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The Top Five Neopets for Beginners

by nikibogwater


So after months of whining and begging and blackmailing etc, you’ve finally gotten your friend to take a look at Neopets for the very first time. Everything’s going pretty smoothly, filling out the paperwork and registering as a Neopian and such. But then the proud new citizen enters the Adoption Center, and is immediately bombarded by dozens of adorable faces, all beaming up at them with hopeful eyes and perked ears. If your friend is anything like me, they will be frozen in indecision for up to forty minutes trying to decide which Neopet they want to adopt. In desperation, your friend turns to you and asks which one you think they should pick. Now you are the one squirming under the gaze of dozens of shining eyes. Is it just you, or did the walls start closing in?

    Well, to help both you and your friend make that oh-so-difficult decision, I decided to do some research for you. Today, we’re going to be looking at the Top Five Neopets for Beginners. All Neopets have their own charm and likability, but it’s no secret that they all have different requirements that need to be met when caring for them. So I’ve compiled a collection of the least demanding Neopets. Once you master the basics, then maybe you can try your hand at the Top Five Most Challenging Neopets! But for now, baby steps.

    Number Five: Kougra

    Kougras share many personality traits with Wockies, but are slightly easier to care for due to their short, clean fur, and independent nature. While they are not known to be shy, they appreciate their solitude, and should be left to themselves every now and again to recharge. They love to stalk and pounce, but their large paws are soft and gentle, so it is rare to see a Kougra actually injure their “prey.” They are known to be affectionate and sensitive to their owner’s needs. When happy, a Kougra will purr and gently knead with its paws, which makes them amazing de-stressing companions. Kougras will desire copious amounts of one-on-one bonding time with their owners, so be aware of that if you plan on adopting one into a larger household with other Neopets vying for your attention. They have very sharp claws, and will scratch when bored or upset. It is advised that you keep a scratching post handy. Otherwise, they will attack and shred your furniture, pillows, blankets, or anything else they can dig their claws into. A Kougra will mostly see after its own grooming without any direction from their owner. They should be brushed from shoulder to tail at least once a week, and it is advised that you trim their claws every-so-often to reduce scratch marks on your floor.

    Number Four: Chia

    Chias are known for having generally cheerful dispositions. They are social and adventurous, but maintain an appropriate level of cautiousness. Unlike the rambunctious Meerca, Chias are characterized by their inclination towards tidiness. A Chia will almost never leave you with a mess to clean up. While far from overly-clingy, a Chia will feel most comfortable when it is by its owner’s side, and it is rare to see them wander off on their own. Their unique shape makes them easy to pick out of a crowd as well. They get along with other Neopets, and are known to have a keen fondness for Petpets. A Chia will be happiest with an active owner, who is on the go around Neopia much of the time. While eager to please, stubbornness can be a recurring trait in certain individuals, so be prepared to be patient, yet firm. Because of their short fur, they require little in the way of grooming, aside from a quick bath once or twice a week.

    Number Three: Kau

    Kaus are widely known for their typically placid temperaments. If left to themselves, they are good at staying out of trouble and keeping themselves occupied with quiet activities such as reading and grazing. They feel most comfortable in a group, and get along well with other Neopets. They are not known for taking initiative or striking out on their own, and will faithfully follow their owners from one end of Neopia to the other. They have great strength and endurance, and are usually happy to carry your items for you. A Kau will always eat more than you expect, so you must be vigilant about keeping them satisfied. Otherwise, they will be drawn to gardens and vegetable patches, and will tear up the soil with their hooves as they graze. Kaus are easy to groom, but need to be bathed more frequently than other pets. They also like to have their horns polished and their hooves filed every now and again.

    Number Two: Kacheek

    Kacheeks are quiet, gentle, and eager to please. They will happily follow you wherever you go, and are rarely ever bored. Kacheeks possess the ability to see beauty in nearly everything. With their optimistic and friendly personalities, they win over strangers easily. They often enjoy caring for others, including Petpets, plants, and sometimes even their owners. They are very affectionate, and love to snuggle. Whatever time you invest in a Kacheek is well worth it. They will shed their fur once a year, so be sure to keep a vacuum handy. They appreciate frequent baths and lots of brushing. With proper care, a Kacheek’s fur can easily rival that of a Xweetok’s.

    And finally, the Number One Best Neopet for Beginners!

    From the moment you accept a Gelert into your home, it will be your most stalwart and faithful companion. While all Neopets are known to develop strong bonds with their owners, the Gelert’s loyalty is unrivaled in all of Neopia. If you treat a Gelert with respect and care, it will never disobey you or let you down. This trait makes them one of the most easily trainable Neopets. Gelerts love to play, and require daily exercise. They will never wander far from your side, and will always be there for you when you need them. Gelerts have short fur that requires little in the way of grooming.

    Hopefully, the next time you walk into the Adoption Center with your first-time-in-Neopia friend, you’ll have at least a few suggestions to make when they turn to you with uncertainty. Choosing the perfect partner is always a challenge, but the one thing every Neopet has in common is their desire for a loving and responsible owner. No matter how difficult or how easy a Neopet is to take care of, that is one thing that will never change.

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