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8 Obscure Trophies To Go For on Reset Day

by venom_creep


Hello! Trophy hunting is one of my favorite things to do on Neopets. There have been many guides on some easy to get trophies, but I would like to share some tips and tricks to help you spruce up your profile with some lesser known, yet still fairly easy to get trophies that you might not know about. Let's begin!

1. Fetch!

Fetch is a game not a lot of people play that much anymore, which makes it a pretty easy trophy to go for. Start off on the Hard difficulty setting and work your way to the center(the item is usually around this area). Once you obtain it , simply work your way to the exit which is on the opposite side of you. Once the next level "Fiendish" unlocks I would stick to this. Keep trying this strategy and before you know it an easy trophy will be in your hands. Good luck!

2. Gormball

One of the classic Neopets games. Luckily Gormball is also one of the easiest. The strategy here is to pick Thyassa as he is the #1 ranked competitor and simply hit 3 seconds after every round. If your opponent explodes, you should pick 5 seconds when you have the option. That's about all there is to this game. The trophy just requires some patience and a bit of luck!

3. Rink Runner

The trick to Rick Runner is to chain notes and avoid the sharp and flat ones! (you can clearly hear if there the wrong ones). A lot of people try to go for all of the notes which is something you should avoid. It's a very basic game that's all about timing; so never click around a bunch. Try to time your notes to hopefully get 2...maybe 3 in one click. Notes go through stages of colors with red being the last one, after which they will disappear for good. The best advice is to just stay alive. Don't risk a note if it means you'll drown. Try to stay on the platforms as they disappear and focus your attention on the red ones. With a little bit of practice this should be an easy trophy to get.

    4. S.M.E.L.T.

The great thing about S.M.E.L.T. is there no time limit or lives. The best strategy is to simply click as fast as you can. Do not rotate the buttons and when your out of room, hit the smelt button and click the rest. It's really that easy! Try to aim for areas that would take up as less room as possible; even if rotating would help...don't. It takes up too much time. If you want to go for a trophy with this one, you just need to think fast!

5. Kookia

First let's start out on Hard mode. Don't worry playing on Hard isn't actually that Hard! This game requires nothing but your mouse. Simply hover over the Kookia and you'll be earning points. Earning a trophy here is all about combos. You'll want to let the little critters come out just a bit and hover over them and by the time there done, quickly hover the new batch to continue this combo. Along the way you'll come across ghost Kookias. With ghosts you'll simply want to left-click as fast as you can well your hovering over the batch. Once your meter fills up, use the "space bar" to slow down time. Use it only when you get in a tough jam! Getting as much Kookia in a level is key as that will earn you a bonus round, allowing for even more points. Using your time slow down here is recommended.

6. Snowbeast Snackrifice

I say this a lot but timing really is essential in this game. Hitting the meter bar to the fullest is pretty much the biggest requirement to getting a high score here. This one takes a bit more practice then the others, but once you get the hang of holding your mouse and letting go as soon as the meter reaches the top, this will be a simple trophy. The amount of points you'll earn in bonus mode is amazing. Especially during the last 2 levels. Try to position your character on just the left or right side of the center to increase your chances of the petpet going in. In later levels there will be goalies trying to stop you. But if you have a full charge, they will completely ignore it. Good luck!

7. Ugga Smash

Ugga Smash is all about smashing into other cars. That's all! The controls are very basic and the levels are short. I like to corner the other drivers first and bash into them, trapping them in the process; and of course going after the power ups when I can. Your biggest obstacles will be your health(If you find your running low try and stay back, don't get cornered and hope for a health or invincible power up) and the Grarrl. One gobble from him and it's game over. Just keep your distance and wait till he's gone and you should be in the clear. Practice these things a bit and you'll earn a spiffy new trophy in no time!

8. Cave Glider

Tapping is your biggest friend in this drop down game. The idea here is to stay a little bit above the center and make short burst taps in the direction you wish to go. Collect as many gems and power-ups as you can; making the health power up your number 1 priority. Avoiding enemies is important, but the walls will be more dangerous. You don't want to get stuck or wedged in, which is why staying close to the center is so important. Luckily this game is very short, so If you can make it to level 3 with a little practice this should be yours in no time.


And there you have it! Hopefully with a few of these tips you can go out and earn some trophies. There is a vast amount of games I couldn't cover in this article, so I urge you to try all these lovely games Neopets has to offer. With just a little luck and a lot of practice, you'll soon have a whole cabinet full.

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