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Storing Your Abominable Snowball

by alyseth


We're currently in the dead of a cold, cold winter. Every day is an icy dream, giant snowflakes falling down on Neopia Central and ski trips to Terror Mountain. We're all bundling ourselves up and having snowballs fights and taking on the Battledome with our Icy Chia Goggles and Icy Magic Hats. It's a frigid fantasy every day during these blistery chilly months, and we've even decked out our Neopets with the most appropriate customizations! They are wearing their heavy jackets, snowy backgrounds and foregrounds, and even gifting them one of the most adorable Petpets ever: the Abominable Snowball!

But what happens when these frost starts to thaw? You wouldn't want your gorgeous Petpet to disappear into nothing. Most Neopians don't live year round in Terror Mountain, scratching the scratchcards hoping to win big. A lot of us travel around to the hot islands for summer or enjoy the beautiful spring weather of Brightvale and Meridell. But those places are no home for the Abominable Snowball, they'll melt into a puddle in mere minutes. I mean, have you ever seen an Abominable Snowball painted with a Desert Petpet Paint Brush? It's just a wet scarf and hat with some rocks!!

So what is the best way to store your Abominable Snowball for the warmer weather, and what are the optimal ways to care for him or her during the winter months to prepare them for the days ahead? That's what I'm here for! With just a few tricks, your Abominable Snowball will last year round, even if you and your Neopets head off to see the Island Mystic or explore the caves of Geraptiku. So snuggle in, grab a cup of hot chocolate, and let's dive in!

Furniture For Your Neohome

The Icy Fridge is a giant refrigerator made from pure ice, it's a perfect compliment to the Neohome of an Abominable Snowball owner for this reason. You can stuff your little guy in here while you head off on vacation, just make sure you leave him some frozen blueberries to snack on!

For a cheaper refrigerator option, we have the Snow Fridge. While this might possibly melt faster than the Icy Fridge, it is significantly cheaper and should hold up in an air conditioned Neohome. This is a great budget option.

When you want to relax with your frosted Petpet, consider lounging about in a Snowager Chair. Crafted after the ice king himself, this chair stays cold year round. Just make sure you wear thick pants so you don't get frostbite!

And finally, while it may not be cold itself, it will definitely make your Neohome seem colder: Creepy Terror Mountain Wallpaper. This wallpaper mimics the appearance of one of the ice caverns found in Terror Mountain and will add an atmosphere of a frozen wonderland to your interior. Even the sight of this wallpaper will send a chill down your spine.

Frozen Foods For Their Tummy

Keeping a nice selection of cold food around is always a good idea, you'll be able to chill your Abominable Snowball's core and keep him from overheating on the inside.

Icy Baked Beans are a beautiful choice, they are full of protein to keep your friend's energy up while also being like mini ice cubes to keep the Snowball cool. Follow this up with a sweet treat, like a Brucicle in any flavor, to really keep your Petpet happy. Everyone loves a Brucicle, one of the most adorable ice pops you can find. And if your Abominable Snowball has a more expensive taste and you're in the mood to spoil them, an Icy Doughnutfruit might be the perfect palate pleaser.

Wintery Wearables

Fashioning your Neopet with a pair of Icy Blue Wax Lips and giving the Abominable Snowball a goodnight kiss on the forehead will help him stay chilled throughout the night. There are also a few more essential wintery wearables to help keep that snow from melting, even in the hottest temperatures.

Icy Boots have icicles all over them, plopping your Petpet between them while you stand around is a great way to generate some cold air for him. Consider applying Icy Eye Shadow as well, so each look becomes an icy cold glare.

And who could forget the combination of the Abominable Snowball Winter Sleeper with the adorable Abominable Snowman Hat. These will make your Neopet match his or her Petpet, making the Abominable Snowball feel right at home!

Painting Your Abominable Snowball

A more costly option for preserving your snowy mound of a Petpet is to consider a temporary (seasonal) paint job, or perhaps a more permanent one. Mentioned earlier was the Desert color, which will transform your once shapely Petpet into a stagnant puddle. If you'd like him to retain his stature, consider painting him into a material that is no longer snow, such as Robot, Plushie, or Sketch! There is even a rumor that a Faerie Abominable Snowball is imbued with a magical ability not to melt! There is another rumor that there is one color you can paint your frozen pal that will warm up the snow without making it melt, yellow (though...this one is a little questionable in my opinion). It's also possible to paint him Fire and burn the snow to a hard crispy texture resembling ash, there is no way he'll melt after that!

There is no guaranteed right way to keep your Petpet as a pile of frozen water aside from making a permanent move up into the caves of Terror Mountain and spending your days sledding the slopes, but with these items and little tricks, you stand a chance at keeping your Snowball snowy all year. Make sure you give him plenty of love, plenty of adventure, and keep him away from the hungry Turmaculus (he loves a good ice pop). Oh, and make sure he keeps his hat and scarf on! Most of the time a hat and scarf would keep someone warm, but in this case it helps them retain the cold and stay icy.

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