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How the Grey Faerie Celebrates Grey Day

by theyellowrose


Yes I am powerless without wings. In order to get new wings, I must get a new name.

Before the Grey Faerie, named Baelia, was locked up, she was a completely different faerie! Thousands and thousands of years ago, Baelia was actually Baelia, the Happy Faerie! She blessed Neopians, pets, and petpets with many boons and items (sorry petpetpets, you guys weren’t discovered until much later). She held an aura similar to the Faerie Queen Fyora, and smiled every day. She was loved and worshipped by all Neopians, pets, and petpets (again, sorry petpetpets). All was well, until the day she was captured.

Here is a quick recap of what happened: On a grey and dreary mountain top, the Grey Faerie was imprisoned in a cage with rain pouring down to match her sadness. She sat there, helpless. Jennumara, a Dark Faerie, callously left her there to perish alone, taking the Grey Faerie’s name and wings with her. The Grey Faerie felt sure this was the end. Mercifully, a helpful Kyrii happened to be passing her way. Tavi was his name, and he knew right away he wanted to help no matter what. Tavi asked for the Grey Faerie’s name, but for some reason she did not say. Tavi was desperate to help the poor faerie. She told him he would have to guess the word to unlock the cages lock. He thought for a second, and asked the lock: “What is the Grey Faerie’s name?” The lock was stunned--it had no choice but to say: “Her name is Baelia.” The lock was defeated and Baelia tumbled out of the cage to freedom. “How did you know?” Baelia asked, impressed by the helpful Kyrii. Tavi responded: “You didn't want to tell me your name.”

Thousands of years later, back in the present time, no one remembers the Happy Faerie. Never before had a faerie's wings been clipped off, and the consequences of such actions had terrible results. For one, Baelia lost her beauty, youth, and powers. At the loss of all of these, she became so sad that she was named the Grey Faerie. Neopians associate the Happy Faerie with either the Soup Kitchen Faerie, or Kari the Negg Faerie. No one remembered how Baelia used to be happy, or how Baelia loved Cloud Racing. She wasn’t even invited to participate in the games Faerie Cloud Racers or Extreme Faerie Cloud Racers!

Back to today: Grey Day. April 14th. Every Neopet, petpet, and petpetpet respects this day, as an homage to Baelia. After years of being sad and grey, Baelia lost all hope to go Cloud Racing. Fortunately, the Faerie Queen Fyora took pity on Baelia. She approached Baelia in the early hours of Grey Day. “Baelia, I will grant you one wish on this day. What would you like?”

Baelie immediately knew what she wanted. She wanted to be the Happy Faerie again. But alas, with no wings or powers, she could not. So she opted for the one thing she has always desired: “May I join my sisters in Cloud Racing?”

The Faerie Queen Fyora contemplated this, and said: “On every Grey Day from now on, you will be allowed to race in the clouds with your sisters.” Faerie Queen Fyora poofed from her spot, leaving pink dust everywhere.

A few hours later, Baelia woke up. Was it just a dream? She thought. She looked outside her cave, and found a brand new Grey Racer! Now Baelia can finally join her faerie sisters! As Baelia walked into Faerieland, she felt very nervous, and yet excited! It was her debut as a Faerie Cloud Racer. She entered the clouds and began to prepare her racer, which, is apparently powered by the misery of Neopia. She lines up at the start, and looked toward her first opponent, Ember, the Fire Faerie.

The flag goes down, and both faeries GO!

Baelia is confident and flies off. Powered by all the sadness within Neopia, she wins! Soon she has also raced and won against the other faeries: Snow, Earth, Water, Tooth, Dark, Space and Light! All defeated by Baelia! Now she just has one opponent left: the Queen of them all, Fyora!

The atmosphere was electric as the crowd cheered for Baelia. It was all she ever wanted! Baelia trembled with a mixture of happiness and nervousness as she prepared to face Faerie Queen Fyora. The crowd fell silent as the racers prepared. All too soon they are off! Baelia gives it everything she has and struggles to keep her racer under control through her nerves, the Faerie Queen Fyora glances back at Baelia and gives a smile as she charges off ahead. Suddenly Baelia loses her nerve and her racer tips over! The crowd gasps in horror as they watch her slide across the track. All the pets, petpets, and petpetpets began to cry. All of their sadness added MORE power to Baelia’s racer!

Baelia picked herself up as fast as she could and kicked her racer back into life. “Not today!” she thought. More determined than ever before, she buckled down and chased after Fyora who was now very well hidden within the clouds. Baelia circled around sensing the Faerie Queen’s presence, tighter and tighter circles. Baelia thought for sure the Faerie Queen would be trapped! “Now we wait!” she said with a smug smile.

“I don’t think so!'” called a voice from behind her. The queen was not trapped! Quick as a flash Fyora was off again. Baelia was incensed. Faster and faster she chased Fyora until they were both in a corner facing each other. One of them had to move, but which way should Baelia go? She stared at the queen desperate to find some sign of what her intentions were. Suddenly Fyora twitched. Baelia slid her racer to the right of the Faerie Queen, and before Fyora could change her mind, Baelia had already looped around and sealed her in!

The crowd erupted in applause. Baelia had done it. She had taken on all the faeries, and she had won! Fyora came over to Baelia and offered her a hand. They shook hands and exchanged smiles. 'Well done Baelia!' said the Faerie Queen.

Baelia could not be happier. On such a sad, dreary day, she was victorious! The applause went on and on. Even the other faeries celebrated Baelia’s wins. Baelia could not wait to start her new life as Baelia, winner of the Cloud Racers...

All of a sudden, Baelia woke up. Was it all a dream? She quickly ran outside of her cave, and saw that it was downpouring. It was dreary, cold, and wet. “Looks like it was a dream after all…” Baelia whispered. “Happy Grey Day…”

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