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PC Adventures I: A Matter of Paints

by mandy_wong

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A Ghoul's Infatuation
When my Neopets ask for help...

by innosently


If the Forgotten Shore Really Forgotten?
If you’re an avid adventurer you’ve probably know about the Forgotten Shore. It’s that lonely stretch of beach on Krawk Island that presents Neopians with the chance to pick up items of considerable worth. But all this begs the question; if there is a cache of hidden wealth on this shore, is it really forgotten?

by trixietrotter


Royal Pain
We can't continue like this!

by winner19955


What Does Your Favourite Faerie Say About You II
There are many different faeries in Neopia, and they all have unique, distinct personalities. How does your own favourite faerie reflect your own personality? Do you have a lot in common, or are you nothing alike? Read on to find out!

by aleu1986

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