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The Kaddicted Experience

by ayakae


Out of all the things I’ve experienced through my years in Neopets, one thing remains constant: my love for feeding Kadoaties. There’s just something about the thrill of feeding them that makes me come back and want to feed more of them. Whether it’s seeing the entire Kadoatery refresh and scrambling to feed one, or looking at your Kadoatie count go higher and higher, Kadoatie feeding is definitely a fun challenge. Though it may be a chore to those who simply wish to get the avatar, Kadoatie feeding is also an enjoyable activity to those who want something to pass the time with.

To all of those who are just as Kaddicted as I am, here is a list of situations every single Kadder has gone through at least once.


• main – when the majority or all of the Kadoaties go hungry

• pend – does not refresh

• mewbie – new person to Kadoatie feeding

• autofeeder – a program (that should never be used!) that feeds Kadoaties for you

1. Logging on just minutes after main had gone.

Waiting for the Kadoaties to go is annoying enough, but having just missed them by mere minutes? Maybe even a minute? Heck, I’ve even experienced having gone online mere seconds after main had gone. One thing’s for sure, though: nothing gets as annoying for a Kadoatie feeder as just missing main, folks. It makes you regret the most mundane of things, such as deciding to make that chicken sandwich as a snack before you turned on your computer. And, while we’re on this note, there’s also…

2. Main going the minute you disappear from your computer.

Kadoaties come and go very randomly, and Kadoaties definitely wait for no one. As such, Kadoatie feeders have evolved in such a way that their entire lives depend on 7- and 28-minute intervals. Do you need to talk to someone? Do it right after this main pends[2] or goes, and make sure to say everything you need within seven minutes. Do you need to take a shower? Do it after main goes, and run back as soon as you’re done.

Sometimes, however, life gets in the way and annoyingly disrupts this balance of doing things every seven and twenty-eight minutes. Do any of you have a cranky boss who just decides to nitpick at you for no reason? Or maybe a lame Internet service provider that fails to give you decent Internet for more than ten minutes?

To all of you Kadoatie feeders who have experienced the pain of looking away from the Kadoaties for a minute and coming back to them fed and happy, here’s a shout-out to you. I’ve been there as well, and I feel your pain. *gives a pat on back*

3. Not having enough Neopoints on hand.

I’m fairly certain every Kadoatie feeder has gone through this at least once. Most people start off feeding Kadoaties through the method of wiz-feeding, which entails waiting for the Kadoaties to go hungry before running off to the Shop Wizard and buying whatever item they ask for. On some occasions, however, the item you end up searching for is out of your budget. Additional Neopoints would then have to be withdrawn or an alternate food item be searched for, and by the time that’s done everyone would have gotten a decent head-start. Frankly put, you’d be lucky to still feed a Kadoatie!

An alternate scenario to this is not having the item in your safety deposit box. This could either be because the item simply isn’t in your budget (I personally don’t have any food in my SDB worth more than 20k), or because you’ve forgotten to replace that said item the last time you fed a Kadoatie with it. Either way, it’s still very much annoying! *shakes fist*

4. Getting a Faerie Quest while feeding.

This one’s a bugger as well. Much like Kadoaties, Neopia’s Faeries also wait for no one. Just as impatient as our beloved little petpets, Faeries aren’t shy and would readily interrupt your Kadoatie-feeding activities as they see fit. This, then, stops the Shop Wizard from allowing us poor feeders to search for the food item we need.

Who cares if chibikadoatiekawaiibaka wants a Grundo Smore? I need my Magic Vial, stat!

5. Seeing a Kadoatie ask for an unbuyable food.

Ahh, unbuyable foods – they’re basically the bane of the Kadoatie feeder’s existence. Chokato Toffee Apple, Happy Anniversary Negg, Watermelon Jetsam, Upside Down Ice Cream… these are only some examples of foods that Kadders have shaken their fists at since the minute they’ve been released. Every once in a while, bratty Kadoaties like to ask for these items. Since most people don’t have the money nor the interest to buy these items on a regular basis, unfed Kadoaties tend to clutter the Kadoatery with their desperate, unanswered pleas for food. Thankfully, the current restock situation has ensured that rare foods make it into the market very regularly nowadays. Back then, I’ve witnessed seeing only one happy Kadoatie in a sea of whiny, unfed ones!

These foods are also the primary reason Kadoatie feeding has been given such a bad reputation – since the activity is generally fast-paced, the only available Kadoaties mewbies tend to see (most of the time, and if there are any) are the Kadoaties asking for unbuyable foods. Any unbuyable Kadoatie fed, then, is considered a huge accomplishment, and thanks are definitely abound for the very generous Neopian that had fed that Kadoatie.

6. Getting pwned.

What person hasn’t gone through this? Unless you’re some ultimate god or goddess when it comes to the art of Kadoatie feeding (or an autofeeder, but let’s not go there), everyone has been pwned at least once. Seeing that someone else has already fed the Kadoatie you were aiming for ignites a sense of desperation within you, and all you can do after that moment is hope that there’s still a Kadoatie somewhere else waiting to be fed.

It’s an inherent part of Kadoatie feeding, and even the best of the best still get pwned from time to time.

7. Not knowing when Kadoaties are going to come.

As some readers might already know, the possible times Kadoaties could go hungry can be predicted. Once the predicted time rolls along, Kadders would then have to refresh until the Kadoaties go hungry, or until they’re sure that the main has pended. Depending on whether or not they’ve gone hungry, the next predicted time could either be seven minutes since the last refresh (this is if main had pended), or twenty-eight minutes since the last refresh (this is if main had actually gone).

This is a fairly complicated process to understand for most mewbies. Luckily for them, however, there are lots of friendly people on the games chat and avatar chat who have boards up primarily to keep track of the times. These timekeepers are more than willing to post up predicted times in order to let Kadoatie feeders know when the next main is coming around.

Sometimes, however, we only get a vague idea of when Kadoaties are going to go. As I’ve mentioned before, real life tends to get in the way. Because of that, the timekeeping boards sometimes have no one to attend to them. Times don’t get posted for a while, and people end up having to guess when the next main comes. Should we refresh extra, then, or refresh early? Wing it.

Does anybody have seconds??? I refreshed late. D:

And finally, we have…

8. Successfully feeding a Kadoatie.

Quite possibly one of the most satisfying feelings ever. Despite the many obstacles and annoyances Kadoatie feeding undoubtedly brings, the accomplishment of making a Kadoatie happy is one that gets addictive very quickly. It’s just fun seeing the number of Kadoaties you’ve fed get steadily higher. Some people have set their own personal milestones when it comes to feeding Kadoaties, and these numbers could range from 100 Kadoaties fed to even 10000 Kadoaties fed!

Plus, I’ve also met a lot of friends because of feeding them. One of the reasons feeding them is so fun is because I get to do it with them, and it’s always fun looking at a happy Kadoatery and seeing so many familiar faces. It’s definitely a perk seeing so many people just as kaddicted as I am.

So there you have it, folks – eight things kaddicted feeders experience on a regular basis. Comments? Suggestions? Tell me about them later, main has just started pending…

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