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Things That Are Magic To Our Ears!

by indulgences


I have to admit, I love to scour the Pound Neoboard for people who are advertising the fact that they're downsizing their accounts! What that means is, they're tired of owning pets that they don't truly love, and are seeking sweet new owners to adopt their unwanted pets. I pounce on these threads right away! I'm always on the lookout for my Neofriends' dream pets, and so far I've fulfilled 8 of their dreamies. It's an addiction of mine!

And my zeal works the other way round, as well! I love to zap and give away painted pets, and so far, I've given away 100. I'm thinking of giving away 4 of my old permies too, pets that I've had a lot of trouble making poems and stories for. I smile whenever I think of the adoption process, because I love to read peoples' applications and choose terrific new owners for my pets. Downsizing is fun, and it's so refreshing to make space on my accounts for potential new pets. (Polka Dot Cybunnies, I'm waiting for you!)

I thought that a fun idea for a Neopian Times article would be all the times that we jump up and down with joy every time a player does something heroic, generous or kind. What are the ways in which our fellow players fill us with gratefulness and excitement? I decided to haul myself over the Neoboards and ask my fellow Neopians!

The number one way in which the players seem to make the rest of us happy is by giving away their lab rats! I once saw someone zap her Poogle into an MSP and simply give it away to the first person to post on her thread. I personally keep a list of all the pets I've zapped and given away, and it's really gratifying to see them end up in permanent homes. One Purple Peophin that I gave away years earlier is now customized to the nines, glowing in purple wearables from the NC Mall. I'm glad I made its owner so happy!

Many players are filled with joy just by observing other players! For instance, one player said she "just likes hearing about peoples' good fortune." She loves to hear about good zaps, finding cool items in Random Events, beating games, and achieving avatars. I have to admit, I do the same! My favorite Neoboard to lurk is the Avatar Neoboard, because I love to celebrate whenever people achieve difficult avatars, especially randoms like "Neomail Addict" and "Snowager - Rawr!" I also stalk the Kadoatery, even when I have no intention of feeding a Kadoatie, because I love to see people feed the poor starving things and earn the "Kadoatery - Mew!" avatar.

Hands down, everyone admitted that it's always exciting and fun whenever a player decides to give away all of his/her NC items. Thanks to Trudy's Surprise, many players are swimming in free Gift Boxes. (I myself have 40 Gift Boxes in my Safety Deposit Box.) Thanks, players, for giving away items that cost real life cash! We're all very grateful for your generosity!

One player posted that she's always grateful whenever someone advertises a really expensive item and places it in his/her shop, such as putting an item worth 350,000 NPs in his/her shop for 99,999 NPs. Even though this player admitted that she never buys anything anyway, this sweet gesture always makes her smile. She knows that snagging an item this cheaply will be the highlight of someone's day!

And speaking of shops, I have to admit, there are a lot of generous users who are willing to completely buy out a shop. I've been a member of Neopets for 8 1/2 years, and in that period of time, I've been bought out 3 times. Every single item in my shop was purchased, no matter how expensive. I know that these buyers don't believe that the items will inflate in price, since they bought all of my junk fishing items as well. I guess they were just feeling generous, and years later, their acts of kindness still make me smile!

People that over-offer on the Trading Post are pretty awesome. I recently sold an item worth 300k for 326k, and I have no idea why the buyer decided to be so generous. And someone else recently bid 11 million NPs' worth of easy-to-sell items on my card worth 10 million, which I accepted. What a lot of profit! Over-offerers definitely fill us with joy and elation, and once I'm rich enough, I plan to pass on the generosity!

I must admit, I'm a sucker for people with goals. For instance, there was one time recently where I had a Pirate Krawk Morphing Potion for sale. Many people offered on it, some over-offering, but there was one special user who neomailed me and said that she planned to use it on her favorite pet instead of re-selling it or putting it in her Gallery. I sold her the Potion, and sure enough, I saw her Yellow Grarrl transform into a Pirate Krawk! It was so thrilling to witness the change, and I'm glad that I reserved my special Potion just for her! Helping someone with her goal was truly magical to me!

Praise is a fun aspect of the site that I love. There are so many ways to admire someone's account, such as their Gallery, their User Lookup, their pets, their trophies, or their avatar count. It takes virtually no time at all to compliment someone's customized Ice Bori, for instance, but it always makes the owner smile! My own personal obsession is avatar counts, so I never hesitate to compliment someone who has 350 avatars or more. Complimenting each other is always magic to our ears, and it's so gratifying to lift up peoples' spirits!

Pet and item lenders have a special place in my heart. I love to stalk the Avatar Neoboard and watch people get lent rare items and painted pets. I actually exult every time an item or pet is successfully lent, and I love to congratulate people on their new avatars. Witnessing someone achieve a brand new avatar is always lovely, and seeing people lend out their Meowclops pets or Bony Grarrl Clubs always impresses me, since those would be some harrowing things to lose!

I recently adopted out my Beauty Contest pet, an Orange Koi named Nesiiew. I adopted her from the Pound and morphed her myself, and then entered her into the BC with the hopes of earning the "Beauty Contest" avatar. After placing gold, and then silver, in the Koi category, I now have a brand new avatar to flaunt on the Neoboards! I gave Nesiiew away to another player, and I hope that the player appreciates Nesiiew's 2 shiny BC trophies!

So these were the ways in which the players enchant and delight us! Their acts of generosity, kindness and goodwill are truly magic to our ears, and we're always charmed to meet them! I must admit, I stalk the Neoboards every day in the hopes of catching a random act of kindness, such as someone offering game advice that ends up helping someone else achieve a difficult avatar score, or someone giving drawing advice to a fledgling artist. I love to witness people helping other people to accomplish their goals. It's my favorite pastime on this site!

I think it's worthwhile to mention that this level of generosity is really exclusive to the Neopets site. Other game sites don't really have the ability to facilitate generosity and kindness. On other sites, everything that you earn, you earn on your own, whether it's training your character, gathering treasure, or equipping it with weapons. Neopets is a lot more flexible, and people regularly adopt out pets, sell their items for much less than their market value, and dispense game advice without being selfish about staying on the high score tables. That's why I love this site -- it's the players themselves who make it so magical!

Thanks, everyone, for chatting with me on the Neoboards! You helped me write this entire article in less than an hour, and I'm grateful for all of you who posted on my threads!

Stay tuned for future articles from yours truly, dear readers! And have an amazing week!

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