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The Royal Coronation

by lupe_hunter_7


      In Brightvale, it was expected that we either became scholars, or in the opportunity that King Hagan either stepped down from the throne or was incapacitated for various reasons, his apparent heir to the throne, even though most knew that his niece, Roberta, would be the one to inherit the throne. The only problem was, there were plenty of Neopians vying for the few scholar spots that opened up every year and King Hagan was expected to run the nation for a long time. Even those in Meridell, run by Hagan’s brother, Skarl, had a similar problem, only it was jesters instead of scholars.

      When the Defenders of Neopia announced that a branch was coming to Brightvale in the near future, nearly everyone was excited about the prospects as it meant new jobs being available, and there would be plenty of opportunities. When I, a Royalboy Usul, heard about it, I immediately went to the recruitment office and filled out an application form.

      Approximately a week later, I stood outside Judge Hog’s office, a little bit nervous as I was not sure what he wanted to see me for. When I received a letter from him a couple of days earlier, I was immediately suspicious when he said in his letter that he wanted to see me to discuss the application, but the official DoN seal proved otherwise. Soon after, I was ushered into his office by one of the staff members working there.

      “Ah, Squire Oak, you’re here. I’m sure you’re wondering what this is about, so I’ll cut to the chase. After reviewing your application and personal history, I have decided that you might be better suited as a front line member, rather than as a support. I know it’s not what you were expecting and you’re probably disappointed, but I am giving you this opportunity.”

      “Actually, Judge Hog, I’m not disappointed. You probably had to say that line to others who possessed similar skills that I have. I’m grateful for the offer, and I will gladly take it up. Tell me more about this front line position that you’re not advertising,” I told him even though I probably knew that it was not likely the case as I did not see anyone else from Brightvale waiting for him.

      “Of course. There are many crimes that take place all over Neopia, and we cannot be everywhere at once despite our presence. This is where you come in, should you decide to join. You’re essentially working under the rules of the DoN, but you will be working as a freelancer to help us clear the backlog of unreported or unsolved cases. However, we will not take credit for what is essentially your case as we want to recognize you for your hard work. There are other benefits as well, but I’ll let you discover them as you go along.”

      “I see, and it sounds not only interesting, but promising as well. However, I do need some time to think about it before accepting the position. I’m not sure yet if I want to take it yet.”

      “That’s not going to be a problem, but I will give you a week to think about the decision before I’ll assume that you’re no longer interested. If you want to, you can discuss this with your friends. See if they’re interested in becoming a member if they haven’t applied to the DoN already.”

      As soon as I left the DoN, I began thinking about the job offer and to see whether or not it was worth taking the job. After weighing the pros and cons of the position, I decided that it would be worth it, especially in the long run.

      When I returned to Brightvale I knew I needed some help if I wanted to be successful. Almost immediately, I Neomailed Lady Riela the Royalgirl Zafara, Baron Rouge the Royalboy Shoyru, and Princess Nala the Royalgirl Kougra as they were the closest friends that that I knew I could trust. They immediately responded, telling me that they would meet me at Brightvale University the following day.

      “So, how did the meeting go with Judge Hog?” Lady Riela asked as soon as we were assembled at our favourite location within the university, a table at a study hall where we all met each other years ago. I had told them my intentions before I left for the meeting, so they were aware of what I was doing.

      “I didn’t get the support position, but Judge Hog did give me another, one that puts me on the front line. In other words, it would be right in the thick of the action.”

      “And I would agree with that decision, Squire. Have you decided to take the offer?” Baron Rouge inquired.

      “Not yet, but that’s the reason why I wanted to discuss this with you. You see, the position essentially puts me as a freelancer for the DoN should I decide to join. I don’t think I have the skills necessary to solve crimes by myself, which is why I’m asking you if you’re willing to join up with me. It was also something Judge Hog suggested.”

      “I’m willing as it would mean that our various practical skills would be put to good use, instead of us waiting around doing nothing for open spots here that may or may not materialize. It doesn’t help anyone if someone is essentially idle,” Lady Riela replied.

      “To receive a job from the DoN, especially if it’s the front lines, means that we’ll be put into action on a frequent basis. It would help to dispel the rumours and myths about us, especially since our reputation as royals has been tarnished, mainly by King Skarl. Count me in,” Princess Nala added.

      “I have no reason related to our skills and abilities. Just joining you would be an honour, Squire, as we have been friends since our time here. I will follow you until the end of time and will stand with you through thick and thin,” the baron said. I thanked them for the support and it made me more confident that I had made the right choice.

      Almost immediately, I sent a Neomail to the judge accepting his offer with the rest of my team. While there were still a few details that needed to be ironed out, they would be completed in due time.



      A few days passed since I sent that Neomail. Although our commitment was strong, we still had to be tested and fill out the paperwork, which meant returning to Neopia Central. I figured that we started looking for a Neohome as I hated the thought of commuting back and forth between Brightvale and Neopia Central. Besides, we had to make ourselves readily available for any clients as the city was a lot larger than our town.

      As soon as we were finished filling out the paperwork and registering our team name, the Royal Detectives, to the Robot Grundo in charge, it was onto the testing. As Watson was now aware of Lady Riela’s fluency in other languages, including Tyrannian, he wanted to initiate a conversation with her, in the form of a mock interrogation. Not surprisingly, she passed her portion of the test with flying colours.

      The next test was for the entire group, which was locating various clues in a mock crime scene. Ours took place in a large house with a yard. I guess Watson wanted to see how we would fare in this type of situation, as Baron Rouge had been a scout for the Brightvale Royal Guards before he left them on good terms. We did miss some clues, but overall, we passed.

      When we were finished, we had to take an oath even though we were freelancers affiliated with the Defenders. I was not surprised by this as I had heard that both Skarl and Hagan had to perform something similar when they were crowned kings at their coronation ceremonies, but it made sense.

      Before we left the DoN, I asked the Robot Grundo if he was able to produce a short list of empty Neohomes even though it was likely that there would be plenty, due to various reasons. He ended up creating a list of various Neohomes that were within walking distance.

      Most of the Neohomes that we ended up checking out did not seem to fit what we were looking for. It wasn’t until we stumbled upon the penultimate one, located on 4542 Shop Wizard Avenue, that we found the one that show quite a lot of potential despite its shabby appearance. To me, it was a diamond in the rough, so I turned towards my colleagues for their opinion.

      “Sure, this Neohome is in need of numerous repairs and touch ups, but it represents us in a way. With a bit of hard work, we can bring it back to its former glory and restore its reputation,” Baron Rouge replied. The others nodded.

      “With that decision, then I guess it’s settled on where we’ll be moving to. I’ll make the announcement then,” I said. Before my teammates could even stop me, I loudly bellowed out the line to everyone within hearing range.

      “Hear ye, hear ye, 4542 Shop Wizard is the future home of the Royal Detectives! We will make Neopia Central proud of what we do!”


      The End.

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