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Caring For Crying Kadoaties

by alyseth


We've all paid a visit to the Kadoatery, a sort of pound for petpets, but only one specific petpet: the Kadoatie. It's a grim place, small cages stuffed with sad and hungry bobble-headed cuties, they are begging for food around the clock. Sometimes the food is affordable and kind Neopians are throwing treats into cages at a rapid pace, other times the food required is hundreds of thousands of Neopoints. Those Kadoaties with expensive taste tend to stay hungry for a long time. Thankfully, it's possible for you to save Kadoaties from the Trading Post, before they end up in that sad, sad Kadoatery.

So you've made the decision to give your Neopets his or her own Kadoatie, a friend to love and care for and lavish with all the food and treats they want. But what is the exact best way to care for your Kadoatie? Well, that's what I'm here for! I'm the resident Kadoatie expert of...of...of this issue of the Neopian Times at least!! Let's delve into what makes this petpet so lovable, and how we can show them the most love!

Kadoaties are amazing...amazingly difficult. They were first found in Neopia back in 2001, about 16 years ago. Since their introduction, they've been causing quite a ruckus through the back alleys and on windowsills all over. Quite honestly, I can see why somebody would want to lock them up in the Kadoatery and spare the ears of people everywhere. One of the biggest things you'll have to overcome as a Kadoatie owner is the noise: they cry and cry as soon as you turn off the lights and will continue crying until the lights come back on. That's right, you won't be sleeping in the dark anymore, unless you invest in some VERY thick ear plugs.

Are you scared out of adopting a Kadoatie yet? If not, we can move on to the fun part: paint brushes! Yes, you can get a Kadoatie in up to 25 colors! And this doesn't count the specialty, rare, limited edition colors such as the Birthday Kadoatie or Jelly Kadoatie. Gosh, that Jelly Kadoatie would look great in a land full of jelly...too bad such a place doesn't exist!

Back to the topic at hand, Kadoatie colors. It's best to synchronize your petpet color with the color of your Neopet, that would make them quite the fiercesome duo. Imagine a beautiful Tyrannian Chia with his Tyrannian Kadoatie, or perhaps a Pirate Krawk with her Pirate Kadoatie. Absolutely, positively fabulous! You'll be the talk of the town (and the Neoboards) and the envy of all your neighbors. I don't recommend zapping your petpet at the laboratory, you never know what the crazy kookith will do or if your rare, valuable Kadoatie will be reduced to a pile of ashes. Just play some extra games and hunt around on the Shop Wizard to snatch a good price on a petpet paint brush.

    Now that you've painted your petpet, matched him or her to your Neopet, it's time to keep your Kadoatie entertained. One of the common games many people play with their petpet involves a treacherous journey deep into the catacombs below Neovia. Can you imagine a Neopet who cries loud enough to break the sound barrier would want to be plummeted into Grave Danger and scrounge around for some dirty chocolate? No way! It's definitely better to send a more suitable petpet, such as a Slorg, down into these tombs.

Instead of dirtying up their delicate fur, consider picking up a Clawed Petpet Bath and giving your Kadoatie a nice scrubbing. Nothing feels better than a sponge bath and a good scratch behind the ears. After they are all clean they can tuck into a nice Pink Domed Petpet Bed and take a nice long nap. If they fall asleep, maybe you'll be able to turn off the lights for a quick minute and catch some rest yourself!

But you can't possibly be around 24 hours a day to keep your petpet entertained, so consider getting them a petpetpet. A petpetpet is an itsy bitsy, teenie tiny pet for the pet of your pet pet pet pet. Confused yet? So am I. Basically, it's a tiny little buddy for your Kadoatie. There are many out in the world, usually seen as pests that can be found climbing in a petpet's fur or stuck in their teeth. Kadoaties seem to like them though and could keep them entertained for hours. It's been known that Moaches, Rainblugs, and even the Cooty petpetpet are the favorites of our crying Kadoaties. Consider shopping around the Trading Post, or visiting The Coincidence to try to obtain one.

Does this seem like a lot of work? Are you starting to think that maybe you won't be able to afford your electric bill for one of these needy petpets? Are you doubting your ability to provide all the time and attention they need? You're probably right. There is a reason the Kadoatery exists. A lot of people have adopted Kadoaties and realized that they just can't provide all that they need, so they end up in these little cages. If you want to save yourself and your Neopet a lot of stress, maybe you should just start doing weekly or daily visits to the Kadoatery. You get all the love and affection, but you get to take a step away from the crying and get a proper night of sleep. Plus, you'll be really helping the hungry Kadoaties in need and not contributing to the amount ending up behind bars if in fact you can't care for it.

But if you think you are up to the challenge, if you think you can handle the pressure and all the needs, go for it! Become a Kadoatie owner and give them all the love you can. I'm wishing you the best of luck and I'm hoping this guide made ownership a little bit simpler for you. For all the difficulties of owning a Kadoatie, they are a beautiful and affectionate petpet and you will get back the care and love that you put in.

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