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Fabulous Faeries: A Look at Our Leading Ladies

by pegasu_03


Every Neopian and their owner knows about the powerhouses that are the Faeries of Neopia! From Illusen, to Jhudora, to Queen Fyora herself – each one of these ladies embody what it means to be a good, honest, giving, and loving Neopian. Not only do they lead in their power, their smarts, their looks, and their charm, but they also lead in example. Each faerie is known for their idiosyncratic elements; their X-factor. But don’t you want to know how Faeries works so hard, and still look flawless? How they wind down from a long day of casting charms, fighting off evil, and assigning quests to select Neo citizens? We’re giving you an insider’s look into the style secrets, beauty regimens, and other tricks of the Faerie trade – May they inspire you and your Neopets to pamper yourself in Y19!

This Week’s V.I.F. (Very Important Faerie): Taelia

It’s no secret that the month of Awakening is a cold one! All over Neopia, temperatures drop, the air is dry, and the sun is a little further away. All the ingredients you need for a washed out complexion, a dry face, and a brittle coat! Not to mention a little more grey, thanks to the lack of Vitamin D. Though conditions get particularly arctic up here on Terror Mountain, our current muse (arguably the queen warrior of winter weather herself) is here to show us how to stay hydrated, moisturized, and cheerful during the worst of winter!

Beauty Blowout

Taelia: Nothing is better than having luscious locks, at any time of the year, but especially winter. The fact is, hair, fur, coats – it all dries out when it’s cold. There’s no moisture, just frizz and tangles. I have three secret weapons I use to maintain my magical mane during blizzard season: Conditioner, Coat Shiner and Detangle Comb!

“I feel like Conditioner is a must. A long-running Neopian favourite. Nothing feels better than coming out of a shower feeling silky all over! My trick is to [shampoo and] condition first thing so I can let the conditioner sink in deep into my follicles while I do other stuff, like scrub between each little piggy and behind the ears! Another must-have is the Coat Shiner. The best way to lock in the effects of your conditioner is to (generously) spritz yourself in the stuff. You’ll be so smooth and silky, you’ll practically sparkle! Last but not least, it’s important to detangle, and what better product than the Detangle Comb? It can get through even the biggest knots! Not only does detangling prevent breakage and split ends, it also helps with circulation in the scalp so your tresses can grow healthier and fuller than ever before!

Complexion, complexion, complexion!

Taelia: Yes, the endless cloudy days can dry you out and wash out your complexion, leaving you looking like you’d just been painted grey! But winter won’t leave you weathered with goodies like Coconut Cold Cream, Coconut Soap, and Coconut Lip Balm!Can you tell I like coconut? I’ll tell you why: Coconut oil is one of the best naturally hydrating ingredients, and it has the added benefit of tasting and smelling delicious. Who can beat that? While Coconut Lip Balm can help combat chapping lips, Coconut Soap cleans out every nook and cranny, from paw to snout, and everywhere in between. And of course, Coconut Cold Cream. Not only does it leave skin feeling plump and smooth, it also soothes the effects of harsh winds and prolonged stays in the cold. A product I swear by!

Bonus Goodies: Cooler Than You Perfume & Blue Lipstick

These products are the key to my cool girl exterior. Cooler Than You Perfume is so hot right now. It’s chilly, it’s refreshing, and it smells like mint and snowberries! Mmmm. Added bonus: the formula contains itty bitty bits of glitter, so you’ll look practically incandescent. Yay!

And of course, where would I be without my staple frosted blueberry pout? Blue Lipstick is a classic; it adds an edge without harshing out your complexion. It’s the perfect rime finish. It pulls a look together.

Eco-Beauty Necessities

Taelia: When it comes to being your best, looking the part isn’t the only component. Feeling your best also plays a role in being at your best, and during the colder months, especially high up on Terror Mountain, internalizing the chill can make it a little hard. Having lived up on Terror Mountain for all of my existence, I’ve become a pro at sidestepping and sashaying away from all the undesirable gratuities of Old Man Winter, and I’m happy to share them with you :). Here are some of my wintertime first aid essentials: Snowberries, Cool Mint Toothpaste, Cloudy Tissues, and an Ice Caves Jacket.

Firstly, Snowberries. Not only are they a tasty and healthy treat, they’re also rich in antioxidants, that come with a myriad of health benefits. For example, they boost your immune system which is a huge plus come flu season. Fight off those nasty colds and avoid the trip to the Neopian Hospital with this bundle of immunity boosting berries! You and your neopets can snack on these nutrient-filled superfood all you like! Best part is they’re native to Happy Valley, so coming by them is easy if you’re ever in the area.

Next is Cool Mint Toothpaste. Twice a day, as we all know. What your dentists don’t tell you is the paste you use matters! Cool Mint Toothpaste leaves a set of chompers looking (and feeling) extra pearly, not to mention minty fresh. Mint is a great natural odour-killing agent. Every time I brush my teeth with the stuff, I flash a titanic smile in the mirror (with sunglasses on, of course, so as not to blind myself with the intense reflective whiteness of my teeth). Fun fact: the mere act of smiling has been scientifically proven, by the brilliant Dr. Landelbrot himself, to instantaneously boost your mood! This important because with the lack of Vitamon D, our moods will inevitably reach lows at times. Cool Mint Toothpaste will leave your mouth feeling so fresh it’ll be hard not to smile!

Another favourite product of mine, Cloudy Tissues. Yet another well-known fact: colder temperatures means runny snouts everywhere! It’s bad hygiene to wipe at your running snout with your paws, so opt for tissues. Not any tissues will work, however. Most General Store brands are tracing-paper thin and sandpaper rough! They leave your sniffer red and dry, not to mention sore. Not with Cloudy Tissues, though. As their description goes: Never has there been a tissue so soft. Not only does it soothe a sore snout, it also contains a light SPF moisturizer, so it also rehydrates a dry schnozzola. Dry patches, be-gone!

Finally, an Ice Caves Jacket. I know many neopets envy my long, lustrous, fleecy layerings (a fancy nod at my overcoat), so here’s the next best thing! The Ice Caves Jacket was designed for optimal woolly toastiness to battle even the harshest winds and the deepest freeze, which many Ice Caves natives may be well-accustomed to. Take it from them, the Ice Caves Jacket is the ultimate thermal-wear. It’s like wearing ten layers of fluffy woolen warmth. Or ten layers of blankets. As cozy as they come!

Well, that concludes this week’s edition of Fabulous Faeries. A colossal thanks to Taelia for sparing some time out her busy quest-mongering schedule to share a few tricks of the Faerie trade. Be sure to check out her new book, Taelias Tips for more Terror Mountain fun. Stay tuned, all. And a warm winter wonderland to you and yours!

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