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What if...?

by water_park1993


Have you ever wondered how Neopia would be today if certain pivotal events never took place during the course of its history? Here putting my imagination to work, I tried to form a new Neopia by removing important and groundbreaking revelations and plots from its history. To help you get into my mind - which I must admit is bigger on the inside than on the outside - and depict an alternate Neopia and accept these events as true.

What if...

1....we never found that mysterious portal in Fairy City

Remember the elusive portal hidden in a tower in Fairy City? If no one had noticed that portal we would have never visited Altador. No one would have known of the curse of the Darkest Faerie and the poor citizens of Altador would still live in despair not knowing what is wrong. They would feel that something wasn’t right, but they would all live under Jerdana’s memory loss spell. No one would had destroyed the statue of the Sleeper (or Betrayer) so the spell would never have been lifted. The angry Yurble janitor would have been angry at all of us for not helping out; but how would we know? Thankfully that portal was discovered just in time! Who knows? Maybe the native Altadorians would still call themselves Taladorians! The annual Altador Cup would never have existed, so no exciting events would take place every summer, no new prizes and no Crazy Techo fan!

2...Lord Darigan never invaded Meridell

Imagine a harmonious unison between Lord Darigan and Grumpy Old King Skarl playing chess and drinking sweet potato fizzy drinks all day long, chilling on the floating citadel of Darigan, or going Turdle Racing in the peaceful land of Meridell. Illusen would probably have a portrait of Lord Darigan hanging from the walls of her Glade and she would be offering Darigan-themed tea to all visitors. Kass Basher would not exist therefore it would not provide any fun to Meridellian younglings and the the King’s castle would be painted purple and black while the Citadel would be blue and red themed. They would form an alliance called Meridell Darigan Citadel (or Meridell D.C. for short) and participate in the Altador Cup with players like “Wizard” Windelle and Layton Vickles being teammates.

3...Bonju hadn’t pushed Hoban off the ship

Cyodrakes Gaze’s trip would have been so much quieter if Bonju hadn’t pushed Hoban off! After all, living as a happy family on a ship that’s continuously on the go wouldn’t be so easy, but at least Bonju would keep his anger suppressed and not end up pushing his poor comrade over! Of course we wouldn’t have the privilege of discovering Hoban’s leftovers which is such a profound item. Neither would we have followed the Gaze’s trip closely, so Shenkuu would probably still be under discovery up to these days. The Gaze’s trip gave us the opportunity to explore a new land on Neopia, where Kreludor’s coordinates and studies are as important to them as dice are to Count Von Roo.

4...the Neopian Times Weewoo wasn’t white

Oh, the horror! Imagine the Times being painted in all hues and saturations of brown instead of white! Yes that’s right, if the White Weewoo was never white but it was be brown. Then iit wouldn’t be named the Brown White Weewoo. No, not even the Brown Weewoo. It would simply be called: “the Weewoo”. All the neopian journalists, story writers, comics scripters and artists would live frantically in terror because of their overlord. Surely the Weewoo would be a vicious leader, constantly craving more entries to be submitted in the Times in order to satisfy its ego, competing closely with Dr. Sloth. While the White Weewoo brings harmony and sanity in the Times, the Weewoo would signal the downfall of the Neopian Times as we know it!

5...combinational coloured plushies existed in Plushie Tycoon

How about we use some red and some blue cloth to create purple plushies? Or how about of some yellow and of some blue to create green ones? Of course, that would mean that the existing green cloth option would probably be non-existent or simply a redundant option in the store. The option of creating combinational coloured plushies in Plushie Tycoon, would surely influence the economy a lot, towards the positive direction. Primarily, more workers would be employed in order to complete the different tasks required to achieve the colouration of the fabrics by combining two different ones. Not to mention the scientists hidden behind this revelation; that actually solid cloths can be combined! It would probably be a gift from Fyora herself. The net profit of potential tycoons would skyrocket due to the increased possibilities they would have to, in addition to their vast pool of choices that already exist in their disposal. But the happiest figure of them all would be the Tax Man. More profit signifies more tax due when he promptly arrives every week for his collection.

6...AAA never became a Games’ Master

Aristotle A. Avinroo, or as he is usually called AAA, would be a normal 14-year old yellow Blumaroo, living with his sister Abigail and his cousin Lulu; but we would have never known about him! No special stamps or gumball machines would have been made in their honour. Worst of all, there would be no Daily Dares or Game Master Challenges for us to participate in and prove our worth. Some would say that Neopia might have been a quieter place for one to live in. But where would the thrill of the games be? Who would (claim) to give us tips and let us win in a one-to-one confrontation in the games room, only to claim that our win was due to their tips? No one! The whole fiasco with King Roothless capturing AAA and Abigail to prove his worth would have never taken place. Of course that is mainly AAA’s fault due to his bragging, for which we cannot really blame Roothless himself.

Thus concludes this article. Here are six alternate realities that could have existed, had history taken a different path. You may now stop imagining this parallel world which I have so exceptionally crafted and always remember a last ‘what if’.

What if we stop envisioning a different Neopia and appreciate the one we have right now, with its quirky characters and fun games?

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