else! Grimilix, I understand that the style type you go for is “utility” but here are my suggestions. Though I do not love the mask, you can keep it—it is your signature. You can also keep your gloves and shoes IF you make this one teeny, tiny change. Change out your drab brown coat for a Dapper Yellow Shirt and Green Jacket! It is stylish, practical and affordable. It would elevate your flair to a whole new level, and get you noticed in the workplace.

4. Buzz Bully . First of all Buzz, lay-off the smaller Neopians, no need to steal their Neopoints. Now your clothing… For all the Neopoints you steal certainly you could afford a better space suit. Why would you think that an orange and blue suit would go well with your natural green and red?! Now I know you don’t want to look too much like a Holiday Felf but you should embrace your natural coloration. Go get yourself a new Space Explorer Shirt and Trousers, but have them custom made in green. It would make your eyes pop!

5. Mutant Grundo Scouts . Last but not least we have these two gargantuan Grundos. I would just like to say one thing no clothes does not make you exempt from this list *ahem*. I understand it would get in the way of your battling, but how about some chic accessories to really intimidate those Neopians you attack. All I ask is that you add some Ferocious Battle Claws to your wardrobe. The golden glint of these flashy claws, would beam in the starlight as your fists come pummeling down.

Now I would like to thank Virtupets Space Station for hosting me, and allowing me to meet all of you wonderful workers. Neopia that is all I have to report for today, and if you do not believe me go ahead and travel there yourself, and write back to me.

Fashionably Yours,

Miss Prickles

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