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How to Make the Most Out of Usukicon Y18

by suspensiion


The best day of the year is upon us yet again! It’s Usuki Day! A day filled with celebrating one of Neopia’s fondest pastimes: all things Usuki! Our article will share with you a few different ways to celebrate this joyous tradition in Neopian history! It will cover all kinds of things inspired by Usuki: from the adorably collectable Usuki Dolls and Usuki Sets to the challenging Usuki Frenzy game to even the elusive Usuki Paint Brush! If you’re someone that enjoys fun, this is most definitely going to be a good read!

If you’re considering starting a Usuki collection (or if you’re already collecting but are missing some of the cheap, starter dolls), then these are the Dolls for you!

Silly Clown Usuki: Clowns just want to have fun! This Usuki is a perfect collection addition, and its cheap price makes it quite a steal. While it can be found in Usukiland in large quantities at any given time, it can usually be found very cheap in different user’s shops, too. Take it from us: every collection needs a clown to lighten up the room! You can find this Usuki for around 9 Neopoints.

Spooky Ghost Usuki: Ooooooh. Don’t be scared! This little guy may look spooky, but he definitely means well. With a lower rarity than most other Usukis, this Spooky Ghost is very easy to come by. It might be advisable to keep it out of sight from easily-frightened children, but other than that, your collection will be looking amazing in no time! You can find this Usuki for around 20 Neopoints.

Maraquan Usuki: The Little Mermaid doesn’t have anything over this little Maraquan beaut! This Usuki is said to be fully and durably waterproof, and (for some strange reason) it’s available in either green or blue scales! With a low rarity and having been released about 15 years ago, the Maraquan Usuki is a common find. You can find this Usuki for around 300 Neopoints.

Dancing Hula Girl Usuki: What a little, talented Usuki this one is! If you’re looking to add a little premium edge to your collection, you can pick up one of these fancy things! They’re a sure-fire way to kick your Usuki collection up a few notches! The Dancing Hula Girl used to be available in the NC Mall, but it’s now retired. If you want one now, you’ll have to get it through trading with other players.

Now, if you’re a seasoned Usuki collector (or if you’re looking to spice up your collection with some very expensive Usukis), the following Dolls are most definitely necessary additions!

Valentines Girl Usuki: “How can anyone resist this sweet little Valentine?” Its description says it all! What a beautiful way to show someone special how you feel about them, right? Being such an adorable Usuki with such a high rarity, you’d better believe that this Doll is sought after. Its price fluctuates somewhat over time, so be careful in what you pay for it. You can find this Usuki for around ~3.5m Neopoints.

Snowager Usuki: This Usuki is special for many different reasons. For starters, it’s dressed up like the Snowager! How adorable! Secondly, it doesn’t stock in Usukiland like nearly all other Usukis do! This special Doll can only be awarded by paying a visit to the Snowager himself and by not getting blasted by him! You can also, of course, buy this off of other users now. You can find this Usuki for around ~400k Neopoints.

Lord Kass Usuki: Just as Lord Kass slowly took over Darigan Citadel with the use of its army, this Usuki has taken over our hearts with the use of its charm! This is one of the many themed Dolls that are available, but once again, it comes at quite a price. It has a high rarity, so it’ll also bring many prying eyes to your collection! Make Darigan Citadel proud! You can find this Usuki for around ~5.5m Neopoints.

Grundo Independence Day Usuki: This Usuki truly is out of this world! By making the expense, your collection will go from regular to interstellar in no time. Made in a special way to commemorate Grundo Independence Day, you’re getting two for one with this one! All Usuki AND Grundo lovers would love to get their hands on it! You can find this Usuki for around ~3m Neopoints.

Once you’ve collected a reasonable amount of Usuki Dolls, then comes the fun part! Not many people know this, but Usukis love being played with and dressed up. Below are some Usuki Sets that can be used to do so. (Note: Usuki Sets are for collecting purposes only and cannot actually be worn by Usukis.)

Usuki Ballet Set: This Set is quite an amazing find! Not only will you be getting your Usuki its very own pair of ballet slippers, but it’ll also be getting its own adorable pink tutu and fashionable pink faerie wings! There’s no way any ballet star can be seen out in public without these accessories, right? Make your Usuki feel loved! You can find this Usuki Set for around 350 Neopoints.

Black Belt Usuki Set: Hyahhhhh! All of your enemies will run in fear once you slip this Usuki Set onto your Doll. Why go through the weeks and weeks of actually learning karate when you can get its black belt straight from a box? Amazing, right? This Set also comes with a complimentary board to practice chopping! It’s obviously a one-use accessory though. You can find this Usuki Set for around 700 Neopoints.

Fire Faerie Usuki Set: Someone get out the sunscreen! This Usuki Set will help your Doll go from cool and collected to fiery and hot (pun intended, yes). Contrary to popular belief, however, putting this Set on your Usuki will not actually MAKE them a Fire Faerie. Please don’t go around offering other people’s pets 2 strength points to bring you clothes. Ridiculous! You can find this Usuki Set for around ~750k Neopoints.

Usuki Poetry Set: *lights dim* *snapping subsides* Can you handle this? By buying this Set, you too could have your very own poetry-reading, mug-holding, hipster-dressing Usuki Doll. Help your Usuki become comfortable in their own skin as they deliver beautiful poetry to their loving audiences. Sorry, but no, poems are not included in this box. You can find this Usuki Set for around ~1m Neopoints.

Okay, so during this Usukicon Y18, we want more for you than just to increase your collection of Usuki Dolls and Sets. We also want you to increase the value of your account! What better way to do so than to earn your very own trophy? A trophy for Usuki Frenzy, that is! It’s such a fun and easy game to play, and it’s also an incredibly efficient way to earn some quick Neopoints… which you can later use to buy more Dolls and Sets! Never heard of Usuki Frenzy? Oh wow. Become acquainted with it by reading the following!

Luckily for us, Usuki Frenzy isn’t too hard to follow! In this game, you’re playing as Lucie the Cybunny, and she’s your typical child. She plays with her Usuki Dolls and Sets, and she doesn’t do a very good job of putting them away! Well, it seems like her parents are ready to head out, and they are NOT happy with their little Cybunny! It’s up to you now to help her collect all her favorite Usuki Sets (with the occasional Doll mixed in), or else she’s sure to be in big trouble! This, as hard as it may seem, is the incredibly hilarious premise of the game.

The controls you use throughout the game are incredibly easy to figure out. To move Lucie around, you use the arrow keys: up moving her up, down moving her down, and so on. By walking over an item, you’ll collect it. How do you know which items do pick up? They’re shown to the left of the screen, and here’s the great thing: the list of them never changes! The game always pulls from the same pool of Usuki Sets, so memorization is key. The sooner you learn Lucie’s favorites, the easier it’ll be to speed through the game quickly. And yes, time is a key factor in your scoring. If you pick up an incorrect Set, you won’t be able to pick up any others until you’ve placed the incorrect one on one of the several red bookshelves found throughout several of Lucie’s different rooms.

There are three levels in total, allowing a total time of only 180 seconds shared between them, so as mentioned before, every second counts! There are 4 Usuki Sets to be collected in Level 1, 7 Sets to be collected in Level 2, and 10 Sets to be collected in Level 3, and correct Sets will give you 15 points each! Collecting an incorrect Set will not take away points, but it will cost you valuable time. Aside from the Usuki Sets that must be collected to advance through each level, there are 3 special, bonus Usuki Dolls that you can collect for more points! In level 2, there is a Magical Hair Usuki that can be found in the living room. In level 3, there is ANOTHER Magical Hair Usuki that can be found in the dining room, and then there is a Hula Girl Usuki that can be found in the kitchen. There *might* be another hidden Usuki in level 3, but we’ll let you figure that out for yourself… *wink wink* Usuki Dolls will give you 16 points each!

With proper practice and training, you’re bound to get a trophy-deserving score in no time! At about halfway through the month, Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophy scores are *usually* in the 600’s, so if that’s something much higher than you’ve been used to scoring, aim to send in your scores on the 1st (Reset Day)! There are so many amazing guides for Usuki Frenzy out there at our disposal, and I’m sure you’ll find yourself wanting your very own trophy soon! Good luck!

Okay, okay, okay. It’s great to spend your hard-earned Neopoints on Usuki Dolls and Sets. It’s also amazing to spend your valuable time to get your very own Usuki Frenzy trophy. BUT… do you carry your toys and account bling with you everywhere you go? Of course not! One of the most extreme ways, and possibly one of the most rewarding ways, to celebrate Usukicon Y18 (and also bring about a life-long Usuki buddy) is by painting one of your very own pets with a Usuki Paint Brush! Of course, such a lifestyle is bound to come at a price, but this doesn’t cost too much! You can get your hands on your very own Usuki Paint Brush for around ~1.4m Neopoints from different users on the Trading Post and sometimes for even cheaper in the Auction House! This Paint Brush comes with a catch though. It can only be used on two different species! *gaaasp* We know!

Of course, Usuki Paint Brushes can be used on Usuls!

By painting a male Usul with the Paint Brush, it’ll result in a Usuki similar to a Usuki Musketeer! If you’re looking for something regal and sophisticated, this sword-wielding Usul is for you! By painting a female Usul with the Paint Brush, it’ll result in a Usuki similar to a Magical Hair Usuki! If you’re looking for something beautiful and sparkly, this hair-styling Usuki is for you!

Against all better judgement, another species can be painted with Usuki Paint Brushes: Quiggles!

By painting a male Quiggle with the Paint Brush, it’ll result in a Quiguki similar to a Quiguki Musketeer! And by painting a female Quiggle with the Paint Brush, it’ll result in a Quiguki similar to a Beautiful Hair Quiguki! We’re not quite sure, honestly, why you’d want these pets, but to each their own! These two Quigukis are so hilariously adorable, and they truly would round out any Neopian family in all of their green cuteness!

Usuls and Quiggles have their similarities and differences when painted with Usuki Paint Brushes, but both species are very festive nonetheless! As a last minute note, don’t forget that there are two more ways you can earn your own Usuki Paint Brush! One involves submitting a poem to the Poetry Competition, getting published, and crossing your fingers that the prize for that edition happens to be the Paint Brush! The second, much more common way involves using Nerkmid after Nerkmid at Neopia Central’s very own Alien Vending Machine! While all Paint Brushes at the AVM have their own different drop rates, hey… all’s fair in love and Usukis, right?

We hope this guide has been useful in your pursuit of Usukicon Y18 celebration! May your day be merry, rewarding, and fabulous! Whether you’re a hopeful, new collector or a collector with a lot of experience, we know that there’s always room for improvement! We’re excited to see how you all will be doing by Usukicon Y19! HAPPY USUKICON Y18, EVERYONE!

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