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Gone Monsters, Where Are They Now?

by pikachu315111


Neopia is a fantastical world, filled with wonders and excitement. However after a while you realize that doesn’t mean it’s free of worries. Whether you just heard tales or had your own experience, Neopia has many malicious monsters and grim ghosts hiding around the corner. However we have ways of fighting off the daily terrors such as the Pant Devil or Shadow Usul. But those are evils we know about, what about the ones we don’t? Or, more specifically, we did know about? With so many monsters some were bound to vanish from the public eye. What happened to them? Where are they now? And can they become a possible threat again? Before I begin my investigation I need to make a list. My rules for the list are thus:

1. They have to be a monster or ghost. No Neopet or Faerie (unless they’re a ghost). Also, while they can be a monster in a shape of a Neopet, they cannot be a Neopet made into a monster.

2. They’ve had to not have any presence since their initial appearance. So if they can appear in a Random Event, fought in the Battledome, or you can go someplace to encounter them they don’t count.

With these rules in place I jot down my list and start my investigation of:

Gone Monsters, Where Are They Now?

Though I had a list of names I still had no idea where to start my investigation (I suppose if I did I wouldn’t be writing this article). But wandering around for a few days wouldn’t make for an interesting read so I needed some leads. I thought there must be some Neopian who had experience with these fiends so, after some footwork and conversations, I found the best "experts" I could find.

Malevolent Sentient Poogle Plushie:

Expert: Lucie (Plushie Palace Shopkeeper)

"Actually this is my parent’s shop, but I do help around the shop. I provide customers with my expert plushie advice, stock the shelves, and catalogue new plushies I want... I mean we sell! Yeah, sell, I don’t claims dibs on any new plushies we get. *Cough* Um, yeah, so you want to know about the MSPP, right? That plushie is terrifying; it’s the reason why I don’t have a Plushie Poogle Plushie in my collection. I’ve actually encountered the REAL MSPP a few times, you know. It always comes in as a return. A customer comes in, returns a Plushie Poogle Plushie ranting that it’s scaring their kids or making them misbehave, and my parents stores it in the backroom. But it doesn’t stay there. Sometimes when I go into the backroom the lights are out. I’d see something move in the dark. I also sometimes find torn plushies, which I get blamed for! I’m not trying to hide I accidentally torn plushies, the MSPP does it but my parents never believe me! Anyhoo, at some point when I turn around there it would is, staring right at me with a toothy grin and glowing red eyes! I scream and run out the backroom but when my parents take a look they find nothing, the lights are even on again. And of course the MSPP is gone, I’ve sometimes even see it glaring out of a bag of a leaving customer. It gives me a wink. Just thinking about it makes me shiver. So yeah, it’s not gone; it’s just that no one knows they have the MSPP. It’s out there right now, scaring another little kid and breaking their toys for them to be blamed for; and it’ll probably soon be returned to us to start the cycle all over again."


Expert: Zafara Double Agent

"I suppose I’m the only one who would know anything about Blugthak, at least one that’s willing to talk. Even then I can’t say I know much, how Kass found its species or convinced one to join his army is still a mystery even to those who worked closely with him. Of course that’s not what you’re asking. You want to know where Blugthak is now. I don’t know, but I may have an idea. Kass was paranoid, I suppose you would be too if you had three apparitions demanding great things from you, so he had made many contingency plans. These plans included where his forces should regroup to while awaiting for orders. Blugthak is a simple brute; it’ll probably have followed one of the retreating plans. This could mean a few places; the swamps of Bogshot, the thickets of Shadowglen Woods, the crags of Cogham. And would Blugthak have stayed there as instructed or does even it understand the war is over and moves on someplace else, maybe even back to its species homeland? Whatever the case, I also doubt Blugthak would cause any trouble no matter where it is. Blugthak knows its species are outcasts; it’ll keep to itself and away from the Neopian community until its demised Lord tells it otherwise."

The Three:

Expert: Lord Darigan

"To say The Three are gone is to assume they left. I feel saying The Three are ghosts is a misunderstanding. Ghosts were once living beings, or what’s left of their spirit that has not moved on for whatever reason. The Three, I think, were never living; rather they’re an embodiment of strong emotions and thoughts. Ambition, revenge, greed; those are the names they go by though it more feels like that is what they’re representing. Those are often the three ways kingdoms throughout history have fallen, I have wondered if they could be the culmination of the strong emotions and thoughts of the victims and victors of these lost kingdoms. Where are The Three? They’re in your darkest thoughts. They’re the whispers to push you over the line. They destroy entire nations not with force, but by fulfilling your wish; a wish which they then twist. The Three are everywhere, looking for their next Lord. The fact they haven’t reappeared fills me with relief, relief that Neopia and its leaders are strong willed to not give into such influences."


Expert: Library Faerie

"Where did Goliath go? I wasn’t aware anyone outside of those who took the Faerieland Magic Academy Exam even knew of Goliath. *I tell her that it was revealed via a trading card game* Card? Like a collectible card? I guess that makes sense, they’d make a card out of anything. But how did you know Goliath has escaped? *I tell her I didn’t, I was just doing research on monsters in Neopia we haven’t heard about for a while* Oh, oops, well I guess the Kadoatie is out of the Kadoatery now. Yes, when Faerieland fell we’ve lost many magical artifacts... and creatures. Goliath is a creature made from magic that was made to feed off magic. Part of the challenge of stage four of the Faerieand Magic Academy Exam, whom I am an associate dean of, is pacifying Goliath without using magic directly on him. It’s quite challenging and many potential students have failed. When Faerieland fell any magical barrier keeping him contained vanished and he broke through any physical barrier. We’ve since then adjusted stage four to accommodate for his absence. *I ask if this means Goliath is still out there roaming free* Well, yes, probably stomped off somewhere in the Haunted Woods. Oh he’s quiet friendly, at worst he’ll just slime and toss you around, especially if you use magic on him. Just run away, he’s trained not to chase after forfeiters. And afterwards please do report his location to us, stage four isn’t quite the same without him."


Expert: Corbin

"You want to know what happened to Scarlet? Why? We took care of it; Scarlet is someplace where she’ll be happy. Hey, would you like to instead hear about how my and Kell’s grandfather caught the Hairy Tongue Beast? It’s a much more interesting story, and I can tell you where that beast is. *I tell Corbin I want to know about the monster I don’t know the whereabouts of* Oh, if that’s what you want to know I have a whole scrapbook of monsters we’re trying to track down, maybe you could help us. *I decline, saying I’m only interested in Scarlet’s whereabouts* You know even if I told you it’s really far off and a big area, you or someone else who might go looking for Scarlet will get lost. *I tell him if that’s the case he has no reason not to tell where she is* Yeah, look, it’s in the middle of nowhere, alright? No one needs to worry about seeing Scarlet again..."

Kell: "Hey Corbin, I’m back. Scarlet and (CENSORED) are doing alright. Apparently someone was snooping around the (CENSORED) and it spooked them."

Corbin: Um, Kell.

Kell: Yeah Corb... oh, we have a guest. And he sorta looks like the guy that was described snooping around.

Corbin: Yeah, listen, right now I’m going to distract you while my brother prepares to put you asleep.

Kell: In three, two, one...

*A melody plays and the room grows blurry as I fall asleep. When I wake up I’m in the Neolodge. I have a headache and when I check my notes they’ve been censored. I can quite recall the details of our conversation, at least the part where Scarlet is. I check the clock to see half a day has gone by. At risk of losing more time I decide to skip Scarlet and move on to the next monster on my list*

Rock Beast:

Expert: Senator Palpus

"Ah ha! The Rock Beast, I remember that battle fondly. We were amidst the battle with the armies of that egotist space tyrant Dr. Sloth. Now I had been a retired general for a few years by then but you can’t keep an old guard Anubis down I always say. Indeed, with just a handful of palace guards I led a charge against Sloth’s forces and... *I politely interrupt his story saying I just want to know what they did with the Rock Beast* Hmph, youth today. You see these medals? I didn’t get them by disrespecting my superiors. But fine, you just want to know what we did with the Rock Beast? After breaking the titan apart I ran the operation to drop the rocks into a crevice at the base of the outcrop northeast of Sakhmet. At least that’s where it used to be. After years of balderdash that the rocks were moving closer together, get it? Balderdash? Which sounds like ‘boulder’ and ‘dash’? Oh forget it. The rocks which made the Rock Beast vanished. Someone probably took them to sell as souvenirs; the magic Sloth used to bring the titan to life dissipated when the Staff of Alhasutek was destroyed. Otherwise why did everyone else he transformed turn back to normal? And none of the Rock Beasts which Tura-Kepek attacked us with were the same Rock Beast, and those returned to normal rocks too. What I can say with certainty you have nothing to fear about the Rock Beast or its brethren; they’re monsters which only existed in the moment. Yes, that sounds about right." *Despite his insistence, Senator Palpus didn’t look too convinced himself. But he was standing firm behind his statement and he’s the only one who has the reports of the Rock Beast’s rocks disappearing which were considered classified. Not wanting to test an old and nervous general’s patience, I decided to move onto my next destination which also just so happened to be in the Lost Desert*

Spirit of the Ruins:

Expert: Nightsteed

"The Spirit of the Ruins is an interesting case. It’s from the Plains of Despair, the realm Qasala and Sakhmet were teleported to, and originally tormented Qasala. It was one of the worst evil spirits as it was strong enough to break through the protective barrier King Jazan had casted over the city. However it became useful as a test subject when King Jazan started perfecting the spell to teleport between dimensions. On one of its attacks King Jazan teleported the spirit to our current dimension; as a bonus King Jazan was able to make it so the borders of Qasala served as a cage. It went from being a tormentor of Qasala to a protector of its ruins in this dimension. So where is it now? When the city of Qasala was restored the Spirit of the Ruins should have also swapped placed and be back in the Plains of Despair where it can hurt no one. *I noticed Nightsteed then stiffened up, as if he stopped the story half way through. After missing out getting two straight answers in a row I was determined not to make it three. I told Nightsteed I can tell from his posture there’s more to the story. Surprisingly, with a heavy sigh, Nightsteed relented* Things just can’t be that simple, can they? Yes, there is more. While the majority of The Spirit of the Ruins teleported back, smaller evil spirits made from its essence have been able to slip back through. It’s as if a piece of it still remains in this dimension; some reckless fool must have bottled some of it and now we’re left to face the consequences."

Tomb Monster:

Expert: Amarna

"Ooh, ‘tomb’ uses up these tiles I need out of the way! Huh? Oh, right, the Tomb Monster. When surveying tombs you’re bound to encounter some guardian creature. The Tomb Monster is no omission; well, except in one way. Usually a tomb’s guardian is contained within that tomb. I know, sounds obvious, but that’s where the Tomb Monster is unconventional. There was an intricate set of crypts below the Lost Desert and the Tomb Monster was the guardian of that entire complex. Some of the crypts weren’t even connected, not like it mattered as the Tomb Monster was made of sand and able to disassemble itself to slip through the cracks. There also seemed to only be one, which made acquiring some treasure rather effortless when it was preoccupied with interlopers in another crypt. But, alas, a tremendous sandstorm eroded away one of the primary entrances and filled the crypts with sand; even isolated crypts became inaccessible as the sand jammed mechanisms necessary to get in. What became of the Tomb Monster? Who knows, explorers don’t loiter where there isn’t treasure. If I had to fathom, it’s now part of the sand it’s constructed from, finally at peace with its treasure."


Expert: Island Mystic

"Shh, do you want to attract it by evoking its name? If so, well, then you believe in a silly rumor many natives do! Hahaha! No need to worry, you can say its name all you like and it’ll never come. Potgatkerchi. Potgatkerchi! POTGATKERCHI! See, not a noise, not even any disturbed Petpets in the jungle. Though I think I just scared away any native within earshot back into their hut, oh well. But if Potgatkerchi did not come here, then where can it be? *The Island Mystic throws some powder into the fire pit in the middle of the room, causing a flash and red smoke to fill the hut. The Island Mystic then appears through the smoke wearing a tiki mask* Perhaps Potgatkerchi is here *he points a staff he picked up at my forehead*. The mind can make the worst monsters, made from tales told of forbidden places, particularly a lost city. *The Island Mystic lifts the mask off, giving me a jolly smile. The smoke in the hut clears too* If you go looking for Potgatkerchi you’ll never find it. You’ll find idols to it, ones which even move, but those aren’t Potgatkerchi. Maybe instead of Potgatkerchi you should seek those who tell story of Potgatkerchi. But do not talk to them, that won’t help you, just seek. And while you still may not find Potgatkerchi, you will find truth, and that Potgatkerchi is as harmless as its idols."

Chasm Beast:

Expert: Caylis

"The Chasm Beast is where it has always been, it never left. I don’t know why you would think it would, or do you think because no one has said they’ve encountered it means it gone missing for some reason? Do you have a map? I’ll point where the Chasm Beast roughly is. *I just so happen to have a waterproof pocket map and hand it over to Caylis* The Chasm Beast is right here... in unmarked waters. Well there’s your answer! No one sails where it is so no one ever sees it. Is it that hard to piece that together? *I point out just because it’s unmarked doesn’t mean no one has sailed through it* Then I suppose they just never encountered the Chasm Beast. It’s called that for a reason, it lives in a deep undersea chasm. Though if for some reason it was ever near the surface, I would image it would be for one thing: to eat whoever had sailed over its territory. It can eat an entire ship in one bite; they probably wouldn’t even know what’s happening before they’re in its stomach. So in the end I guess the lesson is the Chasm Beast has been where it’s always been, but you don’t want to be there when it proves that."


Expert: Sabre-X

"DO THEY TEACH YOU NOTHING OUTSIDE OF TYRANNIA?! There’s a very good reason why the Monoceraptor hasn’t appeared ever since it invaded Tyrannia, we slew it! Can’t really come back from that; though oddly it did vow revenge with its last breath. *I ask what happened to the body* When what remained of the Monoceraptor’s minions retreated they took their master’s body with them; all that could be found where it laid was a few of its claws which were made into weapons as a prize for the ones who delivered the final blows. Though speaking of the Battledome, there has been a strange thing concerning the new Faerie Abilities and the Monoceraptor. One of the highest Faerie Abilities allows the user to summon an illusion of the Monoceraptor. I had asked the Faeries why this was but they couldn’t give a straight answer, saying they performed an incantation for a powerful force and the Monoceraptor answered the call. However it does not act any different when used against or by a Tyrannian, so I’m not sure if it’s the Monoceraptor’s spirit or something merely copying its appearance. But I take it to meaning the Monoceraptor is gone, just wish I could say the same about that Obelisk."

With that I reached the end of my list. It seems many of these monsters and ghosts continue to allude us, and ones we got a "definite" answer for still feel like they won’t be found any time soon (or anyone would want to). But if there’s anything to take from this is that at the moment there is no need to worry, the time for these creatures have passed and now they lay dormant. How long will they stay quiet? Only time can tell, but in the meantime it’s probably best to focus on the evils we do know the whereabouts of. If anything, battling them is good practice for the next time these fiends finally come out of hiding.

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