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The A-Z of the Gadgadsbogen

by maga_m


The annual festival of Gadgadsbogen, which means “good good day”, occurs on every March, and it’s a celebration at Mystery Island about fruits. Yes, fruits: every year, new fruits appear out of nowhere and old fruits are discontinued on the Island shops. It’s a day that reunites people from around the world, from Kreludor to Neopia Central, from locals to tourists. And did you know that there is a fruit for almost every letter of the alphabet? Well, you are about to find out!

A – Azzle: a relative to the apple, this fruit was discovered on Year 8. The locals say it goes well with lots of types of food: salads, juices, and even coffees!

B – Banango: a weird mix between a banana and a lutango, a fruit native from Lutari Island. It actually goes well with sweet foods: the banango toffee apple is really popular on Mystery Island! Also, it was discovered on year 9.

C – Chokato: one of the most popular foods on Neopia, it is even a colour on Chias! This blue fruit with brown dots tastes like a chocolate and a tomato, and it comes on every food that you can imagine. Our favourite? The chokato jelly, of course.

D – Doughnutfruit: a fruit that tastes like doughnuts, what can be better? It has a variety of sub-species in different colours and flavours, like the fish doughnutfruit or the pineapple doughnutfruit; you only need to find which one is your favourite.

E – Draikfruit: an orange fruit that looks quite exotic. According to the general population, it actually does not have an amazing taste, but it is used mainly to decorate different types of gourmet food around the world. It was discovered on Year 18.

F – Flatfruit: they say that looks are not really important, and this fruit is the perfect example of that. It was found on Year 8 and looks, well, flat, dry and not tasty at all; but actually it is very sweet and juicy. It is very popular on shakes and sweets.

G - Glowleaf Melon: it is literally a melon with leaves that glow. It is used to make weird, hard to find foods like coffees that glows in the dark! It was discovered on Year 6.

H – Honeyplume: this fruit was a pleasant surprise when it was found on Year 10, since its exterior looks like beautiful plumes but when you open it you find honey inside of it!

I – Islandberry: discovered on Year 7, this fruit has one of the loveliest colours available: a soft lilac combined with a light red, it will make any food look delicious.

J - Juicy Warterberry: a fruit loved specially by dark faeries since Year 10, because of its blue and green colours. It goes perfectly with any shake or cake, given their sweet taste.

K – Krakuberries: this plain red fruit appears on the Kraku bushes at the shores of the Mystery Island’s beaches. It is really sweet and used mainly on juices, and it is considered a gourmet food given their amazing taste.

L – Lavaberry: those are fruits that grow on volcanoes since year 3, and they are very hard to get because of the great heats of its natural habit. They are loved by Scorchios, who can stand hot places to get this brownish fruit.

M – Moonfruit: one of the weirdest fruits available, this one looks like a moon but tastes like cheese. Yes, like cheese! You can eat this fruit on salads or even on pizzas from Pizzaroo. It was discovered on Year 18.

N – Nurako: the only fruit that you can eat entirely, even the stem! It was discovered on Year 4 but retired since then. :(

O – Octoberry: a purple fruit that looks just like an octopus. Its tiny bubbles are especially sweet, loved by all the habitants of the island. It was discovered on Year 15.

P – Peachpa: a lovely soft pink fruit discovered on Year 3, but retired now. It grows on the side of the mountains of the island, creating beautiful landscapes admired by tourist and venerated by the locals.

Q - Qanfire Fruit: a greenish fruit with touches of brown, it’s considered a gourmet food because of its looks, like flame, and strong taste. It was discovered on Year 17.

R – Roseatte: a pink fruit with white dots that smells like roses! This one, discovered on Year 8, is perfect for light meals, or gourmet foods that require a special presentation to the customers.

S – Snowberries: another retired fruit that looks like tiny snowballs with blue dots. It is said that they are cold to the touch no matter the climate where they grow!

T – Thornberry: a very, very juicy fruit whose bright pink colours are used to decorate cakes at the Neopian Bakery. It is really sweet so it is a perfect touch to any kind of sweets.

U – Ugnot: discovered on Year 16, this one is used mainly on big meals given its taste, a delicious one when it is cooked.

V – Vinarok: an ultra rare fruit that protects itself! Can you believe it uses its own vines to cover the fruit? Given its rarity, it is considered a gourmet food. Also, it was discovered on Year 8.

W – Wingafruit: a fruit loved by water faeries! It is really sweet and one of the juiciest ones, used mainly on shakes and beverages in general. It was discovered on year 16.

Z – Zeevine: a fruit that tastes like bananas and pears; it is loved by the locals on cookies and candy.

Which ones are missing? The X and the Y, of course! For now, there is no fruit with a name that starts with those letters. Let’s hope one day we will get one!

So, after all of this, which ones are your favourites? And which ones are you trying this Gadgadsbogen? Do not forget to go to Island this March and try some, I am sure you will have fun!

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