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Top 10 Spookiest Avatars

by sky_lady


Hello fellow Neopian readers! Here I am, once again, ready to show you the spooky avatars you have been missing for the upcoming Halloween. This article will feature the Top 10 spookiest avatars so you can enjoy the Halloween at 100%! If you are staying home, put on a scary costume and go chat in the Neoboards with a matching avatar. This Top 10 edition will not have any retired avatars so you should have no issues in getting (almost) all of them! The list will start with the easy and less spooky (but still spooky!) avatars and it will move to the hardest ones. Excited to find out which one is the winner? Well, grab some Undead Cupcakes and start reading.

10: Meerca - Halloween

And so the Top 10 starts with a Halloween Meerca, what a creepy neopet! I decided to start with this avatar because it is one of the less spooky avatars listed and also because it is very simple to unlock it. To get this avatar all you have to do is to visit the lookup of a Halloween Meerca (duh?!), BUT the tricky part is, the Meerca must have a petpet attached! Otherwise you won't be able to unlock this avatar. So are you mentally prepared to look for some scary Meercas? Let the hunt begin!

9: Lenny - Wicked

For the 9th position, we have another pet related avatar, but this one also has a tricky part - well, that's the funny thing about avatars! To obtain this avatar you will need two things: a Lenny (any color will do, but the creepier, the better) and a Spooky Food! You better not get a Faerie Lenny because you will have to force your pet to eat a Spooky Food and you know how disgusting they can be. The best option is to pick a Lenny that is already used to spooky stuff. I am sure a Zombie or a Mutant Lenny will be very happy to eat any Spooky Food and so award you this wicked avatar.

8: Moehog - Halloween

Doesn't this Moehog look familiar? It kind of reminds me of Dr. Frank Sloth... And that is probably the reason why you will need an item with the word "Sloth" to unlock this avatar! It is very simple. Just make sure you have in your inventory an item with the word "Sloth" on it and view the lookup of a Halloween Moehog. These Moehogs are very easy to spot. If you know what Dr. Sloth looks like, you will easily recognize a Halloween Moehog. Just make sure you don't accidentally find Dr. Frank Sloth, it would not be good...

7: Werelupe

Are you team Jacob or team Edward this Halloween? Well, it really doesn't matter because I am sure you will want this avatar anyway. That is what avatar collectors do, right? They collect avatars, every single one of them, from the pretty ones to the ugliest. Alright, moving on! This is the last pet related avatar listed and it is also the hardest of the avatars listed above. To obtain the Werelupe avatar you must own... a... Halloween Lupe, which is a Werelupe in case you don't know! Easy, right? We are not done yet, though. After owning this scary neopet you must visit his (or her, can also be a female Werelupe, got to be open minded) petlookup, in order to get this avatar. It is not really hard, but the Halloween Paint Brushes are somewhat expensive, so you better start saving if you want this spooky avatar.

6: Mutant Graveyard of Doom

This avatar can be tedious and hard to achieve. Relax, you don't have to do complicated things nor have amazing game skills. All you have to do is sit on a comfortable chair and refresh at the Game Graveyard for hours, maybe weeks... maybe months. It is a random avatar, so it can take a few minutes for some players, to hours for others. Just sit and start refreshing. If you are lucky, maybe in the next Halloween you will have it! But never give up, because this avatar is one of the spookiest. Braaaiiinsss.

5: Evil Eliv Thade

I know all of you love playing and you are ready for some spooky games. Have you ever heard of The Castle of Eliv Thade? No? You will hear about it now. Eliv Thade was known for his amazing ability to solve anagrams. There is also a rumor that he was driven insane by them. And why am I telling you this? Because to achieve this avatar you must score 1,200+ points solving countless anagrams in The Castle of Eliv Thade. Do you think you can handle it? Just make sure you keep your sanity, avatars are not worth it (or maybe they are and I am already insane). Shhhh.

4: Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

Yup, another game avatar! This avatar's name is very similar to the Game Graveyard's one. Did you ever notice it? This was just a curiosity because the way of unlocking these two avatars is very different. Mutant Graveyard of Doom II is a game in which you have to guide Albert, a Mutant Kacheek, through a maze in order to collect all the required items. It is truly frightening because creepy creatures pop up all the time. To obtain the avatar you must get 2,250+ points in the game and successfully send your score. The game is not one of the hardest and there are a lot of guides you can check. I am sure you will get this one in no time!

3: Evil Coconut

And the 3rd avatar is Evil Coconut! Of course it had to be Evil Coconut because Coconut Shy is actually one of my favorite (rigged) games! I just love the annoyingly way the Quiggle laughs every time I hit a coconut. He is so supportive! But speaking of the avatar, I am sure you agree this one is very, very spooky. Sadly, it is also very, very random so it might take a few tries until you can knock down a coconut. Please keep in mind that if you explode one of the coconuts it will not award you the avatar (but the good thing is, you get a lot of neopoints!!). Thus, to achieve the avatar you really have to knock down a coconut in Coconut Shy. Good luck! I am sure that getting the avatar will be very rewarding for you.

2: Dark Lurker

Again, one of my favorite avatars! I also see it a lot in the Neoboards, specially during Halloween. This avatar is very dark and creepy and I am sure you will be very happy to add it to your collection. All you have to do is to purchase an item, any item, from a shop. The thing is, the shops have to be from a special location. The item has to be bought from any of the Haunted Woods, Deserted Fairground or Neovian shops. To difficult things a bit more, this avatar is awarded randomly, which means you have to keep buying stuff until you get it. Luckily it is not the hardest random and a lot of people get it very quickly when buying 1-3 items. Time to go shopping now. Why not buy some Spooky Food to feed your Lenny in the meantime?

1: Stamp Collector - Haunted Woods

And the winner of the Top 10 Spookiest Avatars is... *suspense* Oh, nevermind. You already read the avatar's name above. So the winner is a stamp avatar! Wohoo! I know, I know, I said it was a no retireds edition. To be honest this avatar is not retired, it is just very hard to achieve. But still achievable. To obtain this avatar you must complete the Haunted Woods page of your stamp album. Sounds very easy, right? But it is not that easy. You will have an hard time trying to find a Scary Tree Stamp for sale because it is a very rare stamp. Also, to fill the entire album page it will require other expensive stamps. Therefore, not everyone can afford this avatar. But if you are neorich, I say go for it! It features the Scary Tree, thus being the spookiest avatar. Have you ever seen anything spookier than a Scary Tree? I haven't. Trees can be really disturbing and creepy. That is the reason why everyone is afraid to go into the woods.

And so the Top 10 avatars have come to an end. Let me remind you these are *my* choices for the spookiest avatars. I am aware that there are many more spooky and creepy avatars you can achieve, for example, Edna - Cackle, Mynci - Halloween, etc. I just hope you had fun reading my Top 10 and that you also have fun hunting all the avatars, being them spooky or not.

*puts on Meepit costume*

Happy Halloween!

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