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Seven Spectacular Skeith Ensembles

by lakecitygirls111


Every year, when a Neopet's day comes around, Neopets of all species look forward to celebrating in the manner they see fit. Battlepets take a trip to Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy and enjoy Dubloon-free training. Curious Neopets venture to the Rainbow Pool to take a dip and change their color. Some Neopets may model for a portrait to go into the Art Gallery. My favorite Neopian pastime is customising. I love coming up with creative and different outfits that show off my Neopets' personalities. Therefore, in honor of Skeith Day, I set myself the task of transforming Skeiths into the spitting image of seven famous Skeiths. Do you want to help your Skeith celebrate in style? Read on!

The Bank Manager

It's great to see you again. What can I do for you today?

Base color: Green

Items shown: Affluent Banker Shirt and Jacket, Striped Neovian Trousers, Black and White Wingtip Shoes, MME14-S1: Snorkle Bank of Prosperity, Lawyerbot Briefcase, Pot of Neopoints Background.

Possible alternatives: Vivacious Black Trousers

Our first Skeith is dressed to impress in an outfit based on a Skeith many Neopians see every day: The Bank Manager. His Affluent Banker Shirt and Jacket are paired with Striped Neovian Trousers and Black and White Wingtip Shoes. The Lawyerbot Briefcase adds to this functional business attire. Pulling the look together is his Snorkle Bank of Prosperity, showing a bit of humor among this professional look. Sitting among his Pot of Neopoints Background, this Skeith looks dazzling and ready for work.

Commander Flint

ATTACK! Our enemies will fall before us!

Base color: Brown

Items shown: Warrior Wig and Helmet, Chainmail Shoulder Armour, Golden Damask Armour, Shield of Battle Records, Altadorian Warrior Plate Greaves, Basic Khaki Gloves, Rugged Work Boots, Approaching Battle Background

Possible alternatives: Scarred Pirate Eye

Next, we have a customisation that was no small feat to execute. This brown Skeith may not be an exact replica of Commander Flint, but he carries the same air of intimidation that makes Commander Flint a formidable opponent in battle. This customisation truly comes to life when the full animation can be seen. From the lightning in the distance of the Approaching Battle Background to the shining Shield of Battle records, any Skeith wearing this look be an imposing figure indeed. For a more rugged look, try adding Scarred Pirate Eye. Be warned that this item will cause the beard to be removed.


Master of gold, lord of the coin, we who are poor salute you. You sleep amidst the city's wealth. And yet your heart stays true.

Base color: Gold

Items Shown: Tousled Brown Wig, Evil Twin Goatee, Dream Darigan Armour, Pastel Striped Trousers, Stack of Tax Return Forms, Commemorative Hall of Heroes Background, Geometric Fence Foreground

Possible Alternatives: Basic Short Chestnut Wig, Short Candy Warrior Wig, Brown Tapered Wig

Our third Skeith is dressed as the shimmering and sharply dressed Gordos, the Altadorian tax collector. While, once again, this look is not an exact copy of Gordos' classic style, the Dream Darigan Armour and Pastel Striped Trousers give the same silhouette and formal appearance that Gordos himself employs. The Stack of Tax Return Forms and Commemorative Hall of Heroes Background help make the look more readily identifiable. The Tousled Brown Wig and Evil Twin Goatee give our Skeith a youthful air; however, there are several short brown wigs that work as substitutes if the tousled look isn't quite your Skeith's style. Finally, the Geometric Fence Foreground covers up the fact that our Skeith looks to be floating above the ground without it.

Malkus Vile

. . . and if you get caught, Uncle Malkus has never heard of either of you. Understood?

Base color: Glowing

Items Shown: Apple Bobbing Bart Hat, Casual Greatcoat, Dyeworks Brown: Purple Plaid Shirt and Waistcoat, Fingerless Caroler Gloves, Glowing Handheld Candle, Basic Black Trousers, Basic Black Lace-Up Shoes, Forgotten Altador Ruin Background

Possible Alternatives: Elegant Gear Top Hat, Quest for Knowledge Boots

    We cannot remember Skeiths without Malkus Vile, the infamous thief who worked with the Meerca Brothers to steal King Coltzan's crown. Therefore, we begin our third Skieth look with a glowing green base color to replicate Malkus Vile's eerie green look. Adding in the Glowing Handheld dims the base color so our thief's glow will not be too bright and give away his location. It also adds an air of secrecy to the overall customisation. Skulking in a forgotten ruin, Malkus Vile's clothing is largely monochromatic because a thief cannot afford to draw too much attention to himself. Who knows what your Malkus Vile look-alike may have tucked in the sleeves of his Casual Greatcoat?

    King Hagan

It would be wrong to recognise Skeith day without honoring King Hagan and his brother King Skarl.

Skarl? Pah... that brother of mine couldn't run a bath, let alone a kingdom.

Base Color: Green

Items Shown: Royal Boy Skeith Crown (paintbrush clothing), King Hagans Collectors Shirt, Vivacious Green Trousers, Team Brightvale Altador Cup Shield, King of Green Gloves, King of Green Boots, New Years in Brightvale Background, Dark Green Shrubbery (Neopoint item), Shooting Novas

Possible Alternatives: Plush Green Velvet Tunic, Plush Green Velvet Trousers, King of Green Clover Doublet, Curly Blonde Cherub Wig, Golden Damask Sword

This customisation is for the Skeith who likes style and wants to spare no expense, using a combination of Neocash, Neopoint, and Paint Brush clothing to pull it off. We lose King Hagan's iconic blonde hair in order to give him a crown; however, your Skeith can change that with several blonde wigs that are available. This look is also beardless due to the lack of blonde beard items in Neopia, but that could not be helped. Your Skeith will also have to choose between holding a shield or a sword, because adding one will remove the other. I ultimately stuck with the shield. The key to this customisation is the New Years in Brightvale Background and Shooting Novas combination. King Hagan looks absolutely regal against this backdrop.

King Skarl

Bring more food!

Base color: Blue

Items Shown: Kings Crown and Wig, Plush Red Velvet Tunic, Plush Red Velvet Trousers, Fetching Pirate Stubble, Golden Damask Sword, Gothic Floor Candles, King Skarl Throne Background, Chest of Food

Possible Alternatives: King of Neopia Background, Carved Bronze Paisley Candle Garland, Silver Candle Tree Foreground

Now on to King Skarl, who turned out to be one of my favorite characters to replicate. In this outfit, the crown, wig, and stubble work together to make him instantly recognizable. Even though the clothing isn't exact, it matches with the Kings Crown and Wig and King Skarl Throne Background to create an air of regality that King Skarl's title deserves. The Chest of Food is a nod to King Skarl's notorious eating habits. Finally, the Gothic Floor Candles help pull the whole look together.


] Hey, you over there, fancy a gamble?

Base Color: Halloween

Items Shown: Toxic Green Face Paint, Brown Tapered Wig, Skeith Tinkerer Jacket (Neopoint Item), Brown Corduroy Trousers, Basic Brown Lace-Up Shoes, Knee-deep in Neopoints Foreground, Shiny Bag of Gold Coins, Catacombs Treasure Room Background

We began with a Skeith who helps you save your Neopoints, so it is only fitting that we end with a Skeith who helps you spend them. For the seventh Skeith look, we have Snargan, the Meridell Castle Treasurer and notorious gambler. The key to helping your Skeith recreate this look is the combination of the base color, Halloween, and the Toxic Green Face Paint, recreating Snargan's foreboding green appearance. The Skeith Tinkerer Jacket, while not exact, recalls Snargan's brown tunic and cuffs on his wrists. Surrounded by the Neopoints taken from innocent Neopians, this look is a stylish way to warn against the dangers of gambling with Snargan.

I've learned so much from creating these customisations. For one, Skeith have very large feet. Moreover, as someone who mostly works with feminine customisations, it was challenging and fun to get outside of my comfort zone. I hope these customisations inspire you and your Skeith to take and tweak them, or even pick your favorite Skeiths to honor on their special day.

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