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Gourmet Feeding (On a Budget)

by remidica


The Month of Collecting is over and it was great! It’s time to now face the Month of Storing head on! It is a wonderful time in Neopia to go ahead and shake out all the stuff you gathered in the Month of Collecting and … eat it? Wait. No! We need to save those for the Month of Celebrating, silly Neopians!

But what is a poor, hungry Gourmet Club participant to do? Don’t worry Neopians! I’m here to show you how you can feed your Neopets with those juicy, gooey and wonderful Gourmet Foods without breaking the bank, diving into your Safety Deposit cache or sending your Neopets to the Soup Faerie! (The Month of Celebrating is around the corner, so let’s save those neopoints for some great gift giving, eh?) These foods are nutritious, sweet, filled with flavor and your Neopet won’t know they are eating like royalty on a budget!

1. Chocolate Cherry Bundt Cake

This is a cheap but oh so delicious double chocolate cake covered in chocolate drizzle that is topped with colorful, bright, juicy red cherries that any Neopet would love to eat with family, friends, co-workers at the Faerie Employment Agency… or by themselves! (Haunted Milk is a recommended side dish with this dessert!) Who doesn’t love chocolate or cherries?

2. Omelette Turkey

This turkey is made of omelettes? Oh yes it is! It is perfect to start off the morning with gooey cheese and egg deliciousness! Be sure to cook this fully… this turkey might “gobble” back at you! What a surprise that would be to your Neopet at breakfast! (That would be the talk of Neopia and your Neopet’s show and tell at school!)

3. Fresh-Squeezed Florange Juice

Start your Neopet’s day off right with a nice glass of freshly squeezed Florange juice! It pairs quite nicely with the Omelette Turkey. No need to buy the gallon sized. It’s not as fresh and your Neopet will love the time you took to freshly squeeze it… they won’t know it’s so cheap to make! But they might catch on… since Floranges are rumored to bring vast knowledge to those who eat them! (Rumors only though!)

4. Garlicy Mushrooms

Just because we are eating on a budget, doesn’t mean we have to eat junk! This healthy lunch or dinner side item is perfect to balance all vitamins and nutrients all your Neopets need to ward off from taking a trip to the Neopia Hospital! (Not recommended for Halloween Neopets! It might actually send them to the Neopia Hospital with a case of the Floppy Tongue or Kikoughela!)

5. Hidden Treasure Pasta

Cold nights deserve a warm meal! Make your Neopet feel neopoint rich by serving their favorite hot pasta from a treasure chest! (Best served with Garlicy Mushrooms stirred in or served as a side!) Jewel encrusted golden crown not included in the treasure chest; but if you do happen to find one, please neomail me so I can come pick it up… for research purposes, of course!

6. Faerie Apple Pie

This warm, gooey, cinnamon hinted apple pie is busting with so much flavor that it couldn’t contain all of it yummy deliciousness! Your Neopet might brag about this pie, so you might need to stock up on them if any of their friends come over! (Or better yet, throw a pie party!) Be sure to weight the plate down so it doesn’t fly away or else you’ll spend the entirety of the party cleaning what would have been your tasty dessert off your ceiling! (Haunted Milk is a recommended side dish with this dessert!)

7. Smiley Pizza

Sometimes, during the Month of Storing, we work so hard or become so busy that dinner is often a chore. Take the work out of dinner time and serve it up with a side of cheer! Your Neopet will love the cheesy pizza with fresh tomatoes arranged as a smiley face! You can make the face even sillier by adding any leftover Garlicy Mushrooms as ears and Hidden Treasure Pasta as hair! It’s sure to be a favorite with your Neopet!

8. Figcorn

It gets cold this time of year! This Figcorn is perfect to sit around the warm hearth in your Neohome, snuggled with your Neopets, telling stories of past holidays or family jokes! It’s nutritious, delicious and budget friendly! It’s got an even better flavor if you pop if over the fire! Guaranteed smoky, yummy and crunchy! (Be sure to take it off the fire after hearing no-popping noises for 3 seconds; that smoky, crunchy flavor might be something the house smells like... and not your snack!)

9. Cake Batter Slushie

There is a birthday coming up.. what better way than to celebrate it with your Neopet darlings with a sugary, cake batter slushie!? Vanilla slushie goodness mixed with colorful, bright sprinkles all throughout and topped to crunchy heaven! Be sure to save the parts they don’t eat. By following the directions on the slushie, you can bake it and treat them with a small cake for dessert! Your bright, bouncing Neopets won’t know you turned left overs into a wonderful second snack!

10. Pineapple Rice Bowl

Bring back the warmth and happiness of the warm weather to your dinner with the Pinapple Rice Bowl! This hollowed out pineapple is served with warm brown rice that hints with summer vacation and smells of tropical breezes! You might have to snap your Neopets out of their day dreams of far off places so they can finish their meal before it gets too cold! Summer vacation could never be as budget friendly as this!

11. Pound Cake and Frosting Sandwich

What better way to use up all that extra pound cake than to cut it into slices and slather a bunch of icing between them? Your Neopet will love this as a dessert or lunch! They will never know that this meal was made on a budget made up of left over cake!

12. Pyramid Potato Skins

These potato skins are stacked up to form a pyramid and served on a beautiful plate to resemble the pyramids of The Lost Desert! They will feel like they are eating exotic foods and you’ll love that your budget wasn’t broken or dipped into!

13. Ginger Green Tea

This delicious yet healthy drink is a great way to treat your Neopets and keep them healthy this month against the Kikoughela and D'achoo! By treating them to a great tea that won’t break into those hard earned neopoints, you’ll save neopoints by warding off having to buy unnecessary medicine!

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