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A “Haunted” World on Halloween

by stargirl346


If you’re in the mood for a scare, then take a trip to the Haunted Woods if you dare! Scaredy-kacheeks should beware, and take heed to stay far away from there.

With Halloween quickly approaching, if you are searching for frighteningly fun festivities, look no further than the Haunted Woods. Located just one hundred and seventy-five miles southwest of Neopia Central, this land is known for it’s spooky atmosphere and mysterious residents.

Everyday the weather is rainy and foggy, and the ground is incredibly muddy so before you make your trek make sure you are dressed accordingly. Grab a pair of rain boots, an umbrella, and a warm coat out of your closet before heading out.

Not much is known about the Haunted Woods, as many people are too afraid to visit this terrifying land. Many Neopian horror stories center around this land, and a large amount of the horrible villains supposedly come from here. Eliv Thade supposedly haunts his castle and terrorizes all travelers brave enough to trespass. Balthazar was abandoned in the Haunted Woods as a child, and the evil faeries there made him into the villain he is today. It is rumored that Meuka is a Meerca formed entirely out of mucas and that he slithers around the nastier parts of the Haunted Woods devouring everything (and any neopet) in his path. Hubrid Nox has made his home here as well, and he lives atop a desolate mountain that you wouldn’t want to wander into. Even the Pant Devil has been known to make appearances and steal from people wandering through the woods. Beware!

However, if you’re brave enough to leave the comforts of your home behind to explore the Haunted Woods, a horribly good time awaits you. You’ll experience creepy adventures and perhaps even find some unique and bizarre treasures that your friends would have to see to believe.

If you’ve decided to throw caution into the wind and to make the journey to the Haunted Woods, here is a list of some spooktacular things worth checking out during your trip.

If you’re in the mood for a scare:

Witch’s Tower -

Deep in the shadows of the Haunted Wood is a stone grey tower that almost appears to be alive. The windows look like eyes and they glow an angry green from some mysterious magic going on inside. Edna the Witch lives here, and she practices her spells and concocts potions in her bubbling cauldron daily. She is always in need of some extra supplies for her spells, and if you stop by and help her you could be rewarded with spooky items (or, if you’re very lucky, a special avatar).

Brain Tree -

When you’re wandering through the woods, you might stumble upon a special tree sitting alone. He will immediately stand out to you—rather than the blue-grey trees that make up the forest, he is vibrant brown and has hauntingly red eyes and a pulsating brain mixed into his branches. The Brain tree is the only tree ever to have developed intelligence, and he constantly is thirsting for knowledge. Maybe you can help him find the answers he’s searching for?

The Castle of Eliv Thade -

This is perhaps the most infamous landmark in the Haunted Woods. Located right in the center of town, this towering castle gives of terrifying vibes. It was once owned by a Kacheek named Eliv Thade that was fond of writing puzzles. Rumor has it, his ghost still haunts the castle halls to this day, driven mad and seeking revenge over a puzzle he was never able to solve. If you dare, why don’t you visit and see if the rumors are really true?

Halloween Paint Brushes -

A staple of the Haunted Woods, the Halloween Paint Brushes area if a great place to bring your neopets. They can see what festive clothes and colorings they would have if painted with a Halloween Paint Brush. If visiting the Haunted Woods wasn’t festive enough, you can have your pets celebrate Halloween year round in these festive costumes.

If you’d rather play some tricks:

Test Your Strength -

Roll up, roll up, and test your strength here! If Arnold the Myncii catches you walking by he’ll tell you that you can “win GREAT prizes” if you play. Some locals will claim the Arnold rigs the machine and that it’s almost impossible to win. However, if you have 100nps to spare, and you think your neopet has the strength to win, step up and give it a swing!

Wheel of Misfortune -

The Wheel of Misfortune has been a Haunted Woods icon for as long as anyone can remember. The wheel is run by a mysterious Gelert, who dares passerby to give it a chance. If you think you’re lucky, why not stop by the Deserted Fairground and give it a spin. You’ll either win a treat or end up with some horribly spooky trick.

If you’re craving scary treats:

Spooky Food -

Why wait until trick-or-treating to stock up on mountains of delicious candy when you could head on over to the Spooky Food cart? The stand’s motto is: “If it croaks, flaps, or slithers, chances are you can buy it here!” Yum! This is the best place to find Chocolate Jack-O-Lantern Chip Cookies, Pumpkin Pies, Spooky Shakes, Tombscones, and more. It’s almost scary how great some of the deals are here!

Spooky Furniture -

Although this store doesn’t sell food, it sells lots of spooky “treats” for your NeoHome. Here you can find the spookiest decorations and the finest furniture made in the Haunted Woods. You can find items like spyder themed foot rests and meow clops statues here that make excellent additions to your haunted mansion or swamp hut back home.

Whether you celebrate your holiday season playing tricks on others, enjoying eating bags of sweets, or avoiding the scariness altogether the Haunted Woods is a great place to visit in October and year round. There are even more horrible things than those listed above that you can stumble upon in your travels through the Haunted Woods. So take your bravest neopet, grab a flashlight and maybe some cloves of garlic to ward off any vampire-neopets and enjoy exploring this frighteningly festive land.

Oh, and Happy Halloween everyone!

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