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The 10 Most Relaxing Games in Neopia

by saiphami


These days it seems that the Games Room is more of a source of frustration than anything else. We’ve all been there - working tirelessly to bring a score up just that little bit more in order to finally earn that Chia Bomber avatar or to finally upgrade that trophy from silver to gold, all the while muttering under our breath about how much we loathe this game. But games are supposed to be fun…right? So in the spirit of fun – take a break from the headache that is Meerca Chase and try out these games that are less of a brawl in the Battledome and more of a lazy day at a beach, full of pure relaxation.

1. Igloo Garage Sale

I have a real soft spot for this game. Perhaps it is because there has yet to be an avatar released for it, so I’ve never had to reach a certain score. More than that though, Igloo Garage Sale is honestly just a purely enjoyable game. With the only two characters on screen being the smiley faces of Mika and Carissa, it’s hard to be upset when your only task is collecting a few knickknacks. Even the enemies are fairly nonthreatening – all you have to do is dodge a few stray pianos and bombs here and there. Admittedly, things can get a little hairy when those obstacles present themselves, but the reward is all the sweeter when you manage to grab a couple glittering golden dubloons – for fifty points each. And the feeling of triumph when you get that collect-all-bonus at the end of a successful round? Bliss.

2. Turmac Roll

Turmac Roll is one of the most popular games on Neopets, and for good reason. There aren’t any time limits and it’s super easy to get the hang of – just learning when to make the cute little Turmac jump takes a matter of minutes and then you’re well on your way to mastery. It also helps that your primary objective is to get as many berries as you can – and they’re all so colorful and scrumptious-looking (Aquaberry, anyone?) that it’s virtually impossible to dislike this game.

3. Freaky Factory

Some may disagree with this, but I believe Freaky Factory is one of the most addictive and pleasing games on the entire site. Even after I earned the avatar for this game, I kept playing it – over, and over again. There’s something just so immensely satisfying about making sure all the vats are filled and that your chain isn’t broken by the Grundo thief, while you reap the benefits of consecutive bonuses. Even when you mess up by overfilling a vat or mistakenly dropping a blob of paint, there’s even a cute reward to make up for it: the cheerful clean-up sound from the soap blob that’s been clicked upon. Admittedly, there is a bit of a learning curve to this game but once you’ve conquered the game once (when going after that elusive avatar), you’re going to want to come back for more and more. Trust me.

4. Meepit Juice Break

Admittedly, Meepit Juice Break can be more than a little frustrating when you’re playing the regular, competitive mode – but that’s what zen mode is for! When you just want a little bit of relaxation, there’s nothing that beats the allure of a game featuring an endless play-style where you can make sure every adorable Meepit is satisfied! The music is happy and upbeat, and the colors are in a cheery rainbow that is sure to brighten your day – and when you don’t have a ticking clock to worry about, the game’s mechanics end up being rather addictive.

5. Hasee Bounce

Hasee Bounce is a cult favorite of many Neopians, and for good reason. The cute little noises Jimmy and Woogi make as they jump and bop around are completely infectious, and there is a simple pleasure that one gets with each tasty Doughnutfruit collected. There isn’t much stress to be found within this game (no enemies, few distractions) and the simple controls make it an easy game to begin mastering. Plus, the random chance of a rare Doughnutfruit always makes for a delightful surprise – Fish Doughnutfruit, anyone?

6. Feed Florg

Despite its sinister plotline (feeding petpets to the oh-so-evil Florg), there is something oddly satisfying about this game. The lack of soundtrack is a breath of fresh air, and the game mechanics are straightforward – only two keys to press at most, keeping each petpet on the table until Florg is ready to chow down with a resounding crunch. Gameplay doesn’t typically last more than a few minutes, which makes it a quick way to get in a brief burst of relaxing fun when you’re going about your Neopian day.

7. Ice Cream Machine

I’ll admit it – I still don’t have the avatar for Ice Cream Machine. The later levels are, to put it mildly, a challenge. However, even after my endless attempts to get a high enough score, I still have an irrational love for this game, and never really end up frustrated when that scoop of ice cream hits Adee’s face. It’s hard to do anything but enjoy Ice Cream Machine – it’s a nearly flawless game with so much to adore. The colors and flavors of the ice cream scoops are mouthwatering, the music is peppy, and the gradually increasing difficulty per level makes it an easy game to get the hang of. Plus, who doesn’t love collecting the heart-shaped extra life scoops?

8. Kookia

Regardless of the difficulty level you choose, this game is so easy to play yet endless amounts of entertainment. Personally I recommend trying the hardest difficulty level first – it’s actually not all that challenging to get the hang of, and while you’re having so much fun, you can also be racking up enough points for a trophy! Kookia’s appeal comes from a multitude of features all working seamlessly together – the mouse-based gameplay, the charming level settings, and the pleasing sounds when you successfully collect a chain of those delightful Kookiths. Due to the lack of an avatar of this game, it’s incredibly underrated – so try it out today!

9. Pterattack

I have a deep fondness for Pterattack, as each play evokes strong feelings of nostalgia with its somewhat retro gameplay and uncomplicated graphics. There is one goal for the player – defeat the Pterodactyls – and thus the game is relatively uncomplicated and stress-free. Furthermore, Pterattack offers options that supply maximum enjoyment; players can choose what type of attack style they want to utilize, provided they pick up the corresponding powerups as they pass the Pteri by. Many Neopians especially love the FireBall powerups but more precision-based players may prefer the blue laser PterShot, while others have a staunch adoration for green PterPod or the oh-so-fast purple PterBoom. Try them all – you’ll have fun all the way!

10. Shenkuu Warrior II

Perhaps Shenkuu Warrior II is an unconventional choice for a favorite game, but there is one key aspect of it that makes it so relaxing: the game doesn’t end until you decide it does, or you beat the last level. Few games on the site allow you to just keep playing until you get better, but Shenkuu Warrior II’s levels can be played over and over again until you’re satisfied with your score enough to proceed to the next one! Hoarders will be ever so happy to collect coin after coin while ascending to each ledge – and the points will climb as they do so! This game requires quick thinking but it’s a fun, not frustrating, challenge, that I highly recommend trying out when you need a bit of downtime.

There you have it. Ten games that should bring about the maximum amount of fun with the least amount of stress. Whether it’s filling up vats with paint blobs or dodging ice cream scoops, these games offer a wide variety of choices to take a breather from the busy whirlwind that is Neopia. So next time that you miss that restock or you just can’t get a high enough score in Petpet Sitter, give yourself a break and enjoy one of these wonderful relaxing games! Stay zen my friends!

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