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Random Event Revenge

by dragondancer007


We’ve all had that moment before. You’re innocently playing Neopets, then suddenly, out of the blue, you get a random event. But instead of getting a helpful, or even a do-nothing random event, it’s a terrible one. The type that steals away some of your hard earned neopoints, gives your active pet a disease, or even robs you of something from your inventory.

They’re quite rage inducing, aren’t they?

But instead of taking out your anger in unhealthy ways, such as bashing your keyboard or throwing your laptop to the ground, this article aims to help you find a much better outlet! After compiling a list of some of the worst random events on the site, I have come up with a way to get back at each random event personally, without any risk to you our your precious computer. It’s quite satisfying knowing that you can get some personal revenge on whoever has dared to target you through one of their random events. So without further ado, let’s begin.

Evil Coconut

Nothing is more annoying when you’re training a pet then to have it knocked on the head by an evil-looking coconut. The coconut knocks your pet so senseless that it loses a level. That’s at least four hours of your time and one codestone wasted. It’s infuriating! However, know that there’s an easy way to get revenge. If you have just a few neopoints on hand (one hundred to be exact), then you can afford to go to the Deserted Fairground and play a few rounds of Coconut Shy. You may not hit coconuts every throw, but when you do, there’s nothing more satisfying than the solid thunk of your ball against a coconut. That will certainly teach coconuts to ever mess with you again.

King Skarl’s Tax

You have the Tax Beast random event, you have the Angry Tax Beast random event, you have Dr. Sloth’s Invasion Tax random event, and you have King Skarl’s Marrow Tax random event. Of those four random events however, none is more dreaded than King Skarl’s Marrow Tax. While the other ones reward you with the chance of getting a trophy in return for you taxes, King Skarl gives you nothing! He simply takes twenty percent of your neopoints and leaves without so much as an apology. It’s quite rude! However, like the Evil Coconut, taking revenge on him is easy. All you have to do is simply refrain from buying anything from Meridell for a week or two. Your lack of neopoints will hurt Meridell’s direct income, which is where King Skarl takes most of his money, and will soon have him ruing the day he ever taxed you.

Kiko Lake Team

When the Kiko Lake team forcibly takes a “donation” from you to fund them going to the Altador Cup, more often then not they take something from your inventory that you have no desire to give up. Hundreds of honest, hard working Neopians lose millions of neopoints to the Kiko Lake team every year. However, getting revenge on them, while requiring a little bit of work, is definitely worth it. All you have to do is wait until the Altador Cup rolls around each year. Then, after picking any team but Kiko Lake, you wait until the day your team faces off against them. Once that day comes, do everything you can to defeat them in the Altador Cup. Hours of Slushie Slinger, Yooyuball, Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown are more than worth the feeling of satisfaction that comes from defeating Kiko Lake and getting revenge on them for stealing your precious items.

Hubrid Nox

Another dreaded stat changing random event is caused by the ghost of Hubrid Nox, which can visit you and make your Neopet lose not one, but up to five maximum hit points. It’s absolutely outrageous! However, like the Evil Coconut random event, there’s a simple game you can play to get revenge on Hubrid Nox. If you play Magax: Destroyer, you’ll quickly find that Hubrid Nox is portrayed as the main villain, and that you’re allowed to zap him to oblivion as much as your heart desires. Take that, Hubrid Nox!

The Darkest Faerie

The Darkest Faerie, also known as The Sleeper and The Betrayer, is quite an evil faerie. An especially nasty display of her evilness can be seen in her random event, where she will randomly visit you and give one of your pets a disease. Suddenly one of your Neopets will no longer be healthy and happy, but will be suffering from a raging sickness. It’s enough to enrage any good Neopets owner! However, the best and most satisfying way to get revenge on her for that is to complete the Altador Plot (if you haven’t already). Through the Altador Plot, you’ll get the chance to end the Darkest Faerie’s power, freeing Altador from her reign. Not only will you become a hero of Altador, but you’ll make her regret she ever messed with you.

Bug Brothers

Two of the most annoying bugs in all of Neopia are the Bug Brothers. Pesky little creatures, they’ll strike when you’re not looking and steal a random amount of neopoints from you, with no reimbursement. But don’t worry too much if they attack you, because there’s an easy way to earn the neopoints they take from you back. Like Hubrid Nox and the Evil Coconut, these two bugs have a game based around them as well! After just a few rounds of Smite Bug Smite, you’ll feel loads better about getting stolen from. You get to capture the brothers, while earning back the neopoints they stole in the process!

As you can see, there are dozens of negative random events that can strike you all over Neopia. However, as I hope this article has taught you, hope is not lost when one of them hits you. There’s no need to start weeping and wailing over your loss. Instead, you can take action! You can get some personal revenge against those who have dared to target you and your Neopets, and often in the process, you better yourself. You can earn neopoints avenging yourself against the many evil Neopians who also star in games, or you can get shiny prizes by completing the Altador Plot or playing in the Altador Cup. As long as you keep your head held up high and remember your goals, there’s no reason you can’t succeed against some of Neopia’s worst citizens. So next time you get struck by one of these less-than-good random events, be content in knowing that revenge will soon be yours!


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